So yeah, challenge is going to end TOMORROW WHEN IMMA GOIN SWEEP M8!!! HIATUS IS BAD

  • Kabloom: Henlo, welcome to BTWAP! I'm going to replace Fork Repellent and Amber for now, since they are blocked. THE CHALLENGE IS ABOUT TO START!

The challenge is to remake the ending of Super Megaman 3 because I SWEAR, IT IS BAD! Why?!

  • Protoman dies the stupidest way possible, being laser beamed.
  • Megaman kills Dr. Wily. THIS ISN'T LIKE:
    • Megaman X Series - Sigma dies, yes, but he returns.
    • Some Megaman Games - Sometimes, stuff would CRUSH Wily, but he doesn't die!
    • Megaman Revolution - You thought he died? Well later HE DIDN'T DIE.
  • Megaman kills Bass and fuses with him. BassCross anybody?



  • Duffy: Manny dies. Other Manny bring down Wily plane and Wily retreat. Wily send Bluey. Manny try destroy Bluey, but Bluey destroy Manny! Manny later repaired.
  • Ghouly: I'd say rather that Dr. Wily would badly injure the player you are and you use the other character. Dr. Wily shouldn't die, but he later retreats giving Alto the powercore. Megaman should instead fuse with RUSH. Their should be a better ending than that!
  • Woodburny: Uhh, Protoman lives but with his energy running extremely low? Maybe Wily should have a saucer and release Alto instead of Alto just being their, and once Alto explodes he's badly injured and picked up by Wily and stuff?
  • FF: Wily is invincible and kills Mega Man. And so, once again the day is doomed. Thanks to... DR. WILY.
  • BattleReviews's Contestant: Protoman died because of a forcefield, dr. Wily later becomes possesed (a sequal perhaps?) and escapes with his machine, THE END
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