Balloon: OMG, can you please stop!!!!!

Lemony: KDDKJIUDHLA (Your Mom)

Balloon: You know I can read those subtitles. And also that's a reference to Object Saga D: .

Sticky: Guess what's also a reference? Elimination Time, Best Team

Megaphone: We got a crowd today

(can't find any pictures)

  1. Water Globule by MrYokaiandWatch902
  2. Ace Book by Laclale

Announcer: OK on to the votes. The people safe with 0 votes are Coiny, Ice Cubey, Rakey, Bubbley, Lemony, Bushy, and Ropey. Now it's down to Teardrop and Snowball they both have 1 vote. Let's settle this with a...

All Hosts: Fight!!!!!!!

Teardrop: ... ... ... ...

Snowball: *punches*

Snowball is safe.

Sticky: Today's challenge is to let the viewers decide who is gonna rejoin.

Stop Sign: Better vote me or else i'll kill everyone

Frappy: But it has recovery centers


Forky: *texts* OMG, Sticky, you better like, vote me right like, now. Sheesh. This is like, a total ripoff of Object Trek, Super Object Battle and BFDI.

Frappy: No it's not

Teardrop: ... ...

SO vote who you want to join

[A] for Stop Sign

[B] for Forky

[C] for Teardrop

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