This is how i would've wanted BFDIA 6 to go. Enjoy reading!

Ruby, Pencil, Ice Cube, Book, Pin, Yellow Face, Spongy, Coiny, Nickel, Bomby and Needle: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! *Smack*

Pencil: Ugh, we made it back to the ground! Finally!

FSB: You guys ready for Cake at Stake?

Puffball: Sure, let's go.....wait, we need to recover my team first!


FSB: Let's show the likes!

Golf Ball- 665

Fries- 692

Puffball- 694

Gelatin- 908

Rocky- 931

Tennis Ball- 938

Firey- 1,023

Firey: YES!

Puffball: WHAT?! How did I not get the prize?!

Golf Ball: Well, you're the reason we lost!

Puffball: GRRRRRR!!!

*Firey spins the wheel*

*The prize is.....Immunity into the final 7 or $600.

Firey: I'll go with the immunity!

FSB: So you can't be up for elimination until the final 7! OK, onto the dislikes! Safe with 242 dislikes is Tennis Ball! Next safe with 298 is Gelatin! Next safe with 361 is Firey!

Tennis Ball, Gelatin and Firey: YES!

FSB: Next safe with 459 and 469 dislikes respectively are Fries and Rocky! So, it's down to Golf Ball and Puffball! Let's show the votes!

Golf Ball- 675

Puffball- 1,455

Golf Ball: Yes!

Puffball: WHAT?! I can't be eliminated!\

FSB: Too bad, so sad! Bye-bye! *Launch* What? *Launch* *Launch*

Puffball: Um, I'm flying! -_-

FSB: OK, we'll just bring back the LPTD!

Puffball: The what? *Teleport*

  • Intro plays*

The Challenge is similar to BFDI 7. Go!

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