Welcome back! its time for the 2nd season! now, time to get the auditions

Letter And Square Brackets (LASB), Fork Repellant, Golden Needle, School Blazer, Skirt, Lizy, DalasReviews Logo, Floor Lamp, Lemon Lollipop, CheeseBurger, Green Starry, Moneybags, Antique Watch, Pills, Sign,

so... those were OC candidates, now, to the Canon Characters from object shows, as candidates,

Bow, Leafy, Rocky, Lightbulb, Firey, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, TV, Grassy, Bubble, Pencil, Match, Ruby, Balloony, and Balloon,

Vote Between these to join! you can vote for both an OC or a Canon Object show character if ya want, voting ends on 16th of May,

now, lets look at the votes, beginning with the OCs, Everyone not mentioned in the OC got 0 votes, now, LASB got 1 vote, Green Starry got 2 votes, Floor Lamp got 1 vote, Dalasreviews got 1 vote, School blazer got 1 vote, antique watch got 1 vote, golden needle and cheeseburger are tied too with 1 vote, thats 8/15 out of all the contestants joining,

now, for the other one, Grassy got 2 Votes, firey got 2 votes too, Balloon, Leafy, Ruby And TV are tied with 1 vote, thats 14/15, now, we need 1 more out of the 30, lets use the random name picker,

(it lands on Tennis Ball)

Hello Tennis Ball, welcome to season 2, The Rest are going inside the TSB,

Tennis Ball: Will Golf Ball ever be with me again?

yes, Tennis Ball, ill bet,

(the remaining get teleported into the TSB)

now, the next Season will be when ppl sign up, now, if they are going to do that, episode 1 will be released

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