X: Let’s do Cake at Stake.

Ruby: Already? That’s fast.

Four: Grr.

-cake at stake theme-


Four: Free Smarters. You lost last time.

X: We only got 1 vote.

Four: Veiwers. Don’t vote less. Vote 16 times.

Elsa: Be nice.

X: Give Elsa The Screechy please.

Four: OK -screeched at elsa-

X: You have no votes is Eraser, U4Again but she is dead. Moving on. Flower and Ruby.

Four: Bye Elsa.

Elsa: Hey. Can you give me one mor...

X: We have 33 Recommended Characters to join.

Flower: I forgot.

Four: The user decided to let the RCs to join.


Four: Hello.

All: Hello.

X: We got 6 votes.

Four: The person who gets the most votes will enter the game.

Flip Flop: That’s me.

Four: They will also get a LeapPad 2.

X: All of you got 5 votes.

Taco: That’s good to know.

X: Except for B and Backpack and Bell. You got 0 votes.

Four: You 3 do not join.

Backpack: What. That’s incorrect.

Four: If you guys do not join, you go into the blue giant bucket.

X: Also got 0 votes. Nickel doesn’t join either.

Nickel: OK.

X: Quilt, Brick, Barf Bag And Olive.

All: Yeah.

X: You also got 0 votes. You 4 do not join either.

Brick: Aw. But I’m really cute.

Four: Too bad.

Quilt: No!

X: Nonexisty also got 0 votes.

Yellow Match: You missed him.

X: Whatever. Pillow and Pick also got 0 votes.

Pick: Well. I can guess that ever will be.

Four: T, Taco, Water Bottle and Tack also got 0 votes.

Taco: What the heck was really that bad?!?

X: Snowball also got 0 votes.

Snowball: OK.

X: Fanny also got 0 votes.

Fanny: I hate you.

X: And Glasses also got 0.

Four: Remote also got 0 votes.

Remote: Oh my god.

X: Roboty and Mailbox also got 0 votes.

Four: Roboty. Guess what.

Roboty: What?

X: 8!!

Roboty: Ahh!! 8!! I’m scared!!

Four: I tricked him.

X: Moving on. Rake. You also got 0 votes.

Rake: Dose that mean I win??

X: No. David. You only got 1 vote.

David: Aw Seriously?

X: 9-Ball. You also got 1 vote. Not enough to win.

9-Ball: What. I’m the coolest guy in the world.

X: Too bad.

9-Ball: No!!

X: Hat you also got 1 vote.

Hat: (inhales)

X: Saw, Yellow Match And 4-Ball. You win.

All: Yay.

Saw: I can go to Free Smarters.

Yellow Match: Me too.

4-Ball: I can go to Better Namers.

X: That’s all it.


X: Contest time. It’s to juggle 6 marbles.

Four: If you gave to someone else. Your up for Elimination.

X: Go!!

Saw: I’m juggling 6 marbles.

Nemolee.exe: I’m juggling 6 marbles too.

Four: Wow.

Yellow Match: I’m floating.

Vanellope: Oh no. I’m floating too.

Four: Wow. Vanellope And Yellow Match is floating.

Vanellope: Oof.

Larry The Cable Guy: Who gave me marbles?

X: Better Namers is up For elimination.

Who Gets Eliminated?

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