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BFDI The Fighters is a fighting game released on Steam. The game has many BFDI characters fighting to be the first to find Dream Island. The game has been rumored to release on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.


The game plays like a 2D platformer, but your goal is to defest the enemy. Every character has 7 attacks: Four directional attacks, two air attacks, and a Super attack. All super attacks are grab attacks with flashy imagery that deal massive damage. You can also select one Support Character. Support Characters can be summoned once per match and do one attack that can help you.



Input Action
A Move Left
D Move Right
W Up (to perform certain attacks)
S Duck
K Jump
J Attack
L Use Super
Enter Pause
U Block

Xbox One/360 Controller

Game Modes


Campaign is a game mode where you fight multiple players without losing all of your lives. There are 4 difficulties.

Easy: 5 battles, 1 boss

Normal: 7 battles, 2 bosses

Hard: 10 bosses, 2 bosses

Extreme: 15 battles, 3 bosses

Once you finish Campaign mode with any character on normal or higher, you unlock a costume for them.

Playable Characters

This is the list of playable characters. Every character has 25 stat points that are distributed to different stats. If the character is unlockable, it has an asterisk in its name.The description will have the unlocking criteria. The 4 stats are as follows.

Speed: Determines how fast the character moves.

Attack: An average of how powerful the character's attacks are.

Defense: How much hits the character can take, based on power.

Jump: Determines height of jump.


Balloony is best used for trapping people in the air with a Head Bump and then performing combos in the air. He also has Pop as a last resort.


Stat Level
Speed 5/10
Attack 7/10
Defense 4/10
Jump 9/10


Name Control Description
Balloon Bonk J Balloony bonks enemies with his nead. Deals average damage.
Leak Boost Dash + J Balloony deflates himfelf slightly, allowing him to tackle the opponent.
Head Bump W + J Balloony head butts above him, causing the enemy to launch upward.
Pop S + J Balloony pops himself, dealing massive damage to the enemy, but also hurting himself.
Air Boost J in midair Ballony performs a Leak Boost in midair.
Spinning Kick J + S in midair Balloony stays in midair for a small amout of time to swing his foot around to attack.
Earth Lover (Super) L when Super Gauge is filled. Balloony pokes his earth, causing the opponent to get crushed and badly damaged if hit.


Costume: Orange Balloony

Death Animation: Balloony pops and falls to the ground.

Victory Animation: Balloony will dab.


Blocky is a mix between brute force and pranks and tricks. He can set up pretty well and also punish really hard.

HOW TO UNLOCK: Defeat Bubble and Firey 5 times each, and the defeat him in battle.


Stat Level
Speed 5/10
Attack 9/10
Defense 6/10
Jump 5/10


Name Control Description
Kick J Blocky does a powerful kick.
Pin Spin Dash + J
Glue Rise W + J
Tacks S + J
Balloon Bite J + W in midair
Tri-Crayon J + S in midair
Fish Monster(Super) L when Super Gauge is filled.


Costume: Blocky's Funny Doings International

Death Animation: Blocky is popped.

Victory Animation: Blocky does his thumbs up pose.



Costume: Healing

Death Animation: Bomby explodes.

Victory Animation: Bomby sits down with a happy face and eats a banana.



Costume: How to Be Dumb

Death Animation: Book opens up and her pages fly out. She then faints.

Victory Animation: Book eats nachos and gives a thumbs up.



Costume: Metal Ball

Death Animation: Bubbles pops.

Victory Animation: Bubble screams YOYLECAKE!



Costume: X's Clock

Death Animation: Clock is given the twinkle by an unknown spectator.

Victory Animation: Clock's alarm goes off.



Costume: Nickel (Nickel appears as Coiny in the Super.)

Death Animation: Coiny is launched high in the air as he yelps.

Victory Animation: Coiny holds up baked dirt.



Costume: The Twinkle

Death Animation: Donut is chopped up into 17 little pieces.

Victory Animation: Donut does this pose.






Golf Ball*






Marker is one of the more basic fighters. He has mostly average stats and is a jack of all trades.


