Leafy: Hey guys, Frappy here. I like to inform you that BFSOBA is NOT cancelled. BFDIS is cancelled. Sorry to say that but here is the new and improved BFSOBA-

Me: Were supposed to be filming not talking about cancellations!

Forky: BFSOBA is cancelled!?!?!? *zoom in* unacceptable!



Lunchbox by CaptainKnucklesFTWFlowerFTL/UserObjectThing: I think you need a hand Leafy.

Leafy: Really?

Lunchbox: Sure

Sticky: Cohost time! Cause the rest of my co host and co hostesses left. To speed things up Rektangle joins with 3 votes and Laclale does not with only 1 vote

Laclale: You fools, i'll get you next ti-


Why isn't there a vortex?

Me: We had to sell it for no apparent reason. Instead we got our box back.

Yarn: You're ugly.

Rektangle: What?

Yarn: I said your u-

Sticky: The next challenge is to find leafy. Lunchbox by CaptainKnucklesFTWFlowerFTL/UserObjectThing will give you hints. Ready Set-

Yarn: There is no way, NO WAY i'm doing this challenge.

Everyone except Yarn: Go!!!!!!

Yarn: Oh, Snowbal.

Snowball: What is it, meanie!?

Yarn: 1, don't call me that. 2, give me a glass of grape juice. And 3, I betrayed Leafy. So do it, JOCK!

Snowball: UGHHHHHHHHH, Fine!

Broccoli: Lunchbox, please give me a hint

Lunchbox: Here's a hint, you're eliminated

Drago: You can't do that to my teammate

Lunchbox: Oh yeah? Let's f-

Rektangle: Group C is safe.

Hot Sauce: C'mon let's w-

Group B is safe

Hot Sauce: Oh, we won

Group A is up for elimination

A Berry

B Soccer Ball

C Leafy

D Yarn

E Ropey

F Cherry

G Bathing Suit

H Snowball

I Coiny

J Flasky,

K Lemony

Use the link in the description to vote

Voting ends September 23

Have fun

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