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This camp is written by Limblesspin and Berryleaf.

Limblesspin is the head writer, Berryleaf is the co-writer.

Contestants, Teams, and Writers

Pillar is Limblesspin (Host of episode 1-2)

Announcer Box is Berryleaf (Host of episode 3-present)

Gelatin's Box is Limblesspin (Host of episode 2, co-host of episode 3-present)

Old Islanders

Leafy is Berryleaf

Bubble is Berryleaf

Match is Limblesspin (ELIMINATED EPISODE 5)

Pencil is Limblesspin (ELIMINATED EPISODE 8)

Book is Limblesspin

Donut is Berryleaf (ELIMINATED EPISODE 3)

Gelatin is Limblesspin

Coiny is Berryleaf

Firey is Berryleaf (ELIMINATED EPISODE 7)

Bomby is Limblesspin (ELIMINATED EPISODE 6)

Pen is Berryleaf (DEBUTS EPISODE 4)

Lightbulb is Berryleaf (DEBUTS EPISODE 6)

New Islanders

Medal is Berryleaf (ELIMINATED EPISODE 2)

Rocket is


Dark Bikini Bottom is Limblesspin

Poitrick is Berryleaf

Spingebill is Berryleaf

Soindy is Limblesspin

Mr. Kraps is Limblesspin

Mrs. Puke is Berryleaf

Squidword is Berryleaf

Planksplon is Berryleaf

Baguette is Berryleaf

Shieldy is Limblesspin

Ichigo is Berryleaf

Soul is Limblesspin

Lemonade is Berryleaf

Steak is Berryleaf

OJ is Limblesspin

Milkshake is Limblesspin

Kool-Aid is Berryleaf

Water is Berryleaf

Sock is Limblesspin

Tune is Berryleaf

S01E01 - I Dare You To Tell The Truth

Host: Hello, viewers! Welcome to an all-new BFDI series known as Battle for Dream Island: Veterans vs. Newbies! I am your host for this season! We have gathered 20 contestants to duke out "Veterans vs. Newbies style" here at Goiky. Here they are. First up we have Coiny.

Coiny: Hello all!

Host: Up next is Book!

Book: *shows page and shows host definition* You are a menace but smart.

Host: up is Bubble!

Bubble: Yoylecake!

Host: We have Match!

Match: Spongy better not be in this season... I hate him!

Pencil: Agreed. I can't STAND Spongy.

Coiny: And Pencil I guess.

Host: Uh...Pencil! And also returning is Leafy!

Host: And Firey!

Firey: Nice to be back. Oh great Coiny is here.

Coiny: *slaps Firey*

Host: Okay, you guys slapping each other is already old...and we also have Bomby!


Host: And we have the angry Donut.

Firey: *smiles awkwardly*

Donut: Wow you guys are here

Pencil: Oh great you...

Donut: Grr...

Host: Enough fighting! And we also have Gelatin!

Gelatin: Ugh, Match called me a horrible life-saver. -_-

Match: Because you are?

Gelatin: I am not! *freezes Match with syringe*

Bubble: Woah!

Host: we also have 10 newbies joining us! First up we have Rocket!

Rocket: *flies in* HeyguyshowareyouItalkreallyfast

Leafy: Uh...what?

Host: Next up is Ribbon!

Ribbon: Wear me and I will kick your butt!

Host: And we have the popular breakfast meal, Pancake!

Donut: I'm the most popular breakfast meal!

Pancake: No your not, wannabe. *smacks Donut*

Host: Next up is Burger! A popular fast food meal!

Burger: Hey peoplez! Wassup?

Host: Next up is electronic device iPad!

iPad: I have over 9000 apps!

Host: No you don't...

Leafy: Oh

Host: Next up we have Medal!

Host: Where is Medal?

Burger: Medal?

Host: Medal?

Host: .......

*awkward silence*

Medal: Sorry I'm late!

Match: OMG Medal, your schedules are totally, like, reckless. And you look terrible.

Pencil: I know right? Medal looks bad!

Medal: Well you, Match, didn't even make it to the merge in Season 1!

Match: Uh, yeah I did.


Host: Enough already! Next up is Ice Cream Sandwich.

Ice Cream Sandwich: I don't feel so hot...

Host: Flag! The United States representive!

Flag: Uh...not all the time.

Host: Next up is Volleyball!

Volleyball: Heads up bros!

Donut: Not a surfer loser.

Match: You look like a good thing to play with at sports. *kicks Volleyball*

Volleyball: What?

Volleyball: *goes flying out of sight*

Host: And last but not least...Thermometer!

Host: Thermometer?

Match: *whispers to Pencil* Volleyball is a total klutz.

