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BFDII Episode 2 - Bunny Bonanza

MePhone4: Salt, Leafy, Bomb, Rocky and Nickel, you guys are Team Angry Birds.

Speaker: So that means that Knife, Balloon, Firey, David, and Bubble are Team Tiny Wings.

Rocky: So what's the next challenge?

Everyone else: Rocky just spoke again!

MePhone4:Let's go to the next challenge which is a Chubby Bunny contest.

Bomb: O-o-o-o-oh no, bu-bu-bunnies!

Speaker: Bomb, this game doesn't need bunnies. It's the game called Chubby Bunny. Here's how you do the challenge: I'll put a marshmallow in your mouth and you have to say "Chubby Bunny". If you can't say it clear, you lose. The contestant who gets most marshmallows in his/her mouth wins.

Leafy: Can't Chubby Bunny kill you?

MePhone4: Uh, no duh. Go!

  • After the challenge because we figured you reading about a weirdo and a bunch of objects nearly choking would be boring and a bit too gruesome. We didn't really care about your boredom, we were just lazy.*

Salt: *while sucking on 34 marshmallows* Chub-be bun-bunny! MePhone4: Salt wins, so the winning team is Team Angry Birds.

speaker: Time for Cake at Elimination Time.

Singers: Cake at Elimination Time!

Speaker: So at elimination, you guys vote.

Knife: Balloon popped on his third marshmallow so I vote him.

Balloon: I vote David because he's not an object.

David: I vote the racist Balloon!

Firey: Balloon sucks.

Bubble: Balloon is kind of cute so,David.

Speaker: 2 people voted for David and 3 people voted for Balloon. So, bye bye Balloon.

Balloon: *get beamed to TLC* Oh, come on!

MePhone4: So, as always, we come up with a new challenge.

BFDII Episode 3 is coming soon!

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