Flower: When you starts performing death.

U4Again: Oh No!!

Flower: And U4Again is dead.

Four: That is bottle’s line. It is time for brake at flake.

X: You mean “Cake at Stake”

Four: Whatever.

-cake at stake theme-


X: We got 2 votes again!! Why did they keep voting 2 times?!?

Four: Forget it.

Elsa: Are we all safe.

Four: Yeah. We got fortune cookies.

X: WALL-E is eliminated with 2 votes.

WALL-E: Well. I thought you guys think I love you.

Nemolee.exe: I am really sorry, WALL-E.

WALL-E: Good Bye.


Four: The 5th contest is to push a 12 pound basketball.

X: If the ball gets into a black hole, your team loses. GO!!

Flower: Free Smarters. Help me get this into Team Better Namer’s Black Hole.

Lollipop: No. You won’t.

Flower: OH Yeah!!

Vanellope: No!!!!

X: Better Namers are up for elimination.

Who gets eliminated?

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