So um... hi?

Ben: (boringly) Ok everone time to makke teams.

CMM: By bis Ben bo boring? Bagsmoney: i dont know

Airhorn: YOU GET, NOTHING!!!!

  • intro?

Frappuchino:Time to spice things up. Hello clas my name is Frappuchino and we are gonna create teams the challenge is to be picked random it is Loser Jr. and Walnut!

Walnut: Okay? Well, I choose-

Loser Jr.: Choose Air-Horn and T-Shirt.

Walnut: *shocked face* Oh yeah? We'll i choose Leafy Jr Bath Bomb and Discoball!

Loser Jr: And Sound Sheet Match Divisiony Klasky Csupo!!

Walnut: Stapy Firey Jr Pen Jr Beta Bagsmoney Little Horn!!!

Loser Jr.: Well i ch-

Ben: Choose one at a time, idiots!

Loser: Sotp Sign and CBS

Walnut: BFDI School and 8-Ball

Loser Jr.: Moneybags

[to speed things up i'll just show the rest:

Loser Jr. picked Green Needle, Roboty, Blasoom, Gold Bloom, Leafy, Gaster Blaster, David, and Pencil.

Walnut picked Liy Jr, Loser, Bentle, Bracelety, Lightswitch, Caffine Man Mugshot, and Death Symbol]

Ben: Ugh, what are your team names?

Walnut: Um...

  • text above says Um...

Loser Jr.: The Losers Jr.

Frappuchino: The challenge is a tennis-ball-collecting challenge there are balls in th bottomless pit if you can reach it lifts ready set go

Death Symbol: Get out of MY way, I can do this on MY own!

Match: Blossom, you are in big trouble.

Blasoom: MY NAME IS BLASOOM!!!!!!

Pencil: Don't tell us what to do, troublemaker *slap*


Loser Jr.: You can do this Csupo!!!! Just kick the ball to the basket!


Klasky Csupo: *kicks softly*

zoom, hit

Frappuchino: The Losers Jr. is safe looks like Um... is up for elimination.

Vote till Sep 16
[A] Walnut   [B] Leafy Jr.   [C] Bath Bomb   [D] Discoball  [E] Stapy   [F] Pen Jr.
[G] Firey Jr.   [H] Beta Bagsmoney   [I] Little Horn   [J] BFDI School   [K] 8-Ball   [L] Liy Jr.
[M] Loser   [N] Bentle   [O] Bracelety   [P] Lightswitch   [Q] Caffine Man Mugshot   [R] Death Symbol

September 16 is the schedule when the voting ends

September 17 is when episode 2 comes

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