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"We need BFDI Kart DS + Wii to be fixed by tomorrow! Or instant elimination! - Firey Speaker Box
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You don't how to write,Do you!

"BFDI Kart DS + Wii, you havent start it? You don't not how to write, do you!" - Golf Ball
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BFDI Kart DS + Wii is an imaginary game bundle by WheeliumThe2nd


Key: (L) = Light, (M) = Medium, (H) = Heavy.

12 (L), 12 (M), 12 (H)

Starter Characters

Unlockable Characters

DS Exclusive Characters

Wii Exclusive Characters


Each racer has a designated Kart

Light Karts + Bikes

  • Standard Kart L (Ice Cube)
  • Standard Bike L (Teardrop)
  • Baby Booster (Needle)
  • Bullet Bike (Coiny)
  • Concerto (Golf Ball)
  • Nanobike (Rocky)
  • Cheep Charger (Woody)
  • Quacker (David)
  • Rally Romper (Grassy)
  • Magikruiser (Fries)
  • Blue Falcon (Gelatin)
  • Bubble Bike (Foldy)

Medium Karts + Bikes

  • Standard Kart M (Leafy)
  • Standard Bike M (Pin)
  • Nostalgia 1 (Pencil)
  • Mach Bike (Bubble)
  • Wild Wing (Match)
  • Bon Bon (Pen)
  • Turbo Blooper (Firey)
  • Rapide (Barf Bag)
  • Royal Racer (Ruby)
  • Nitrocycle (Marker)
  • B Dasher Mk. 2 (Book)
  • Dolphin Dasher (Liy)

Heavy Karts + Bikes

  • Standard Kart H (Snowball)
  • Standard Bike H (Tennis Ball)
  • Off-Roader (Eraser)
  • Bowser Bike (Blocky)
  • Flame Flyer (Flower)
  • Wario Bike (Spongy)
  • Piranha Prowler (Dora)
  • Twinkle Star (Tree)
  • Aero Glider (Eggy)
  • Torpedo (Bomby)
  • Dragonetti (Donut)
  • Phantom (Stapy)


Win Token Cup

  1. Leafy Circuit
  2. Pin Raceway
  3. Ice Cube Motorway
  4. Pencil Speedway

Yoyle Cup

  1. Teardrop Valley
  2. Bubble's Toyroom
  3. Planet Needle
  4. Match's Kingdom


  1. Snowball Mountain
  2. Pen Island ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Coiny Desert
  4. Firey Volcano

Dream Cup

  1. Tennis Ball Tower
  2. Eraser Hill
  3. Golf Ball Airport
  4. Blocky Town

DS Exclusive Tracks

  1. Flower Docks
  2. Spongy Station

Wii Exclusive Tracks

  1. Rocky Road©
  2. Woody Meadows


Most items return from BFDI Kart: Double Dash!!

  • Fork
  • Knife
  • Zappies
  • Freeze Juice
  • Win Token
  • Puffball
  • Barf (this time as a normal item)

BFDI Kart: Double Dash!! BFDI Kart DS + Wii
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