Megaphone: We don't have time it's elimination time Balloon is eliminated we are going to-

Balloon: Can you say it with periods!?!?!?!?

Sticky: Fine, so we are disbanding our teams. Into 3's. And L'equipe is not a team anymore.

Everyone in L'equipe: *random shocked faces*

So here are the teams: Team A is: Berry, Soccer Ball, Leafy, Yarn, Ropey, Cherry, Bathing Suit, Snowball, Coiny, Flasky, and Lemony. Team B contains: Can, Ice Cube, Circle, Drago, Limey, Teardrop, Hot Sauce, Pipey, Envelope, Eraser, and Broccoli. Finally, Team C: Woody, Bushy, Bottle, Umbrella, Disco Ball, Grassy, Diamond, Rake, Baskety, Stethoscope, and Bottle.

Gameboard: Group C has the most L'equipe members. They are up for elimination

Hosts: Le Gasp!!!!!

Gameboard: I'm-

Umbrella: Evil, that's what you are

OT members: Le Gasp!!!!!

Pipey: No she's not, she is Gameboard, the co-host of Object Trek. They had to sell the TV cause of budget cuts. So she was in.

Umbrella: Whatever

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