One of the contestants: Water Bottle

BFNSI is an object show made by the youtube channel Bfnsi. (The person typing this is Bfnsi himself) Here is the link to the channel:

The 1st episode

The first episode is named "Lights out". The 1st episode is also a 2-part. The challenge is basically staring at a blinding light as long as you can. 

Episode 2 and so on / more about Bfnsi

Bfnsi is planning on making more episodes on Scratch, but he may post episodes on Youtube as well. Bfnsi has made a Quiz on Quizlet Here is the link to it: He put a spoiler in it as well, and it was that in later episodes, there would be a co-host; just like BFB, BFDI, BFDIA, and many more object shows!

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