Welcome to BFDI hurt an heal! If you don't know what that is then each day you can hurt 1 character and heal 1 character. Each character starts with 5 HP.

Also as a peace stage you can only hurt/heal for the first couple weeks anything other than that will be a hurt/heal

I don't own anything

The Hurt/Heals

hurt/heal- -1 or +1 HP (you can always do this)

Super hurt/heal- -3 or +3 (weekly)

Ultra hurt/heal- -5 or +5 (every other week)

KO hurt/heal- -10 or +10 (one time use)

if you kill a contestant you get a potion that I will tell you what is.

Potions are safe potion-the character you use this on can't be hurt for 2 weeks

double hurt/heal potion-you can do 2 hurts or heals

regenerate/turn back time potion- revert a contestants HP to 5

you have to let me know to use a potion


Remaining Contestants

201px-Blocky Idle

Blocky (5 HP)

ACWAGT Coiny Pose

Coiny (5 HP)


Bubble (5 HP)

ACWAGT Eraser Pose

Eraser (HP 5)

168px-Flower 8

Flower (5 HP)

Giant Firey Pose

Firey (5 HP)

202px-Golf Ball Idle

Golf ball (5 HP)


Leafy (5 HP)

201px-Ice Cube Idle

Ice cube (6 HP)

BFMT Needle

Needle (5 HP)

201px-Pencil Idle

Pencil (4 HP)


Match (5 HP)

Remade Pen Pose

Pen (5 HP)

Rocky pose-0

Rocky (5 HP)

Pin Pose

Pin (5 HP)


Spongy (5 HP)

ACWAGT Teardrop Pose

Teardrop (5 HP)

New Snowball Pose (1)

Snowball (5 HP)

ACWAGT Tennis Ball Pose

Tennis ball (5 HP)

Woody Pose

Woody (5 HP)

Dead contestants


Table of contestant

Contestant HP left Place Killed by
Blocky 5 TBA TBA
Bubble 5 TBA TBA
Coiny 5 TBA TBA
Eraser 5 TBA TBA
Firey 5 TBA TBA
Flower 5 TBA TBA
Golf Ball 5 TBA TBA
Ice Cube 6 TBA TBA
Leafy 5 TBA TBA
Needle 5 TBA TBA
Match 5 TBA TBA
Pencil 4 TBA TBA
Rocky 5 TBA TBA
Spongy 5 TBA TBA
Snowball 5 TBA TBA
Teardrop 5 TBA TBA
Tennis Ball 5 TBA TBA
Woody 5 TBA TBA
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