Ruby: Oh. Hello, Veiwers.

Eraser: Welcome Back.

Rock: OMG. A Grand Canyon.

Flower: Jump. Jump!

Four: I can rescue you.

Eraser: Four is here!

Elsa: YAY!

Ruby: Thank you, Four.

Four: You’re welcome.

Rock: That really was nice to you, Ruby.

WALL-E: Yeah.

Eraser: We’re in West Virginia.

Lollipop: Hi.

WALL-E: Nemolee.exe. Get out of here!

Nemolee.exe: Hey. WALL-E. I’m sorry what I did.

Vanellope: Wow.

WALL-E: I’m sorry too.

Ruby: You can win.

Nemolee.exe: Really?

WALL-E: Yeah. You can win. We are up for elimination.

Nemolee.exe: See you later, cute guys.

X: That really was nice to you, WALL-E.

Elsa: X?

X: Yeah. That’s me.

Elsa: OK.

Four: That really was nice. If you got To last. It’s OK if you are up for elimination.

X: Veiwers. I’ll see you on BSSRS 4c.

Rock: Bye.

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