Thermometer: OUCH!

Host: What happened?

Thermometer: I'm super hot!

Thermometer: *is on fire*

Match: *laughs at Thermometer*

Pencil: *also laughs*

Thermometer: *sits next to Bomby*

Host: Now that we have everyone, it's time to split into teams! The veterans will be one team, the newbies will be the other!

  • people seem satisfied with their teams*

Veterans, you guys will be called "Original Islanders", newbies will be called "New Islanders".

Pencil: Why am I on a team with Donut?

Leafy: Just deal with it, Pencil...

Donut: Hey stop it!

Match: You, dreadful hole puncher.

Donut: I don't like being with you two

Pencil: Cool! Because I don't wanna be with you too!

Bubble: Let's make a new team!

Host: Well the Veterans have to be a team...otherwise it wouldn't be Veterans vs. Newbies now huh?

Coiny: True

Match and Pencil: No!

  • Match and Pencil glare at Donut and Donut glares at them back*

Ice Cream Sandwich: When is the challenge?

Host: Right now.

iPad: And what is the challenge?

Host: The first challenge is a game I'd like to call, "Truth or Dare". But it's different from the original one.

Medal: And when is Cake at Stake!

  • everyone glares at medal*

Match: Don't mention it, menace. *grunts*

Bubble: What's the difference?

Host: In a game of Truth or Dare, one person has to tell someone to do Truth or Dare. Every round, someone on the team will threaten someone on the opposite team to do a truth or a dare. If they fail the truth or a dare, then they are out. Don't do it, you're still out. The last person standing wins for their team.

Bubble: Can we go first?

Host: Well, because I want to get the newbies started, they go first.

Medal: In yo face!

Book: Oh, it is so on!

Volleyball: Which one of us will decide the stuff?

Burger: Say what?

iPad: Can I volunteer?

Burger: Sure!

iPad: Donut! I have a dare for you!

Donut: Uh oh...

iPad: I dare kiss your worst enemy! *laughs*

Ribbon: iPad what the?

Donut: Uh..I don't have a worst enemy


Pencil: Oh, no! NO WAY!

Match: *whispers to Pencil* Don't.

iPad: DO IT!

Leafy: Seems nobody remembers me. All according to plan.

Firey: What was that person I have never seen before?

Leafy: Uh nothing

Gelatin: Maybe?

Donut: Fine.

Donut: *puckers up*

Pencil: GAH!

Pencil: *runs away*

Host: And Pencil is out!

Host: So is Donut!

Pencil: Did I win?

Leafy: So we keep going until nobody on a team is left?

Host: No. We keep going until only one person on a team is left, or if the team has the only remaining members.

Host: Newbies are in the lead with all of their members.

Firey: OK. Who goes know

Match: Hey Medal! I have a dare for you!

Match: MENACE!

Medal: Oh no.

Match: I dare you to chew gum in a school building!

Medal: Um..okay.

Medal: *chews gum in a school building*

Teacher: WHO ARE YOU?!


Medal: Uh oh...

Teacher: *raises foot and kicks Medal out of the building*

Rocket: Whatisthethingtodoattispointintime?

Burger: Shut up!

Host: Well Medal, you failed, so your out.

Burger: *duct tapes Rocket's mouth shut*

Medal: Darn.

iPad: Hey Coiny! I want you to tell the truth!

Coiny: About what

iPad: Do you think Needle is HOT? A lot of fans ship you with her, especially DaKillahBunnyz!

Coiny: Uh oh. Not my secret.

  • everybody heres coiny*


Coiny: Yes.


Coiny: *slaps firey*

Host: Coiny told the truth, and he's still in!

Book: I have a truth for Pancake!

Pancake: Crap!

Book: Did you shoot someone with a burrito?

Pancake: H-how does she know?!

Pancake: Fine I did!

Match: Bully.

Pancake: You're the bully!

Host: Pancake is still in!

Thermometer: Can I go?

Pancake: Fine...

Thermometer: All of you dance!

Firey: No way am I dancing!

Match and Pencil: *dance*

iPad: *looks at them* Terrible dancers...

Host: Pencil what are you doing here?!

  • Pencil runs off*

Book: I'll dance!!

Gelatin: *dances* LET'S PARTEH!!!

Coiny: No thanks.

Leafy and Bubble: *dance*

Host: Well, whoever did not dance is out. Only Match, Gelatin, Bubble, and Leafy remain. Coiny, Firey, and Bomby are out.

Bomby: NO!

Leafy: Montage time?

Host: Not yet...

Ribbon: I just realized we lost no-

Book: I have a dare for Ribbon!

Ribbon: What?!

Book: I dare jump around a minefield.

