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Basically, you can comment who you want to hurt, and who you want to heal. You may only hurt and heal every 12 hours, and you cannot go twice in a row.. If you hurt one, they lose one. If you heal one, they gain one. Once they hit 0, they are gone. The max possible is 10. Everyone starts with 5 lives. Negitives only happen when i'm not online and the HP went below 0.

Update! If you got a 'Final Hit' your time is reset and you can post again! After that post then you have to wait. If you get two 'Final Hit's in a row, this will not count! 3 in a row will count. You also only get it if you get it to 0 HP. Negitives do not count.

Update! We have reached the final 9! But 2/3 of the contestants are at high health/max... therefore, i am raising the health limit to 15! (took effect 4/8/14)

Update! I'm bringing this back! Yep, the original(?) BOTO Hurt and Heal is experiencing a revival! This is normally the part where i'd make a rejoin poll, except that, in my eyes, Baguette was eliminated unfairly, so he's back. (Took effect 10/30/15)


I have read 137 comments. If there is more, i have not read them yet.


Character Points Ranking Final Hit
Pizza 12 TBA TBA
Shelly 12 TBA TBA
Shieldy 12 TBA TBA
Party Hat 11 TBA TBA
Boombox 10 TBA TBA
Hot Dog 7 TBA TBA
Boat 4 TBA TBA
Baguette 3 TBA Super Slayer
Pinecone DEAD (0) 9th ElementalRaccoon
Pear DEAD (-7) 10th PikminComet
Chocolatey DEAD (0) 11th NoNameUltimate
Slurpy DEAD (-1) 12th KirbyRider
Scissors DEAD (0) 13th Nathanael29
Popsicley DEAD (-4) 14th Satanchu
Big Orange Chicken DEAD (0) 15th PikminComet

Who do you want to heal and who do you want to hurt?

Super Slayer

The Super Slayer was an event that involves people voting in a poll who they wanted gone. Boat, Pinecone, and Boombox got 1 vote and Baguette got 5, eliminating him. As of 10/30/15, Baguette has been revived but only with 5 HP because his death struck me as unfair.


The B.O.A.B was an event that also involved voting in a poll. Except, it was for who's health would be sliced in half.

Pizza - 0 | Shieldy - 1 | Boat - 9 | Party Hat - 1 | Boombox - 3 Hot Dog - 1 | Shelly - 4

Boat's health was cut down from 10 to 5.

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