Leafy: Why does no one want to be friends with me

Baskety: It's ok Leafy. We Awesome Foxes can be your friends. We support you

Leafy: Does that me you're ALL my friends?

Eraser: Yep


Sticky: It's time for Box Time at Stake

(elimination intros combined play)

Sticky: Ok, we have a record. We have 4 votes. And (looks at cards) WOW! The people safe with no votes are Berry, Broccoli, Cherry, Circle, Drago, Envelope, and Stethescope. It's down to Bathing suit and Stop Sign

Bathing Suit: How did I end up here?

Stop Sign: Hahaha. Look what we have here. A tiny piece of clothing that only small femilines wear.

Sticky: I had enough of you Stop Sign. You're is eliminated with 3 votes.

Stop Sign: Grrr, i'll get you next time Bathing Suit. I'll rejoin, be first. And no one will stop m- (fling) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!

Bathing Suit: Phew

Sticky: The contest is surviving Natural Disasters. TSUNAMI. Whoever has their team members dead, makes their team up for elimination. Tsunami starts........................... NOW!

Rake: I got like, an idea. Snowball is the strongest. And Ropey is like, the longest. Snowball, would you like to throw ropey

Snowball: Yeah!

Ropey: Sure can do

(Snowball throws Ropey to the tallest stable tower they could find)

Ice Cube: Hey guys, can I-

Rake: Sure. You caan help with the ideas

Ice Cube: No!

Rake: Teardrop.. Can do, the ideas then?

(Teardrop nods yes with enthusiasm)


Bubble: Woire up!!!

Everyone: YAY!!!

Yarn: Gosh, they're ahead. And the rain keeps me slow. Let's climb... The stairs.

Sticky: Tsunami is almost here. It's down to L'equipe and Awesome Foxes

L'equipe and Awesome Foxes: Done

Sticky: That fast?

Umbrella: Yep

Sticky: Well, tsunami's here.

Balloon: It wont hit u- AAH!!!!!!!1

Cherry: !ykcitS nevE .deid kcalb sah ohw enoyrevE !on hO (Oh no! Everyone who has black died. Even Sticky!

Eraser: I know a way. Four, here are the people you need to revive: Rake, Soccer Ball, Hot Sauce, Umbrella, Stethoscope, Stop Sign.. Oh, he's eliminated. Also revive Leafy. And suck up the people who did not join

Four: Can do

(Revives everyone who died, sucks up Stop Sign and the others who didn't join)

Sticky: L'equipe is up for elimination.

Vote who will be eliminated:

  1. Forky
  2. Disco Ball
  3. Soccer Ball
  4. Flasky
  5. Can
  6. Hot Sauce
  7. Grassy
  8. Woody
  9. Umbrella

Remember. Voting ends June 7th and you can vote 2 times

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