Burger: We lost Medal

Ribbon: A minefield?! No no no! I am out!

Host: Okay...New Islanders is down to eight members!

Host: Wow, a four member difference?

iPad: I have a truth for Bubble!

Bubble: What is that?

iPad: Do you like to crawl like a baby?

Bubble: Noyle.

Host: Bubble tells the truth! She's still in it!

Match: I got a dare!

Bubble: Yeah Match!

Match: I dare Thermometer to kill innocent mice!

Thermometer: No!

iPad: *whispers to Thermometer* Don't. Even if you are out, we can still win.

Thermometer: *doesn't*

Thermometer: I will not do that Host Guy!

iPad: Yeah!

iPad: I have a truth for Match!

Match: Not you, menace.

iPad: Do you have a crush on Firey?

Bubble: Which 4?

Host: You guys. Veterans.

Bubble: Me, Gelatin, Leafy, and Match?

Host: Yeah.

Match: *hesitates*

Bubble: Oh



Host: Match...lied!

Match: WHAT?!

Host: So she is out! Only three people on the veterans team is in!

Bubble: Match you like Firey?

Match: No.

Leafy: All of you jump in lava!

Pancake: No!

iPad: *jumps but dies and is recovered on MRC*

Burger: Like, that's way too dangerous for my carbs.

ICS: *pushes rocket in*

ICS: I will not though!

Thermometer: I will!

Thermometer: *looks at lava* Not.

Volleyball: You're out.

Thermometer: OH yeah.

Host: And we have Volleyball here, is he gonna jump?

Volleyball: *jumps*

Volleyball: *screams*

Host: Volleyball and iPad are the only ones in New Islanders left.

Host: Old Islanders have three members remaining.

Gelatin: I have a truth!

Leafy: We're in the lead!

Gelatin: For Burger!

Leafy: Burger's out.

Gelatin: Ugh, I have one for iPad.

iPad: What?

Gelatin: Are you obsessed with your apps?

iPad: Uh...*whispers* Don't wanna be out! *louder* I AM! I ADMIT IT!

Host: iPad is still in this!

iPad: Yes!

iPad: I have a dare for Leafy!

Leafy: Um okay...

iPad: I dare you to chop down a tree!

Tree: Not my kind!

Leafy: It's against my standards.

Host: Tree what are you doing?! You're not a contestant!

Host: Okay, Leafy is out and the teams are tied. Last person out on the team loses.

Book: I have a dare for iPad!

iPad: What?

Book: I dare you to show an app about nude people!

iPad: Uh...*puts app*

Bubble: I thought you were out Book?

Book: I was just looking for something, and I'm back.

Bubble: Oh

Bubble: Then its 3 to 2!

Host: *grossed out* iPad...does the dare...and he's still in!

Host: And Book is back in! Old Islanders are in the lead!

Volleyball: Me!

Book: What?

Volleyball: Bubble and Gelatin dance!

Gelatin: *dances*

Book: What about me?!

Bubble: *dances*

Host: And Gelatin and Bubble are still in!

Volleyball: Um...touch that land mine.

Host: Woah, it's not your turn.

Book: I have a dare!

Bubble: K

Book: I dare you to wear a diaper in front of the entire viewing world!

Bubble: Who

Book: Obviously the opposite team.

Volleyball: No.

Host: And Volleyball is out and Old Islanders win!

Gelatin: Yeah! Save for another day team!

Bubble: Yoylecake!

Pencil: Why can't we lose so Donut can be eliminated?!

Match: Like, no fair! That Donut should be gone!

Host: Anyways, New Islanders lost.

Donut: You will be gone if we lose!

iPad: Thanks a lot Volleyball!

Gelatin: I think Match should be gone if we lose! Or Leafy!

Match: No!

Leafy: You don't know me!

Gelatin: Yes.

Leafy: You all forgot

Bubble: I remember now... you tried to buy Dream Island!

Host: Now viewers, time to vote. Which one of the newbies is gone? Time for you to choose! Voting ends tomorrow at 10/9 AM central time.

  • exclusive clip*

Match: Leafy is a thief! Stay away!

Pencil: *runs away*

Leafy: They remember...

Gelatin: Whatever, doesn't make a difference for once.

