River Crossing is the first episode of Battle For Your Life.

River Crossing


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The objects were doing there own thing until Balance Beam got out of balance and destroyed test tube's lab, causing an explosion where all the objects had to evacuate. Flying from the explosion "as shrapnel," was Zbox 5x. There. He was in front of the objects, waving 5 million dollars, tempting the objects to get them. He keeps running, until Zbox 5s extended his arm, and grabbed him to an island across a river. He called, "if you want the 5 million and that mansion over there (we see a forboding, but big and cool-looking mansion), then cross the river!" So, contest began. The top 50 to get there will participate in the battle!


Basketball's legs are tied to her back. She is being dribbled by Scythe and now passed to Sickle. Sickle shoots Basketball through a net hanging from Poley. Dagger and Swordy are on the other team. They are in a court with bushes on the sides

Aww, come on!


Ouch! I really don't--
Don't even try. I'm bored

Dagger grabs basketball, who utters a small yelp. Dagger shoots basketball through the hoop, but Basketball latches onto the net hanging from Poley with her mouth, and tears it off. She bites it, then eats it


That was uncalled for!

Scythe goes up to Net, who is just standing on the sideline, and violently rips the net from her. He jumps up onto Poley, and climbs him. He attaches the net to Poley

Never try that again, B-ball!


*sigh* I guess not. You guys are rude

*Scene Change* Dime is sitting on a shelf next to Test Tube's lab equipment in her lab. There are lots of bunsen burners, test tubes, and beakers (all small) lining the desks, counters, and tables along the way. Dime's feet are dangling from the counter.

I'm just...overly bored. There's nothing much to do

Test Tube

*looks away from microscope, and pours some stuff into a small cup* Beaker, would you hand me the Sodium Hypobromite, please? Dime, I can't do much, but by the looks of it
*hands Test Tube the chemical*

Test Tube

Thanks, Beaker. --Dime, you need something stimulating. To spark your energy. Determination. Competitiveness! You need a competition!
A competition?

Test Tube

Yeah! That'll really help!
Ok then

He walks out, and accidentally steps on Balance Beam, weighing her down, and her bad side shoots up


She shoves breaks a whole through the lab wall, knocking dime onto her, and starts to cause chaos


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