last time on BTWTUP: The reboot, it was time to say goodbye to School blazer the challenge was to stay on the platform, GS, firey and tennis ball are UFE

hi, 8 votes. firey is safe, with 2 votes

(Firey gets a bone)

GS and TB both are tied with 3 votes, randomizer plz

(it lands on GS)

bye TB, hi GS

(TB gets send to the TSB)

next, the scoreboard

Moneybags: 110

TV: 100

Ruby: 100

Floor Lamp: 97

Golden Needle: 97

Grassy: 88

Firey: 80

Green Starry: 80

challenge is to break 25 chocolate, do the challenge till 12th of June

ok, score thingies here

8th place: 6 points

7th Place: 8 Points

6th place: 10 points

5th place: 12 points

4th Place: 14 Points

3rd Place: 16 Points

2nd Place: 18 Points

1st place: 20 Points

Tennis Ball, Grassy and Moneybags didnt do the challenge, for the 5, were doing this,

6th: GS

5th: TV

4th: Golden Neelde

3rd: Floor Lamp

2nd: Ruby

1st: Firey,

time for the others, wait, what is it? oh, i eliminated TB? why do i forget such thing, btw, Grassy is about to be replaced, do that till 15th of June, but yeah, 7th is?

(it lands on moneybags)

ok, Grassy is last, lets get the results

Moneybags: 118

Ruby: 118

Floor Lamp: 113

TV: 112

Golden Needle: 111

Firey: 100

Grassy: 94

Green Starry: 90

vote who you want to eliminate

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