Ben: Hi there, my name is Ben, what your about to see is something which was originated by the user Ben. There will also be more characters while requested, rejoins, double eliminations, and debuts. Enjoy this episode.

Death Symbol: Alright Moneybags, Walnut, and Leafy Jr., we are playing tag. Who ever says not it last is it. 3, 2, 1, Not It

Leaf Jr.: Not It

Walnut: Not It

*everyone runs away* Moneybags: BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY LEGS!!!!

Liy Jr.: And she was like, I'm gonna catch you, and he was like, no way, and she was like, yes way, and he was like-

David: Aw seriously?

Liy Jr.: Exactly

David: Aw seriously?

C.M.M.: You better not like school or else you have to go say jig in front of the whole class.

Sotp Sign: But no one uses jig.


*if there is an intro, there will be one after someone screams*

Everyone: Chatter chatter chatter fill fill fill bla bla bla

Frappuchino: Since Ben is sick today, I will be the substitute teacher. I would meet you the teachers: Mrs. Lox (art), Mr. Milk Jug (music), Miss Finland (gym), and the most strictest: Mister Doubloon (elimination).

Match: OMG, like, I better not go to like, Mister Doubloon

Blasoom: I do not want to go eithe-

Pencil: (stern) Shut up Blasoom, NOBODY EVEN LIKES YOU!!!!!

Match: Yeah. Like, totally. You suck.

part 2 coming september 10, or more?

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