Leafy: Now to make them forget...*pulls out soul-sucking device*

Gelatin: And you should do the dare iPad told you to do. Chop a tree down. *runs off*

Book: *runs off*

S01E02 - 8-Bit Madness/8-Bit Insanity

Rocket: Mmph! Mmph! *rocket still has duct tape*
iPad: Don't speak please...
Host: I hate this job! WAAAA!!!!
Donut: Crybaby!
Pillar: GOODBYE!
Book: Well that was awkward...
Leafy: You can say that again.
Gelatin: Well I have a new host... I have a Gelatin Replacement Speaker Box! I think two hosts can make it cool.
Leafy: More speaker boxes?
Gelatin's Speaker Box: Yes, why not?
Gelatin's Speaker Box: And it's time for Cake at Stake! Right now!
Cake at Stake Theme: Dun dun dun!
Medal: Uh..cake! I want cake!
iPad: Uh, isn't that an old season 1 theme?
Gelatin's Speaker Box: Pretty much. Anyways, before we start Cake at Stake, I have a Win Token to hand out.
Medal: For me!
Ribbon: Do I get the Win Token?
Thermometer: I think iPad deserves it.
Match: I guess neither of you menaces, like, get the Win Token! I deserve the Win Token more than you guys! *slaps Ribbon, Medal, and Thermometer*
Ribbon: Ow!
Gelatin's Speaker Box: Anyways, the Win Token goes to Book, because she was the one who made her team win.
Book: *gets Win Token* Yeah!
Gelatin's Speaker Box: Moving on. For our first Cake at Stake, I want a little treat. It's a Gelatin's Steakhouse Combo Meal.
Volleyball: Sounds gnarly!
Gelatin's Box: Consists of steak, fries, and a chocolate shake. If you get a tray of that, you are safe. Anyways, we got 3 votes, which is a disappointment.
Gelatin's Box: Old Islanders won last time, so they get Gelatin's Steakhouse meals!
*Old Islanders get meals*
Gelatin: I made the reservation AND cooked meals for you guys.
Gelatin's Box: Moving on, out of the total 3 votes, there is a three-way tie for 1 vote. The people who got votes happen to be Medal, iPad, and Thermometer. The rest of New Islanders are safe.
Burger: Only 3?
Burger: Yum. *eats food*
Medal: Uh oh.
Thermometer: Do we have a showdown on a small platform?
Gelatin's Box: Nope. This time, in the event of a tie, the person who got their vote first is eliminated. And that person happens to be... the gum-chewer. That means Medal.
*iPad and Thermomter get meals*
Medal: Uh oh!
*Medal gets flinged to the TLC*
*inside the TLC*
Pin: Yeah, we have to escape by the end of the month.
Medal: *goes in TLC and lid closes* Huh?
Pen: Yeah, seems like a good plan.
Medal: How did they get here?
Spongy: I want to escape!
Yellow Face: I have an idea! Let's make an ad so the Speaker can get us out!
Rocky: *barfs*
Teardrop: Uh, barf cleaner anyone?
Nickel: Ugh.
Fries: Is someone trying to eat my family out there?
Puffball: I guess so...
Yellow Face: Come on guys! Let's make an ad so the Speaker can get us out!
Eraser: That's not gonna help...
Pen: I agree with Eraser. But wait, did Teardrop talk?
Teardrop: Uh, yeah, why not?
Everyone: 0______0
Teardrop: I shouldn't have said that... heh heh... *stares at everyone awkwardly* Meh...
*outside the TLC*
Volleyball: That Medal deserved to go!
Ribbon: We have to win the next challenge! Come on Newbies! Legs or hands in!
Ice Cream Sandwich: Hey what's up?
Ribbon: ICS, we need to win the next challenge... you with us?
Firey: *standing next to bomby* What?
Bomby: AHH!!!!!
Gelatin: That elimination was cute, wasn't it?
Match: *slaps Gelatin*
Book: Well maybe it was...
Pencil: Not quite...nothing important happened...
Gelatin: Maybe so...
Match: You only thought it was, like, cute because you, like, own the restaurant of the meals.
Gelatin: Uh...true maybe?
Match: Truth is a truth, and you're horrible analogy in life-saving won't help us.
Gelatin: That's no fair! I have ideas to win a challenge!
Gelatin's Box: People, stop talking. I have a green laser here.
Firey: Um.. Careful where you point that laser.
*laser teleports them and they go into an 8-Bit World*
Everyone: Wow!
iPad: Is this where you actually pound Match on the hair and make it 8-Bit?
Match: *slaps iPad*
Gelatin's Box: No. For this challenge, you need to complete a set of 8-Bit challenges.
Gelatin's Box: Everyone on their team must enter team robots.
Coiny: Pfff. Easy. I still have the NES from way back.
Gelatin's Box: Well, you still gotta compete anyways. Old Islanders get a Mario Robot, New Islanders get the Link Robot. And we are duking it out... 8-Bit Style!
*Super Mario Bros. theme plays*
Book: The music sounds 8-Bit...
Coiny: What do we do with these robots?
Gelatin's Box: Well, you have to race through a set of levels as a team. First team to complete the levels is safe from elimination. Got it?
Everyone: Yeah!
