(scene starts at The Awesome Foxes eating at Burger Queen)

Balloon: Maybe it helps me a bit, but it... kinda looks ruined.

Diamond: YAY! I LOVE RUINS!!!!!

Eraser: Not those kinds of ruins, the ruined Burger Queen

Pipey: Let's get out of here before Box Time at Stake

Sticky: Box Time at Stake

Hot Sauce: Wait, where is the intro?

Sticky: We had to sell it because of budget cuts. Anyways welcome to the elimination. There are new hosts. Megaphone will do the eliminations, Announcer will set up the challenges and that's it.

Megaphone: Hi there, I'm M-

Can: *covers Megaphone's mouth* Jeez we already know you're Megaphone. Reference point. Ding

Megaphone: Ok, Disco Ball, Soccer Ball, Flasky, Can, Hot Sauce, Grassy, and Woody are safe with no votes. *flings to everyone except Umbrella, Forky, and Hot Sause*

Hot Sauce: Hey (points to where is missing* you forgot my pizza slice

Umbrella: That is sure an original. Pizza slices.

*black hole appears*

Sticky: Now it's down to Forky and Umbrella.

Forky: Woah, it is sure pulling my self away and you can't hear me because black hole stops life.

Announcer: Show the votes

*both get 1 vote*

Sticky: let's go see Wheel Decide

Megaphone: who do you think is out?

Wheel Decide: Forky

Forky: *falls in black hole* Aah I cant see you cause AAAAAAAaaaaaaa-

Stop Sign: *falls as well* AAAAAaaaaaaaa-

to be continued

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