Last time on BTWTUP: The Reboot, TB gets eliminated, Firey, GS and Grassy are UFE

we have 4 votes, Grassy is safe with 1 vote, GS is safe with 1 too, bye Firey with 2 votes

(Firey gets teleported inside the TSB)

Points here!

Moneybags: 118

Ruby: 118

Floor Lamp: 113

TV: 112

Golden Needle: 111

Grassy: 94

Green Starry: 90

the Challenge is to Cross a bridge, fastest time, gets more points, do the challenge till 15th of june, and go have grassy singed up by then, or he is saying goodbye

Grassy signed up, only moneybags didnt do the challenge, 1 last chance next episode! anyways, the scores for the ones

1st: 20 points

2nd: 18 points

3rd: 16 points

4th: 14 points

5th: 12 points

6th: 10 points

7th: 8 points

TV = 6th,

Grassy = 5th

Floor Lamp: 4th

Ruby = 3rd

Golden Needle = 2nd

1st = Green Starry, lets get the scores

Ruby: 134

Golden Needle: 129

Floor Lamp: 127

Moneybags: 126

TV: 122

Green Starry: 110

Grassy: 108

vote between these who you want to eliminate

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