Gelatin's Box: Okay, now each team must select someone to be robot controller.
Paintbrush: Well I had a question about-
Gelatin's Box: Uh, you're not a contestant... *flings Paintbrush to the TLC*
Coiny: Take that you unknown gender freak!
Match: Paintbrush totally, like, deserved it.
Pencil: I know right?
iPad: Can I be robot controller?
Pancake: Maybe?
Thermometer: RRGH!
Rocket: Mmmph! Mmphh!
Ribbon: Stay calm, Rocket, you're gonna destroy the robot!
Burger: What's the matter Thermometer?
Thermometer: GRRRRR...
Burger: O_O
Gelatin: Can I control?
Coiny: Knock yourself out.
Match: Why should I let you do it?
Pencil: Let me do it!
Book: I'll do it! Dictionaries are smart!
Leafy: OK.
Book: Yeah!
Gelatin's Box: Okay, does everyone have an assigned team robot controller?
Firey: Yeah we do!
Pencil: Outta my way Donut! I need to help Book!
Firey: Calm down Bomby! I'm not gonna light your fuse!
Donut: Don't tell me what to do!
iPad: Okay can I have the robot control head?
Thermometer: SHUT UP!
Ribbon: Fine, but don't screw up.
Everybody: O_O
Gelatin's Box: Okay, everyone ready?
Thermometer: NO!
Gelatin's Box: Too late, we're starting now. Go!
Book: Come on Old Islanders! 8-Bit style means video games! And Dictionaries love them!
Leafy: Looks like Thermometer went crazy.
Gelatin: Yeah, well don't mind him! Mind ourselves!
Book: Ok, ok! *controls robot*
iPad: *controls robot as well and they enter a door*
*sees 8-Bit lava with bridge suspended*
iPad: *looks* Is that King Koopa?
King Koopa: *spits out fireballs*
Ice Cream Sandwich: Uh oh...
*Mario Robot also arrives*
Coiny: Man we've been through this.
Book: Look out! It's a trap! *robots dodge and they press a button and King Koopa falls into lava and they enter next door*
Coiny: The koopalings and I have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom. The princess is now a permanent guest at one of our seven Koopa hotels.
Match: *slaps Coiny* Focus, lazyhead!
Firey: Nobody cares about how much you know about NES Coiny!
*enter Legend of Zelda world*
iPad: I recognize this...I've played Legend of Zelda a few times on myself...
Ribbon: Well if you played it then go defeat those enemies!
Thermometer: RAHH!!! *eats dirt*
iPad: Okay! *uses Link Bot sword and slays lots of enemies and robot goes through next door*
*Mario Bot arrives*
Volleyball: I think something is wrong with Thermometer.
Book: DIE! *Mario Bot powers up into Fire Mario and shoots fireballs at enemies and go through next door*
iPad: Kid Icarus...level 1?
*controls robot and it jumps through platforms*
iPad: And by the way, can someone calm Thermometer down?
Burger: I can do that!
*Mario Bot goes through and they jump on platforms too but falls off*
Burger: Calming an angry Thermometer....step 1...
Book: Coiny, what the heck?! Stop it!
Thermometer: *bites onto thermometer*
Coiny: That's not me...that's LEAFY!
Everybody: :O
*Link Bot moves on to next door and they are on Super Mario Bros. world 1-1*
Coiny: Leafy are you trying to sabotage us?
iPad: Look out! It's an 8-Bit Goomba and a Koopa Troopa! Luckily we can power up. *gets an invincible star and it defeats enemies*
*invincible star theme plays*
*Mario Bot arrives*
Book: Come on team! We can't lose now! *passes through Goombas and Koopa Troopas*
Leafy: *steers bot into walls*
*Link Bot completes world 1-1 and they go through next door*
*bot is about to crash into walls*
*Link Bot reaches Sonic the Hedgehog level 1*
iPad: *hums to Sonic theme and collects rings*
*Mario Bot goes away and they go into Sonic the Hedgehog level 1*
Coiny: *jumps out the window of the mecha bot*
Gelatin: Coiny come back!
Shadow: *grabs coiny and runs off*
Firey: Dangit Coiny!
Book: Oh no! We have to save Coiny! Come on bot! Turn on!
Match: No way! Let him, like, dig his own grave! Coiny deserved it anyways!
Pencil: Yeah! This is a waste of time!
Leafy: *on the phone* Thanks Shadow.
*Link Bot completes Sonic the Hedgehog level and reaches final level of Donkey Kong*
Pauline: HELP ME!
*nobody hears leafy on the phone*
iPad: *controls bot and saves Pauline but throws her out to continue levels*
*go through door and are in Super Mario Bros. 3 Airship Level*
Match: Come on, slowpokes! We need to win before the others!
Volleyball: Oh where's Lemmy Koopa!
Lemmy Koopa: Wa...ha! *blasts robot and it vanishes*
Volleyball: There's...Lemmy...Koopa...
*robot comes out and it is on first Kirby game level 1*
iPad: Wow guys!
iPad: *eyes shine bright* It's perfect!
Ribbon: Please, iPad. There's not enough time.
Thermometer: *sweats*
Ribbon: Are you ok Thermometer?
Thermometer: Sorry how I acted earlier.
Thermometer: I couldn't control myself. Almost like I was posessed.

