• Kabloom: JEEZ I MADE A MISTAKE! So hey instead of Firey being eliminated GRASSY IS ELIMINATED with just 1 vote.
  • Grassy: But-
  • Kabloom: Did you not hear me? (napalm punches grassy into earth)
  • Kabloom: We're delaying the SECRET until after this episode, and POST-MERGE STARTS HERE! THEIR CAN ONLY BE ONE. Challenge is an Endless BBiEAL! Collect the most notebooks while surviving Baldi! (oh man this is probably hard)


  • Moneybags, Floor Lamp, Golden Needle, Green Starry, and Ruby are warped into Here School. GOOD LUCK! PLEASE KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GAME
  • Moneybags hurls 20 notebooks out. TRY AND BEAT THAT!
  • Baldi gets closer to Floor Lamp.
  • ANYWAYS 1st Prize is coming towards Moneybags to hug him!
  • Moneybags eats 1st Prize. Principal comes.
  • Principal: No killing in the halls. Detention for you. (DETENTION ENDS AT 11:30)
  • Baldi goes into the Principal's Office, ready to kill Moneybags.
  • Moneybags grabs Baldi's ruler. Baldi gets another ruler and gets closer to Moneybags.
  • Ruby got 3 notebooks. BEWARE! HE GETS MORE AGGRESSIVE.
  • Moneybags calls for help. A bomb from a magical hole appears from the ground. Moneybags bursts through the wall and Baldi is chasing Moneybags.
  • Moneybags pushes Baldi back with giant coins and then blocks the hallway with a humongous coin.
  • Playtime forces Ruby to play Jumprope. This is a frusturating game pretty much. Pretty much here's how it goes.
    • Basically, their is six tries. One of them is "fail". You have to guess where the fail is. It goes like this.
      1. FAIL (correct)
      2. JUMP
      3. JUMP
      4. JUMP
      5. JUMP
      6. JUMP
  • Ruby gets 4 more notebooks. Baldi is awaiting him outside.
  • Gotta Sweep sweeps Moneybags.
  • Baldi's face has dust. Principal sends Moneybags to detention.
  • Floor Lamp is also sent to detention for injuring people in the halls.
  • Baldi comes to detention and KILLS FLOOR LAMP! RIP Floor Lamp. Had 0 notebooks.
  • Moneybags shot Baldi to the Cafeteria. Safe, Principal's not here.
  • It's a Bully blocks Ruby's path.
  • Moneybags hurls out 5 more notebooks. TRY AND BEAT HIM!
  • Principal spots It's a Bully and sends him to detention.
  • Gotta Sweep sweeps Green Starry! Towards Baldi. WATCH OUT GREEN STARRY!
  • It's a Bully stole one of Golden Needle's item, a katana. Golden Needle collects 3 notebooks.
  • Principal spots Golden Needle running in the hall. 15 seconds.
  • Baldi goes to the principal's office. Golden Needle attempts to use katana. SIKE, THAT'S THE WRONG TIME! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! RIP Golden Needle.
  • GS flies out of Gotta Sweep. Principal catches GS. No flying in the halls! 15 seconds.
  • Baldi comes into the office and GS hides.
  • A&C gives GS seven notebooks.
  • GS runs away but Arts & Crafters attacks GS.
  • GS freezes time. GS asks Kabloom if it's unfair that he can't die.
  • Kabloom gives GS feet and now he can't fly. LOL!
  • GS unfreezes time and continues screaming.
  • Playtime forces Moneybags to play jumprope.
  • Moneybags snips Playtime's rope and is unfortunaly sent to detention til 10:40.
  • GS takes off his legs and says power stars are indestructible.
  • FALSE! Baldi kills him. RIP GS.
  • It's down to Ruby and Moneybags.
    • Floor Lamp had 0.
    • GS had 7.
    • GN had 3.
  • Ruby? You their? Cause Baldi has KILLED you.


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