Vanellope: I cannot believe we are up for elimination.

Lollipop: It is all Flower’s fault.

Four: Let’s do Brake at Flake.

-cake at stake theme-


X: We got 3 votes.

Four: We got Coffee Mugs

X: Whoever has no votes are Nemolee.exe, Big Orange Chicken and Go Go Tamago.

Four: Now it’s the bottom two.

X: Vanellope. Your safe with 1 vote.

Vanellope: Yay.

Four: Lollipop is Eliminated.

Lollipop: You can’t eliminate me!! You evil hea...


X: Contest Time. It’s a toy maker.

Four: If yours get sucks. It is up for elimination.

X: GO.

-52 minutes later-

Nemolee.exe: So. We’re done.

X: Wait.

Four: Better Namers. What is that?

Vanellope: An Toy Hippo.

X: OK.

Four: Free Smarters. What is it?

Flower: It’s a toothbrush.

Four: Let’s see.

X: WOW!!! Better Namers are safe. And Free Smarters is up for elimination.

Eraser: Oh No. They didn’t like our toothbrush.

Who Gets Eliminated?

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