  • Mario Bot is still stuck on Sonic land trying to find Coiny*

Leafy: Guys I called Shadow.
Match: Come on Book! Hurry up! Don't get Coiny!
Book: We need all of our team members you know...
Pencil: *tackles Donut*
Leafy: I said I would ruin his life if we don't get Coiny back, so he should be around here somewheres.
Donut: Oof!
Pencil: Take that dreadful hole puncher!
Leafy: *sees shadow and coiny* There they are!
Leafy: OK Shadow, now let him go like I told you.
Gelatin: *freezes Shadow with syringe*
Gelatin: I froze Shadow 8-Bit style. Ha.
Leafy: Sweet.
Book: Come on Coiny! Get back up!
Pencil: Coiny! Get back!
Coiny: On it. *jumps back in*
Match: Why should you be back?
Match: You deserved to, like, get captured by Shadow.
Coiny: Hey that's not nice.
Firey: I agree with wait uh...

  • Link Bot moves on to Super Mario Bros. world 2-2 underground*

iPad: Guys! We're underground!
Pancake: Guys I see a power block! We can use it to power up!
Burger: Cool!
Ice Cream Sandwich: How many levels are there?
Gelatin's Box: *from all the way* You guys are only 2 levels away.
Ice Cream Sandwich: Easy.

  • Link Robot powers up*
  • Mario Bot finally arrives at the airship*

Lemmy Koopa: MORE TRESSPASSERS! *blasts Mario Bot and vanishes it into the Kirby Level*
Leafy: Let's make an alliance!
Book: Who?
Leafy: What?
Coiny: Where?
Gelatin: Guys, come on. Let's get rid of these guys.
Book: Okey doke!

  • back at Super Mario Bros. world 1-2*

iPad: Ugh, defeat them! RAGGHH!! *defeats a Koopa Troopa and goes in a pipe*
iPad: Are these coins?
Rocket: MMph!
ICS: Stop saying that!
Burger: I duct taped his mouth shut
Ribbon: Guys, I see the next door. It's in the pipe.
ICS: This better be the last level.

  • Link Bot goes in pipe and through door and reaches a short gumball room level*

iPad: So we have to eat all these 8-Bit gumballs to go through the final door...

  • Mario Bot enters underground level*

iPad: And the next door contains the final level.

  • Mario Bot powers up*

Book: Ha! Come on Mario!

  • defeats enemies*
  • Link Bot eats all gumballs and goes through final door in King Koopa's Castle*

Volleyball: Sweet!
iPad: We have to get to King Koopa first. *robot powers up and defeats Goombas and Koopa Troopas*

  • Mario Bot is at the pipe*

Gelatin: The robot is giving us a door alert...
Bubble: Oh noyle!
Book: Guys I think it senses the final door...and it's in that pipe!
Bubble: That's good then!

  • goes inside pipe and in the door*
  • Mario Bot goes in gumball room*

Gelatin: We have to eat the gumballs... *Mario Bot feeds on gumballs and goes in final door*
Coiny: We're still in this!

  • Link Bot is way ahead and it jumps over lava*

Burger: *looks out back window and sees mario bot way off* Uh oh...
iPad: Oh no! The other team is here! They might catch up!

  • robot speeds up and Link Bot reaches King Koopa*

iPad: This is it guys...

  • back at the Mario bot*

Gelatin: Uh, guys, the other team is already at the final boss...
Match: Thanks a lot, slowpokes! Not you Pence-Pence.
Pencil: Come on Book! Turn up!
Bubble: What about me?
Match: Not you too Bubble.
Burger: This should be easy.

  • King Koopa breaths fireballs and Link Bot powers up*

Thermometer: *starts getting insane again*
Ribbon: Come on Newbies! We have to attack!
iPad: I'm on it... *shoots fireballs and ice cubes at King Koopa*

  • back at Mario Bot*

Book: Almost...there...
Firey: What is that Thermometer doing?
Thermometer: THE END IS MEANINGLESS! *smashes self-destruct button*
Burger: What the heck?

