BFDI Survivor
BFDI Survivor
Created by OfficialMatrVincent


BFDI Survivor



Episodes uploaded:

18 1/2



BFDI Survivor is a camp on YouTube made by OfficialMatrVincent. It is currently in the finale, and is at the Final 4. There is one more episode awaiting release which will declare 4th place and the winner of BFDI Survivor.

Pencil (ChaoEpic121420)* 20th RR Closed Account (Pre-Merge)
Needle (KnifeBeatsSB) 19th DD Low Score (Pre-Merge)
Pin (Heather201029) 18th DD Inactive (Pre-Merge)
Snowball (DonkeyKong361)*** 17th TM Blindside (Pre-Merge)
Leafy (lavaboyoh) 16th TM Blindside (Pre-Merge)
TV and Basketball debut ------ ---- ------------------------------------
Rocky (iamrandom4826) 17th DD Threat (Pre-Merge)
Spongy (amazingracetopfan) 16th RR Inactive (Pre-Merge)
Teams Swap ------ ---- ------------------------------------
Golf Ball (Dreamer565101)* 15th RR Viewer Vote (Pre-Merge)
Teardrop (webkinzinspace)*** 14th ES Viewer Vote (Pre-Merge)
Bubble (theroogleboy)** 13th DD Inactive (Pre-Merge)
Leafy returns ------ ---- -----------------------------------
Eraser (logmeister4) 13th RR Threat (Pre-Merge) (Jury replacement)
MERGE ------ ---- -----------------------------------
Blocky (co1669)** *** 12th ---- Inactive (1st member of jury)
Yellow Face debuts ------ ---- -----------------------------------
Firey (regulardude45) 12th ---- Threat (Not part of jury)****
Yellow Face (raytonlin1) 11th ---- Cheated (Not part of jury)
Fries replaces Y.Face ------ ---- -----------------------------------
Leafy (lavaboyoh)** 11th ---- Lost RC (3rd member of jury)
Fries (BladeTheLugia) 10th ---- Floater (4th member of jury)
Gelatin debuts ------ ---- -----------------------------------
Rocky returns ------ ---- -----------------------------------
Match (waliugifreak789) 11th ---- Threat (5th member of jury)
Ice Cube (TheSonicJoey)** 10th ---- Quit (Not part of jury)
Coiny (DeeandEd) 9th ---- Threat (6th member of jury)
Rocky (Deidre Jeide Malaptian) 8th ---- Threat (7th member of jury)
Tennis Ball (1234DRG1) 7th ---- Threat (8th member of jury)
Flower (ufus630) 6th ---- Low Score/Threat (9th member)
Woody (MrMWM3682) ------ ---- Not Yet Eliminated
  • = This person closed their account before or after their elimination
    • = This person was originally not supposed to be eliminated, but an event with the person with the most votes being safe caused the 2nd most voted contestant to be eliminated
      • = This person was eliminated in a tie vote
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