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BFDI RPG is a RPG where you can play as BFDI characters.

the BFDI RPG is split into Four parts, BFDI, BFDIA, IDFB and BFB, where you can make changes depending on what character you choose.


you can select a Debut character to go right into Episode 18


all characters have special atributes (listed from Bottom to Top)

Firey, Immune to Fire, weak in Water

Leafy, Easy to kill (being a leaf and all)

Bubble, 1 HP, killed with any attack that does damage, has an alliance to back them up

Flower, Weak to Bugs, starts with -4/10 Rating

Spongy, has higher Defence stats than others

Rocky, has higher Defence stats than others

Ice Cube, easy to kill with Pointy attacks (such as Needles point), can slide fast

Pencil, has an alliance to back them up

Woody, slower to do challenges than others

Pin, can have a Rating stat lower than others before being eliminated

Teardrop, can be silent with no consequences

Coiny, enemy of Firey, can fight Firey with little consequences

Golf Ball, has a higher Intelligence rating than others

Tennis Ball, has a higher Intelligence rating than others, lower than Golf Balls

Snowball, has a lower Intelligence rating than others, has a higher Strength rating than others

Match, can spontaneously combust and cant Burn, has an alliance to back them up

Pen, has a higher Rating stat than others

Eraser, can get away with not doing challenges easily

Blocky, can get away with killing contestants easily

Needle, if called Needy, then will go into a battle with stronger stats


(BFDIA will unlock when BFDI has been finished and Leafy denied from entry to Dream Island)


these characters also have special attributes (bottom to top)

Needle, same as BFDI

Match, same as BFDI

Pencil, Same as BFDI

Ruby, starts with an 8/10 Rating stat, the highest starting Rating stat of all characters

Tennis Ball, same as BFDI

Golf Ball, same as BFDI

Rocky, same as BFDI

Nickel, if Nickel and Coiny get too close, strange things may happen

Teardrop, when eliminated, they will also get the prize

Pin, has an easier time making friends

Coiny, same as Nickel

Firey, same as BFDI

Book, can help in many ways, such as researching the HPHPRCC

Puffball, can fly

Gelatin, can Freeze opponents

Ice Cube, same as BFDI

Dora, can be useful in certain challenges

Donut, has a lower Rating stat than others

Yellow Face, can distract opponents with a commercial

Fries, is the only one able to stand on Puffball when Gelatin is on

Bomby, can explode

Spongy, same as BFDI


(IDFB will unlock when Pin is limbless and Golf Ball is not eliminated and BFDIA 5 is over)

The characters in this section of the game depend on BFDIA, and is a subsection of your BFDIA save

the characters will have the same attributes as BFDIA

IDFB alternate 1

this alternate is when Golf Ball is eliminated and Pin is not and Limbless

Pin will be Limbless and Red and Golf Ball will be in TLC/LOL

IDFB alternate 2

this is where Golf Ball and Pin are not eliminated and Pin has Limbs

Pin will be red

IDFB alternate 3

this is where Pin is eliminated and Limbless but Golf Ball is not

Pin will be Limbless and be in TLC/LOL

IDFB alternate 4

This is where Pin is eliminated but Golf Ball is not

Pin will have Limbs and be in TLC/LOL

IDFB alternate 5

This is where Ruby is eliminated

Flower will be Dead and Ruby will be in TLC/LOL

IDFB alternate 6

This is where Tennis Ball is eliminated

Woody will be Dead and Tennis Ball will be in TLC/LOL


Firey Replacement Box

"This. Section. Needs. To be. Fixed! Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
This section is a work in progress. This section is currently undergoing development and its information may not be complete. You can edit it to help finish it.

only the characters from BFDIA/BFDI and Liy can be playable now with BFB 1 as the only playable episode


this is what you can get from the shop

Immunity Token (70 Yoylecoins)

Win Token (30 Yoylecoins)

Vote Swap Token (50 Yoylecoins)