  • King Koopa falls and Link Bot goes through final door*
  • Link Bot goes back to the start*

iPad: I think we won guys!
Flag: Thank goodness.
Flag: That was actually the first time I won a challenge.

  • link bot blows up*
  • Newbies fall in front of Gelatin's Box*

Gelatin's Box: They...won?
ICS: Yeah we did!
iPad: *faintly* Horray...

  • Mario Bot goes through and it blows up*
  • Veterans also fall in front*

Donut: We lost?
Donut: Its all Pencil's fault! And her friends Bubble and Match too!
Match: Shut up! *slaps Donut*
Gelatin's Box: Old Islanders lost, sadly. They are up for elimination. *teleports contestants back to Goiky*

  • back at Goiky*

Gelatin: Ugh...everything is back to normal. At least for now.
Donut: Be quiet all of you!
Donut: *rages*
Ribbon: Good job Newbies! As a celebration for winning, legs or hands in!
Leafy: Psst...Gelatin. Got any more of that syringe?
Gelatin: Uh... *freezes Donut*
All Old Islanders: Thank goodness.
Pencil: Donut better be eliminated.
Book: At least I might be safe...
All newbies: *put their legs and hands in*
Ribbon: 1...2...teamwork!
Coiny: Book you star in your own game so you should be fairly liked.
Book: Yeah...
Gelatin's Box: So viewers, which one of the veterans is gone? Time for you to vote.
Bubble: A rejoining contestant?
Gelatin's Box: Shush! Anyways, voting ends tomorrow at 5/4 PM Central Time.

  • exclusive clip*

Ribbon: We can stop putting our legs and hands together...
Flag: Just a bit more please?

  • in the TLC*

Paintbrush: Who are you guys?
Pen: I'd ask you the same thing.
Rocky: *barfs on Paintbrush*
Announcer Box: Did you miss me?
Everybody: :O
Gelatin's Box: You
Announcer Box: I think you can co-host.

  • BFDI Theme plays*

Gelatin's Box: Okay! You're now an official host!
Gelatin's Box: I am now co-host.
Announcer Box: And this is Battle for Dream Island.
Gelatin's Box: ...Veterans vs. Newbies.
Everyone else: YAY!

S01E03 - TLC Olympians

  • in the TLC*

Golf Ball: Ugh...the TLC these days are so boring...we must escape today!
Pen: Yeah...
Nickel: Let's go!
Teardrop: Can we use Naily to break through?
Icy: Let's do that!
Golf Ball: Naily is not here...
Blocky: They must be having a recommended character contest soon...
Tennis Ball: I think I have a plan.
Spongy: What might that be?
Woody: *runs into a wall*
Tennis Ball: Everyone gather around.
Medal: OK.
Tennis Ball: Well, haven't you found it the slightest bit that invisibleness means not seeable?
Ruby: Yeah.
Tennis Ball: Well, maybe we can gain invisible powers. We can open the lid together and get out.
Golf Ball: Good plan, but how to work?
Teardrop: Let me look for a few nails...
Snowball: Hey!
Snowball: Move faster Teardrop!
Teardrop: *gets a nail*
Pin: You can use me to break a hole into the TLC.
Icy: OK.
Tennis Ball: Nope. If we break through the walls, we might be discovered. But I think I have something that has invisibleness power gaining.
Ruby: What is that?
Rocky: Yeah, my good ol' friend.
Tennis Ball: Listen carefully...I have a book.
Needle: *whistles*
Yellow Face: Can't we just make an ad to escape? What do you say, Needy?
Needle: *slaps him* Don't call me Needy!
Needle: But maybe.

  • outside the TLC*

Match: Ugh, people these days..
Pencil: They are so annoying sometimes...
Match: Well, I just hope Donut goes home.
Donut: Ha! I highly doubt that!
iPad: Hey guys! Wanna see an app?
Match: No thanks.
Gelatin: Nah.
Book: I don't...
Leafy: Sure!
iPad: *puts on app of the 2012 London Olympics*
Match: Don't show it, wacky tack! *slaps iPad*
iPad: Hey!
Gelatin: I really need to be an Olympian...
Book: Dictionaries know the definition of olympics.
Match: What would that, like, be?
Leafy: Yeah.
Book: The olympics is a national sport where many sport competitors compete in various sports to win a trophy. Sports include swimming, hurdle jumping, etc.
Match: No way.
Leafy: Cool.
iPad: I am done showing the app.
Gelatin: I have a thought...this should be a challenge...
Leafy: Yeah!
Match: And what? Do more horrible life-saving analogy?
Book: That's what I thought...
Announcer Box: Hey.
Gelatin: Already? Really?
Announcer Box: Did you miss me?
Everybody: :O
Match: Not quite.
Announcer Box: Cake at Stake.
Cake at Stake Theme: Someone is back, a quite special guest, he's hosting with the speaker box of a contestant...but who will go home? We will find Cake at Stake!
Book: What happened to the theme?
Announcer Box: It changed.
Gelatin's Box: We changed it.
Announcer Box: For the cake, I got a blueberry pie.
AB (Announcer Box): You need a slice of blueberry pie to be safe.
Gelatin's Box: We got 7 votes in total.
iPad: I'm safe, am I?
Gelatin's Box: Yes you are, because your entire team is safe.

