Cheetah: Hey, Rapunzel. Will be the object show?

Rapunzel: Yeah.

Four: Hey. Be quiet. And it’s time for the contest.

Eraser: Which Is?!?

Four: Gummy vs Real Life. Choose an Object.


Four: If you eat the object like an hammer. Your team loses. GO!!

WALL-E: Woah. Recover Lollipop.

Four: OK

-recovers lollipop-

Four: Now do your teams.

Cheetah: Oh. I forgot.

WALL-E: Lollipop. Join our team.

Lollipop: OK.

Lollipop: Rapunzel. You too.

Rapunzel: OK. Lollipop.

Cheetah: Four. Recover Vanellope von Schweetz.

Four: OK. So you can let her join your team?

Cheetah: Yes.

-recovers Vanellope Von Schweetz-

Vanellope von Schweetz: Where am I?

Cheetah: Your at Four’s Island.

Eraser: Hey, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Cheetah. Join our team.

Cheetah and Vanellope Von Schweetz: OK.

Four: It’s time to Contest.

Contestants: OK.

Nemolee.exe: Hey. Can I be in charge?

Four: No.

Nemolee.exe: Your right.

Four: Cheetah vs Lollipop. There Basketballs. 3. 2. 1.

Lollipop: Can we eat gummy things.

Four: Yes. They do.

-lollipop eats a gummy basketball-

Four: WALL-E vs Vanellope. There Staplers. 3. 2. 1.

WALL-E: Aww. I got a real one.

-eats a real stapler-


Four: You bit a real object. Rapunzel. What’s your team name?

Rapunzel: The Happy Helpers.

Four: Cheetah. What’s your team name?

Cheetah: The Roaster Racers.

Four: That’s from Mickey And The Roaster Racers. The Happy Helpers is up for elimination.

Who gets eliminated.

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