BFS aka Battle for Sky-lands is about 14 contestants battling for the amazing sky-lands. The hosts are Token, Clipboard, Microwave, Icing. The contestants are alphabet Block, Carrot, Cord Granite 3D-Glasses, Disco Ball, Hurdle, Hourglass, Plunger, Popcorn Syringe, Slime-Ball, Ziploc Bag, and Palm Tree. The main villain of this show is box, a recommended character.

The person that wins the sky-lands in season 1 is Slime Ball. The creator said that if the show gets lots of votes he/she will make a season 2.

Ep1: welcome competitors

Ep2: whos going to be eliminated today

Ep3: dram voices now?

Ep4: this is me

Ep5: the balance beam of doom

Ep6: the debut

Ep7: the portal problem

Ep8: the explosion

Ep9: silent but deadly

Ep10: the monster mash

Ep11: the manikin challenge

Ep12: a joke episode

Ep13: scared silly

Ep14: six more to go

Ep15: a deadly challenge

Ep16: elimination upgrade

Ep17: surprises unknown

Ep18: the fair

Ep19: the last elimation!!!

Ep20: and the winner is!!!


sorry for the graphics:

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