Previously on BFSOBA, Teardrop got eliminated and was up for voting along with Stop Sign and Forky. Who will join? Who will not join? Let's find out on BFSOBA.

Sticky: Let's go to Elimination Time. One will join we have one vote and Teardrop joins

Teardrop: :)

Megaphone: So the next challenge is to play Baldi's Basics in real life. There are obsticles around the course such as playtime, 1st Prize, and The Bully. Avoid them as fast as you can. And don't get hit by the ruler that Baldi has. 3, 2, 1, GO!

Cherry: !potS ,idlaB *gets smacked by the ruler*

Baldi: Problem 1: 6 + 9

Diamond: 7894374!!!!!!!!!

Baldi: >:( Problem 2: 0 divided by 0

Baskety: This is so hard-

Baldi: Incorect >>:( Problem 3: 0793w378448942330842893593390534o x 8708423w408434307807537583-8530380o54

Leafy: *'12946?

Baldi: D:<< You all get dead instantly *screech*

Announcer: Wow, that was quick. So anyways vote in the comments using the letter in square brackets.

[A] for Baskety

[B] for Bottle

[C] for Yarn

[D] for Leafy

[E] for Balloon

[F] for Limey

[G] for Eraser

[H] Diamond

[I] for Pipey

vote two time okey. voting ends June 21st

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