Battle for Maritime Temple is a fan fiction created by Satanchu. The game is hosted by Trowel. There are 25 contestants, along with 8 debuting contestants soon to be revealed.


Episodes and Challenges

Episode 1: Playing with matches

Challenge: Be the last two contestants standing on the tower in an ear-cleaner battle.

Winner(s): Bow, Yoyleberry

Episode 2: And I am left to cell

Challenge: Escape a cell made of various minerals (including cake).

Winner(s): Persistent Pom Poms

Episode 3: Our first Cake at Stake

Challenge: Survive a series of deadly obstacles.

Winner(s): Firm Fruits

Episode 4: Jizz in mah pants

Challenge: Avoid being eradicated by a cloaked figure.

Winner(s): Firm Fruits

Episode 5: Just dance: BFMT Edition

Challenge: A dance off. Get the highest rating from the judges.

Winner(s): Bow, Pin, Yellow Face (Persistant Pom Poms)

Episode 6a: Missing sheets

Challenge: None

Winner(s): None

Elimination Order (Spoilers) (Duh!)


Player to hold the "Like" record: Firey with 27 likes

Player to hold the "Dislike" record: Golf ball with 16 dislikes

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