Andriod:here I cleaned your floor leafy happy Leafy:yea I guess *andriod leaves Andriod:man I been doing good deed I wish I was never born PC:hey wanna go in a universe where you never born Andriod:sure PC:okay *telports* Android:woah who house is this PC:that your other brothers house Windows Phone:I love having a lot of money and stuff Andriod:uhh I'm ready to go now PC:you can't go until you find someone who life is worse without you Andriod:like that one Crack Fairy OddParents Episode PC:yeah Android:let see about Leafy PC:oh see beutiful without you she went to being pretty like she was in high school or something Android:okay Man:and leafy is the winner Leafy:yes Andriod: uh Test tube I bet she gotta be a wreck PC:no she fine actually she married fan Mac:yeah he right and who are you Andriod man there gotta be one person who is different Firey PC:uh you are right Firey:man I am poor now that leafy left me PC:since in our universe you give Firey dating advice in this universe he winged it and failed so yeah let go *teleports* Andriod:I Love This Universe now Cause I Know One Person that was different universe that's life is different without me and does horrible The End P.S This is Based on The Fairly OddParents It's a Wishful Life

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