Saw: I hope it’s not 2 votes.

4-Ball: Too Bad. They already vote...

Saw: Hey. Cake at Stake.

-cake at stake theme-


X: 2 votes. Somebody do not like our show.

Four: If you don’t like our show, we have to cancel our show!!

X: Go Go Tamago And Big Orange Chicken you only got 1 vote. Time for a tie breaker.

Yellow Match: What about the no voted contestants on Better Namers?

Four: Yeah. We have Pokeballs.

Nemolee.exe: Wow. Pokeballs.

Four: Quiet. -screeched at nemolee.exe-

X: The no votes are Vanellope, 4-Ball, And Nemolee.exe.

Four: You have to awnser my question.

X: Saw. You have to be my leader.

Saw: OK. What is 10+10?

Big Orange Chicken: 25.

Saw: Wrong.

Go Go Tamago: 20.

Saw: Correct.

X: Thank you, Saw.

Saw: You’re welcome.

Four: Big Orange Chicken is eliminated.

Big Orange Chicken: I will never go into you. I will neve...


X: Contest time. It’s the Soccer Practice.

Four: If the guard gets it. The team it’s up for elimination.

X: Raise your hand quietly.

Four: Go Go Tamago.

X: You can be the guard.

Four: Go!

Nemolee.exe: Let’s kick Saw.

4-Ball: Yeah.

Vanellope: Saw! Look Out!!

Saw: Ahh!!!

Flower: I can save you!!

Saw: Ow!! Ahh!!!!!

Yellow Match: Oh No!

4-Ball: “Oh No!” Never. I will hold you.

Yellow Match: Let Go Of Me! You Big Bat Butt!

4-Ball: Never!

Nemolee.exe: She was telling the truth! Let go if her!

4-Ball: Shut Up!!!

-4-ball makes yellow match kicks the ball-

Go Go Tamago: I got it!

X: Good Job, Go Go Tamago!

Four: Free Smarters are up for elimination.

Ruby: This is all your fault, 4-Ball!

4-Ball: No it’s not! Now shut up!

-4-Ball breaks Ruby-

Yellow Match: Not Again!

Who Gets Eliminated?

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And Pie died

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