Stat Level
Speed 7/10
Attack 6/10
Defense 6/10
Jump 6/10


Name Control Description
Cap Throw J Marker throws his cap. It's slow, but has decent range and good damage. It can be used in midair.
Tattoo Charge Dash + J Marker rams the opponent with his left arm, the one with the tattoo.
Toss the Balls W + J Marker throws a ball in the air. He can then use Tattoo Charge to knock the ball around when it drops.
Toss the Enemy S + J If the enemy is close, Marker will throw them high up in the air!
Cap Up J + W in midair Marker throws his cap upward.
Cap Down J + S in midair Marker goes upside down, causing his cap to drop.
Toss the Dirt (Super) L when Super Gauge is filled. Marker will bury the opponent underground and he will start digging. He then uppercuts the enemy out of the ground.


Costume: Sketch

Death Animation: The marker tip breaks and Marker faints.

Victory Animation: Marker tries gives a thumbs up, but accidentally summons Four.






Rocky is this game's joke character. All he can do is vomit.




Teardrop can be used very well for setups. She can use Power Kick to launch the enemy far away and then use Fingergun to shock them.

Tennis Ball*


Yellow Face*

HOW TO UNLOCK: Advertise the game on social media and then defeat him in battle.


Stat Level
Speed 7/10
Attack 7/10
Defense 7/10
Jump 4/10


Name Control Description
Postpone Token Shot J
Paper Slips Dash + J
Bubble Tranformer W + J
Headphone Prep S + J
Free Food J in midair
Non Slip Shoes So Ha! J + S in midair
YAAAAAY! (Super) L when Super Gauge is filled.

Support Characters

Name Image Attack
8-Ball Fume Burst: 8-Ball acts as a barricade. When he is hit, fumes spew and they can stun the enemy.
Barf Bag Barf Molecules: Barf Bag does a frontflip, dropping barf on the enemy.
Basketball Bounce: Basketball will bounce on the enemy.
Bell Sting Ring: Bell will ding and it will damage and stun the enemy if they do not escape in time.
Black Hole Suck Up: Black Hole will go in the center and try to suck up the challenger. If they fall in, they lose some health.
Bottle Bottle Trap: Bottle will try to put the enemy inside of her. If she succeeds, she will jump up and break on the ground, damaging them.
Cloudy Golleggtion: Cloudy will throw three random objects from his pile.
David Shouts "AW, SERIOUSLY?" at the enemy. If up close, it deals good damage.
Eraser Rejoin Button: If you die, you can re-enter the battle at half health.
Firey Jr. Little Burn: Firey Jr. sets the enemy on fire. It deals damage very slowly for a set amount of time.
Fries Hoe Hack: Fries will swing his hoe around. After three swings, he spins around really fast.
Ice Cube Chilled Slide: Ice Cube will slide into the opponent, likely dealing multiple hits. Bracelety follows her, but doesn't do anything.
Stapy Heavyweight Slam: Stapy will slam his top part onto the ground. His weight causes shockwaves to be sent in both directions.



Stages that need to be unlocked have an asterisk. The criteria is listed in the desctiption.

Image Name Music Description
Goiky Plains - Grass Hill
Goiky Plains - Grass Hill New Friendly
Goiky Plains - Lavatories
Goiky Plains - Lavatories* Flop TO UNLOCK: Clear Campaign Mode for the first time.
Goiky Plains - Gliding Heights
Goiky Plains - Gliding Heights* Chorkey TO UNLOCK: Win a match using only air attacks.
Evil Forest - Evil Canyon N/A
Evil Forest - Glazed Tundra
Evil Forest - 5b* TO UNLOCK: Defeat Evil Leafy in Campaign Mode on hard or higher.
The Desert - Drought Dunes
The Desert - Drought Dunes
The Desert - Cactus Canyon
The Desert - Cactus Canyon* TO UNLOCK: Defeat an enemy with a Super.
Goiky Canal - Raft Regatta
Goiky Canal - Balance Beam* TO UNLOCK: Unlock every fighter.
Yoyleland - Garden Street
Yoyleland - Yoyle Needy* TO UNLOCK: Clear Campaign Mode on normal or higher as Bubble or Book.
Yoyleland - Yoyle Mountain* TO UNLOCK: Clear Campaign Mode with 10 characters.
Space - Starry Spectacle
Space - The Moon* TO UNLOCK: Clear Campaign Mode on extreme.
Wacky Worlds - The World's Largest Oven
Wacky Worlds - The World's Largest Oven
Wacky Worlds - Ballers* TO UNLOCK: Win as Marker or Tree 10 times.
Wacky Worlds - Tiny Loser Chamber
Wacky Worlds - Eternal Algebra Class* TO UNLOCK: Defeat Four in Campaign Mode on hard or higher.
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