Lollipop: How can it be?

Rapunzel: Well, It’s cake at stake time.

-cake at stake theme-


Four: Happy Helpers. You lost last time. So you the Cake At Stake. We got 7 votes.

X: Hi there.

All: X!

Nemolee.exe: OK. The person who gets the most votes. Will be eliminated.

X: So Four only got 3 chocolate cakes.

Four: Lollipop and WALL-E is safe with no votes.

X: Here you go, guys.

Nemolee.exe: Good Job, WALL-E. To bad I’m eliminated.

X: Actually, You’re safe.

Four: Nemolee.exe is safe with only 1 vote.

WALL-E: That means...

Four: With 6 votes. Rapunzel is eliminated.

Nemolee.exe: Ha ha.

Rapunzel: Quick. Activate the strong stri...

Lollipop: Like. When do we do. When Rapunzel gets eliminated.


Four: Enough. The 2nd Contest is to get into your airplane and fly.

X: If you hit the ground. Your team loses. GO!

Four: Magic time.

-recovers ruby, u4again, flower, elsa the snow queen, seven-

U4Again: I can join The Roaster Racers.

Elsa and Ruby: I can join The Happy Helpers.

7: I can join The Roaster Racers.

Flower: I can join The Happy Helpers.

All: Welcome to our team.

Four: GO!!!

All: Ahh!!

Flower: How dose that going?

Lollipop: There’s nonthing that we can do about it.

Cheetah: OMG. Let’s play Ruby cake.

U4Again: Please. This was very awful.

Cheetah: No. It’s a game.

7: I’ll make a pose.

Flower: Me too.


—presses button—

-7 turns around-

-presses button again-=

-flower turns around-

Ruby: Woah.

Flower: So. Maybe are we touching the ground?

-elsa looks under-

Elsa: No.

-ruby hiccups-

Nemolee.exe: Ruby Hiccuped. She is doing just fine.

Lollipop: I know, Nemolee.exe.

Ruby: I can’t breathe.

Elsa: Lollipop. Your sitting on her.

Lollipop: Oh. Sorry.

Ruby: It’s OK.

-paper airplane falls-

Elsa: Ahh. The Roaster Racer’s Plane is falling.

Cheetah: I know, right!!

Four: Wow. The paper airplane is falling.

U4Again: Oh dear. The cliff.

Vanellope Von Schweetz: If we don’t make it.

7: We are going to hit the ground first.

Cheetah: We’re not going to make it.

U4Again: Dose that to fly overboard.


-vanellope dabs-

7: Vanellope. Your a genius.

Lollipop: They made it.

The Happy Helpers: They Made It!!

Cheetah: I don’t think our dabbing looks good enough.


Lollipop: U4Again! Wake up.

-vanellope throws chocolate at her-

-u4again wakes up-

Cheetah: U4Again! Your back!!

WALL-E: I think there going to make it.

-the roaster racers hitted the ground-

X: Thank you, Ground. They could have hit the ground.

Four: Team Roaster Racers. One of you is going away.

X: The Happy Helpers. You can just do whenever you want. I don’t know.

-the happy helpers cheer-

Who gets Eliminated?

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