U4Again: So. We’re in the elimination again.

7: I know.

U4Again: Yeah. So are we going to a...

Four: It’s time for cake at stake.

-cake at stake theme-


Four: Roaster Racers. You lost last time. You have to do Cake at Stake.

X: We got 2 votes.

Four: 7 is eliminated. With 2 votes.

X: We got Hammers

Eraser: That means. We are safe with no votes?

X: Yeah.

WALL-E: Hey, Four.

Four: Stop talking. -screeched at wall-e-

7: You can’t eliminate me. I’m the star of the show.

Four: Yes I can.

7: No you’ll no...


Four: The 4th contest is to reach to Massachusetts.

Elsa: Where is Massachusetts?

Lollipop: It’s far away.

Elsa: OK.

X: Get your teams to your alliance.

Lollipop: Nemolee.exe. Join my team.

Nemolee.exe: OK! PoopyFace!

Four: That is not nice.

WALL-E: U4Again, Eraser And Elsa. Join my team.

Eraser: Flower and Ruby. You too.

Lollipop: Vanellope. Join our team.

Vanellope: OK.

X: Four. Why do you recover Rock, Big Orange Chicken And Go Go Tamago.

Four: OK.

-recovers big orange chicken, rock, go go tamago-

Vanellope: Big Orange Chicken And Go Go Tamago. Join our team.

Nemolee.exe: WHO ARE YOU!!!

Go Go Tamago: I’m Go Go Tamago. Don’t you explain?

Nemolee.exe: NO!!!

U4Again: Rock. Join our team.

Four: OK. That’s all it is. Ready Set Go!

Ruby: Hey. Iance. What’s your plan?

Eraser: Shut Up. And get in the van.

Flower: No More Puddles!!!

Elsa: YAY!

Eraser: Oh. We are supposed to bring the HPRC with us.

Lollipop: Better Namers. Get on into Big Orange Chicken ASAP!

-rock slaps flower-

Flower: Ow. What was that for?

Ruby: Flower. Rock can’t talk.

Eraser: Hey. What was that?

Nemolee.exe: Ha! You’ll never win like Big Orange Chicken.

X: That is not nice!

Nemolee.exe: Be quiet, X Head!!

U4Again: Wow. Nemolee.exe is being evil.

Lollipop: Nemolee.exe. Thanks a lot. We’re going to lose.

Ruby: We are going to win.

Nemolee.exe: No. You are going to lose!

Ruby: No!

Eraser: I can drive fast to win.

Flower: No. If you drive fast, the police will get you.

U4Again: Yeah.

Elsa: Viewers. See you on BSSRS 4b

Flower: Good-bye.

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