BFDI Survivor is a camp created by OfficialMatrVincent on YouTube. In the camp, 20 BFDI contestants (later to be 25) compete in challenges and vote each other off. There have been a total of 3 debuts in the camp, having 4 debuters join in them, and having another replace a debuter after cheating. The camp has been going for about 10 months and is at the Final 5! The elimination order is below!

Elimination Order

26th. Pencil


Closed Account ** Raging Rapids

25th. Needle


6 votes Dangerous Dynamites

24th. Pin


5 votes Dangerous Dynamites

23rd. Snowball


3 votes Tomamasi

22nd. Spongy


6 votes Raging Rapids

21st. Golf Ball


21 votes 

(Viewer Vote) **

Rapids Rapids

20th. Teardrop


10 votes

(Viewer Vote)

Eclipsed Survivors

19th. Bubble


4 votes*

Dangerous Dynamites

18th. Eraser


6 votes Raging Rapids

Pictures Made for BFDI Survivor

Debut #3

The following pictures are from the 3rd debut, where people that signed up could sign up as any object and I made a picture of it. All of the pictures I made are below.


Banana was introduced in episode 14 when he applied for an "internship" on the camp. He soon quit in Episode 19 and was put in the TLC as a prison guard. Banana is my most famous recommended character, making an entry into AnimationEpic's Inanimate Insanity Season 2 contest, along with 3 others.

Props made for BFDI Survivor

Many things have been made for BFDI Survivor. Here are some of those things!

Scenes from Episode 27

  • All of the debuting contestants that made it to Round 2.
  • What is happening here? Some kind of Eliminated contestant reunion?
  • OMG! Flower's defying gravity!
  • Wait... that isn't the jury!!
  • More insane eliminated contestants? What is going on!?
  • Another tie in the voting? And what are TV and Woody doing?
  • Rocky and Evil Leafy having a friendly conversation. Nothing to see here!
  • Prettyyyyyyy colorssssssss....
  • Oh no! Flower's become a dictator!
  • Wait... now Pen's a dictator too!?
  • #ForeverAlone
  • Evil Leafy must be VERY social! What a nice friend to have!! :D
  • Poor TB. The only sober in the party...
  • Rocky and Speaker Box's ratings on Flower's beauty.
  • Blocky's telling Basketball that he needs to lose the edges...
  • That's a lot of win tokens!
  • Apparently Banana has a liking to random sheets of paper
  • The alliance's newest member... Yellow Face!!
  • Match is about to start a riot in Vancouver
  • #ForeverAloneOnceAgain
  • Plot Twist: Speaker Box is evil.
  • Awkward how the eyes make everyone look like males...
  • Getting complete revenge on Speaker Box and taking over the world? Screw that! I'm going golfing!
  • If you think this is bad, wait till you see Yellow Face's family...
  • Banana likes papers, Tennis Ball likes bushes. Perfectly normal!
  • I'm scared to ask what I want to do...
  • Excited for the finale? Match sure is!
  • Even an emotionless robot is excited for it!
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