U4Again: Um, 7. You look green.

7: Green? I am green.

U4Again: I know.

Lollipop: The Roaster Racers. It’s time for Cake At Stake.

-cake at stake theme-


Four: Team Roaster Racers. You lost last time. Get your feet over here.

X: Eraser. Where is the rest of your team.

Eraser: They all chasing WALL-E.

-Elsa, 7, Nemolee.exe, Vanellope, U4Again, Cheetah, Lollipop is chasing WALL-E-

Eraser: Which I found everyone disrespectful to WALL-E.

WALL-E: Thank you, Eraser.

X: We only got 3 votes.

Four: U4Again, Vanellope Von Schweetz and Eraser is safe with no votes.

X: We got Pillows

Elsa: It’s comfy.

Four: Be Quiet. -screeched at elsa-

Eraser: Now it’s the bottom 2.

Four: Hey. I wanna to say that.

Eraser: If you don’t like me. Just screech me.

Four: OH. I will do much worse.

X: Moving on. 7 is safe with only 1 vote.

Four: Cheetah has 2 votes. He is eliminated.

Cheetah: OMG. What the fu...


X: The 3rd contest is to find a treasure box.

Four: If you find a old boot. Your team loses. GO!!

Elsa: OK. Happy Helpers. Ride on WALL-E to be quick.

U4Again: Hey. Get on to 7 ASAP.

Lollipop: Wait. What is that?

U4Again: Ha Ha. You are a cheater.

Flower: Oh No. We are going to lose.

WALL-E I. Need. Sun Power.

Ruby: Here is a 400% Lightbulb.

—power beeps-

X: Wow. He has power.

Flower: Wow. That is fast.

7: Oh No. Not again.

Flower: Ruby. Dig up fast.

Ruby: OK.

Elsa: Yay! We got treasure!

WALL-E: Now lets go back to Four and X

X: Wow. You got treasure.

Four: Let’s open.

Ruby: It’s $3,000

X: The Happy Helpers are done. And The Roaster Racers is up for elimination.

7: Great.

Who gets eliminated?

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