Sticky: Hi, it's Sticky. I'll be rebooting BFSOB. The contestants will contain 1/2 of Object Trek cast, 1/2 of SOB cast, and 1/2 half of BFDI cast. I figure our where I group them at a grouping website.


Sticky: Ok, i'm back. Here comes the contestants!

Water Balloon: Why is this so big? Oh yeah. The creator made the bus so we can all fit.

Sticky: Hi contestants. I had brang you all hear to the reboot of BFSOB. If I call your name, you get to be on the show. Ok, here it goes. Flasky. Woody. Ropey. Leafy. Balloon. Lemony. Teardrop. Can. Ice Cube. Stop Sign. Forky. Broccoli. Bathing Suit. Limey. Diamond. Coiny. Bubble. Soccer Ball. Pipey. Drago. Disco Ball. Snowball. Eraser. Circle. Bottle. Envelope. Cherry. Hot Sauce. Baskety. Grassy. Umbrella. Berry. Stethoscope. Bushy. Rake. And finally, Yarn!

Ok thats the end of episode 1 ;)

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