Rules of Hurt n Healing

Basic Rules

  1. Ultimate Hurt/Heal = +5/-5
  2. Enormous Hurt/Heal = -3/+3
  3. Hurt/Heal = -2/+2


  1. Don't vote for Bomby, Book, David, Dora, Fries or Nickel since they joined BFDI(A)
  2. Please give specific reasons for you hurt n healing these characters, if you're busy you don't really have to it's only to know why you HaH this person
  3. If you mispelled their names, please try to get it close to the correct spelling like : Bel (so I'll know it's Bell, you're HaHing)
  4. Have fun! :D, I mean literally


  1. All of them have a maximum of 10 lives, if it gets to 20 lives then no more healing anymore.
  2. The person with 0 votes or less (negative one or below) will be in the DEADS section and there will be a rejoining when 12 contestants gets eliminated.
  3. I must get at least 4 hurt and heals to finish


Who'll be the first leaving in these 3 groups?
Recommended Characters

Hurt n Heal all of them!

Group 1, Easygoings


Marker - 15 lives

Pillow - 20 lives

Remote - 15 lives

Saw - 20 lives


Tree - 15 lives


Group 2, Meanies


Evil Leafy - 5 lives

Naily - 15 lives


Group 3, Weirdos

8-Ball - 20 lives

Barf Bag



Pie - 10 lives


Cloudy - 23rd

Nonexisty - 22nd

Robot Flower - 21st

Clock, 20th

Roboty, 19th

Balloony, 18th

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