BITMON (Battle in the Middle of Nowhere) is a BFDI(A) camp made by Daniel Webb on Youtube.



Blocky: KaraidsLair

Bubble: WhaiJay

Coiny: Omarwods

Eraser: Matt Thompson

Firey: Shannon Millington

Flower: Amanda Carter

Golf Ball: TheGkanderson77

Ice Cube: Theelementalraccoon

Leafy: RockYoWurld11

Match: umbreon713

Needle: Mario Deleon

Pen: yum Sepillo

Pencil: jay28jay2

Pin: Colimopsduzlps

Rocky: Ultraboldore72

Snowball: coolestkid192

Spongy: ThatChatProductions

Teardrop: brettsmart8

Tennis Ball: Preston Campbell

Woody: Lucas Brazil

Dora: nerdyghost244

David: TWISTEDmetalfan34

Donut: MRace2010isback

Ruby: joaquint561

Puffball: SuperNin10

Book: Pennsylvania Production's Channel

Gelatin: bowserjr2215

Nickel: friesfan7844

Fries: BeAwesomeOne2

Bomby: Ignatius Wong

Yellow Face: Steven Davenport

Elimination Table

Name Team Placing
Pin: Colimopsduzlps None 31st
Ruby: joaquint561 None 30th/29th
David: TWISTEDmetalfan34 None 30th/29th
Dora: nerdyghost244 Orange O-Zones 28th
Book: Pennsylvania Production's Channel Blue Burritos 27th

The rest of the contestants are still in the compeition.


Episode 1


The Contestants were introduced, and the first challenge was to name the camp.


12 contestants did the challenge.

Winners: Ice Cube (Team Captain, Immune) Woody (Team Captain, Immune) Donut (Team Captain, Immune) Gelatin (Immune) Bomby (Immune) Bugspray (Team Captain, Immune) Fries (Immune)


Ruby, David, and Pin were eliminated, Woody's name, Battle in the Middle of Nowhere won the contest, and the teams were created. Ice Cube's Team: Gelatin, Bubble, Bomby, Pen, Teardrop, Golf Ball Donut's Team: Tennis Ball, Flower, Spongy, Puffball, Dora, Nickel Bugspray's Team: Fries, Sunscreen, Eraser, Blocky, Needle, Snowball Woody's Team: Yellow Face, Coiny, Firey, Rocky, Leafy, Book.

The challenge was to make a team name that corresponds to your teams color. It also needed alliteration. Example: Purple Pumas,

Episode 2

A___________________________________________________________________________________________ Dora quit the game and is 28th. The team names were The Orange O-Zones (Chosen by Spongy), The Red Rovers (Chosen by Bugspray), the Green Garbanzos (Chosen by Ice Cube), and the Blue Burritos (Chosen by the host). The Blue Burritos sre up for voting because they got 3/20 while the other teams are safe. The people up for voting are Woody, Firey, Leafy, Rocky, Yellow Face, Book, and Coiny. Only the team can vote.


Diamond got sick, so Todd the Wall hosted this episode. At elimination, Book was eliminated. The challenge was to answer 5 questions about BFDI.And if some people don't do the challenge for a third time,they will be eliminated.

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