Circle: I just want everyone to know, everyone is saying i'm mean, but in reality, I' nice. But also clumsy too.

Bathing Suit: Uh, Stop Sign?


Bathing Suit: 1. That was mean. 2. I just wanted to say, You're a police

Stop Sign: Why, tha-

Bathing Suit: A very strict one

Stop Sign: You're under arrest for exploiting.

Bathing Suit: What does exploiting mea-

Stop Sign: You're under arrest for not know what exploiting means


Sticky: Get in your teams people

(everyone gets in their teams)

Sticky: It's time for team names. Oh yeah, no interrupting when they're about to say a name. GO!

Rake: Ok, so like, we need the best team. And the best name. Oh! I got it

(whispers in Ice Cube)

Ice Cube: That's a good name

(whispers to Ropey)

Ropey: Oh yeah.

(Whispers to Coiny)

Coiny: Ropey, you're a GENIUS! Sticky, I got a team name. Best Team

Sticky: Team 1 is Best Team

Forky: We need to make it fancy. Our team name is........... L'equipe. Which is The Team in French.

Sticky: Team 2 is L'equipe

Circle: I got the team name

(at same time) Circle: Good Bats, Stop Sign: The Best Team

Sticky: Uhhh, What

Circle: Good Ba-

Stop Sign: (covers mouth) Best Te-

(Circle and Stop Sign cover each over with multiple hands. Wow they have a lot of hands)

Circle: I think it was, some kind of name like-

Sticky: Team 3 is Some Kind of Name

Circle: Grrr

Baskety: I remember... (remembers flashbacks of people hating and commenting that the team names suck), That everyone, i mean EVERYONE, hates our show's team names. Let's think

(Everyone in Team 4 thinks, waiting music queues, and funny faces of thinking appear)

Baskety: I know!

(funny faces stop)

It is called..... The Awesome Foxes.

Sticky: Times up. Since Stop Sign interrupted Circle, and Circle got a horrible team name, Some Name is up for elimination.

Here's you can vote for:

  1. Circle
  2. Stethoscope
  3. Berry
  4. Broccoli
  5. Cherry
  6. Bathing Suit
  7. Stop Sign
  8. Envelope
  9. Drago

You can vote 2 times at the comments below. Voting ends at the 1st of June 2018

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