Battle for Dream Island is the never published pilot of the series with the same name. The characters looks

different from their usual looks (they look humanoid). Even though it was never published on Jacknjeliffy's

channel, some clips may be seen on a Nickelodeon promo for Battle for Dream (season 5 of the show).


We see Firey holding some boombox and listens to music. but the music glitches. the boombox then morphs to the Announcer (He has eyes, limbs and a "mouth" in this episode.) He then explains everything (even the cast). The contest is the same than Gardening Hero : be the last one standing in a spaceship. Strangely, Pin gets Dream Island already! (The teams aren't created yet) with the rest of the contestants being his slaves.


Firey, Coiny, Golf Ball, and Spongy from BFDI

Firey, Coiny, Golf Ball and Spongy how they look in the pilot.

Woody, Tennis Ball, and Teardrop from BFDI

Woody, TB and TD how they look like in the pilot.

Pencil, Match, and Bubble from BFDI

Pencil, Bubble and Match how they look like in the pilot.

Pin, Blocky, and Needle from BFDI

Pin, Blocky and Neddle how they look like in the pilot. (Blocky is still called Building Block!)

Flower, Ice Cube, and Leafy from BFDI

Leafy, Flower and Ice Cube how they look like in the pilot.

Announcer from BFDI

Announcer's pilot design.

Eraser, Pen, Snowball, and Rocky from BFDI

Eraser, Pen, SB and Rocky how they look like in the pilot.

Between the pilot episode and BFDI 1a...

Once they finished the pilot, Michael Huang and Cary Huang want the neighbor to come see the project. One of the neighboor rate this 10 out of 10, and want them to even make a series out of this. Michael and Cary

Leafy from BFDI

A rejected Leafy design for the series.

Leafy's third design

Another rejected design.

want they're characters to be different. They are trying to use the same designs than the pilot until they discovered they used characters from Total Firey Island. So they REJECT the humanoid designs, and redo the same design than in the comics.

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