Small Yoyleberry - lasts one challenge (20 Yoylecoins)

Yoyleberry - lasts until death (35 Yoylecoins)

Large Yoyleberry lasts after 1 death (60 Yoylecoins)

+10 Speed (50 Yoylecoins)


you can earn Yoylecoins in Battle Mode (10) (after defeating 100 1stars 70 2stars 50 3stars 40 4stars 30 5stars or 20 6stars)

you can also go to the menu in-game and exchange Win Tokens for 5 Yoylecoins each, you cant access the shop from here though


Achieves is the game menu where you can view your Achievements

  1. Welcome to Goiky! (start the game for the first time)
  2. First Season (play the BFDI section for the first time)
  3. First Eliminated (be the first to be eliminated)
  4. Eliminated (be eliminated at any point of the game)
  5. Rejoined (rejoin after being eliminated)
  6. Finalist (be in the Final 3)
  7. Winner (win Dream Island)
  8. Mean Victory (win as Flower)
  9. Flawless Victory (win without being eliminated or in the bottom two in any elimination)
  10. Retry to Win (win after rejoining)
  11. Canonical (win as Firey, have Leafy in second place and Bubble in third)
  12. PEN ISLAND (win as Pen)
  13. Its GOT to be Blocky (win as Blocky)
  14. True Firey Slapper (win as Coiny)
  15. Coiny, you're SO DUMB (be in the Finalists as Coiny, but Firey wins)
  16. Debuter (win as a Debuter)
  17. Popular Win (win as the most liked Finalist)
  18. Needly Win (win as Needle)
  19. Dumb Win (win as Bubble)
  20. Nice Win (win as Leafy)
  21. Scary Win (win as Woody)
  22. Tactical Win (win as Golf Ball)
  23. Fan Favourite Win (win as Tennis Ball)
  24. Cold Win (win as Ice Cube)
  25. Drawing Win (win as Pencil)
  26. Matchstick Win (win as Match)
  27. Aw Seriously? (win as David)
  28. Pin Win (win as Pin)
  29. Silent Victory (win as Teardrop)
  30. Barfy Win (win as Rocky)
  31. Imp Win (win as Eraser)
  32. Super Dumb Win (win as Snowball)
  33. Fat Win (win as Spongy)
  34. Huh?!? (win Dream Island but dont let yourself onto it)
  35. Speedrun (beat Needle to the end of the obstacle course)
  36. True Speedrunner (beat Needle to the end of the obstacle course as Woody)
  37. Leak! (try to block the leak as Firey)
  38. Win Token (earn a Win Token)
  39. Double Tokens (earn two Win Tokens)
  40. Immunity Token (Buy an Immunity Token with Yoylebux, use it, and be saved from elimination by it)
  41. Super Puzzle Solver (solve the Squishy Cherries puzzle before the Squashy Grapes)
  42. Second Season (play the BFDIA section for the first time)
  43. Poisoned! (get Poisoned)
  44. Frozen! (get Frozen)
  45. Cured! (get cured from Poison)
  46. Eaten! (get eaten by a cured contestant)
  47. Exploded! (be Exploded by Bomby)
  48. Elimination Prevention Plan (be saved from going to the TLC by Pencil)
  49. Eaten by Evil Leafy (get eaten by Evil Leafy)
  50. Escape Evil Leafy (Escape Evil Leafy)
  51. Super Escape from Evil Leafy (Escape Evil Leafy as a Freesmart member with GB, TB and Rocky)
  52. Run from Evil Leafy (run from and escape Evil Leafy)
  53. Speedrun from Evil Leafy (run from and escape Evil Leafy as Spongy)
  54. Third Season (play the IDFB section for the first time)
  55. Third Season? (play an alternate IDFB section)
  56. Wood not Burn! (dont get effected by Bombys explosion as Woody)
  57. Free Firey (let Firey out of prison as a Freesmart member)
  58. Escape! (escape Freesmarts jail as Firey)
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