Frappy: This is 1/3 of the 8th episode. Anyways, enjoy

Leafy: Hello guys! I am so glad to-

Yarn: I am not your friend!!!!

Leafy: But, you just made friends with me in episode 3

(flashback starts)

Leafy: Why does no one want to be friends with me

Baskety: It's ok Leafy. We Awesome Foxes can be your friends. We support you

Leafy: Does that me you're ALL my friends?

Eraser: Yep


(flashback ends)

Yarn: Nope, never even remember that.

Leafy: Fine, if you want to end my relationship with you, i'll go hide in the snow.

Sticky: It's time for elimination.

Gameboard: We got only one vote. Seriously, viewers! It will get cancelled if we get a vote one more time! And the-

Everyone: Baskety is out.

Anoouncer: Well not yet, Wheel Decide.

Wheel Decide: Yep, Frappy voted Umbrella.

Wheel Decide: Baskety is out.

Announcer: Any last things?

Umbrella: Well um...

*Yarn pushes Umbrella into the vortex*


Water Globule: We end this episode to give you some messages. Ever tired of wasting time trying to decide yourself? Well, try Wheel Decide. Wheel Decide helps yo- Wait, wait. What are you doing here?

*Yarn kicks Frappy into the galactic universe never to be seen again*

Sticky: We need a new person. Here are the people you can vote

[A] Laclale

[B] Rektangle

Comments to vote, but here is the link to reccomend a character (also include your Wiki Username):

See you next episode

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