  • All of New Islanders get blueberry pie*

AB: So, with 0 votes, Firey.
Gelatin's Box: Pencil also got 0 votes.
AB: So did Bomby.
Gelatin's Box: Book, you did not use your Win Token. It was a good call, because you did not get a vote.

  • they get pie*

AB: Bubble got 0 votes, so did Coiny.

  • they get pie*

Bubble: Yoylecake!

  • light flashes on top of Match, Gelatin, Donut, and Leafy*

Match: What?! I got a vote!
Gelatin: Huh? I'm in the bottom 4?
AB: You all got at least 1 vote.
Gelatin's Box: Leafy got 1 vote, and is safe.
AB: That means currently all the girls are safe, except for Match.
Gelatin's Box: Gelatin is also safe.
AB: Only Match and Donut.
Match: Donut is eliminated, right? Hope so.
AB: One of you got one vote, the other got 4.
Gelatin's Box: By a 4-1 vote, Match is the last person safe.
Donut: Hey you!
Pencil: Hey to your hole.
Donut: Oh no!

  • Donut is flinged to the TLC*
  • the TLC people are still talking*

Golf Ball: What about him! *points at Donut*
Donut: Yeah!
Teardrop: I don't know, he's too alternative and mean to help us...

  • outside*

Leafy: Safe!
Ribbon: Okay Newbies, we need to make a plan.
iPad: What plan?
Gelatin's Box: Enough talking, it is time to get to the next challenge.
Thermometer: OH.
Gelatin's Box: It's an olympic challenge.
Book: Did I tell you guys the definition earlier?
Leafy: You did.
Gelatin's Box: So in this challenge, one member from each team will compete against one another in a sport. Whichever team has the most points by the end of the olympics wins the challenge.
Gelatin's Box: The first sport is gymnastics.
Leafy: SWEET!
Gelatin's Box: Gelatin will go against iPad.
iPad: Sweet.
Gelatin: Bring it on iPad. You may be cool, but you're going down.
Leafy: Aw.

  • Gelatin and iPad get on gymnastics platforms*

Gelatin's Box: Whoever jumps the highest gets a point for their team, or whoever stays on the gymnastics platform wins.

  • iPad and Gelatin jump*

Match: Hee hee... *throws a rock at iPad*
iPad: *gets hit* OW!
Bubble: Good job Match!
Burger: Cheaters! They're cheating! CHEATING!
Match: You're like, a total cheater Burger.
iPad: I WILL KILL YOU MATCH! *gets out of platform and grabs a stick*
iPad: *ignites Match's hair*
Match: Hey!
Gelatin's Box: Well, Old Islanders would have won, but thanks to Match, New Islanders get a point.
iPad: Yay...
Gelatin: Thanks a lot Match!
Old Islanders except Pencil, Bubble, and Firey: *glare at Match*
Coiny: Good going.
Match: It is not my fault, iPad and Gelatin are horrible gymnasums.
Gelatin's Box: Next sport is hurdle jumping. This time it is Book vs. Ribbon.
Ribbon: Ugh. Wish me luck guys!
Needle: *runs hurdles*
AB: Needle. Get back to the TLC.
Gelatin's Box: *flings Needle to the TLC*
Others from the TLC: *run in*
Ruby: Your plan worked TB!
Tennis Ball: Thanks.
Gelatin's Box: Heh heh...they do not know I can see them even if they are invisible...
Yellow Face: We need something an ad!
Ribbon and Book: *jump hurdles*
Book: Bring it on Ribbon! You're armless!
Nickel: Let's hide.
Pin: 'Kay.
Pen: Yeah!

  • they scatter off*
  • Book and Ribbon are near the finish line*

Ribbon: Only two more hurdles left...
AB: Gelatin Box, we might need to change the challenge.
Gelatin's Box: Huh? What is going on?
AB: We need them caught.
Gelatin's Box: Who?
AB: The ones in the TLC.
Ribbon: *reaches finish line*
Book: No!
AB: The escapees.
Gelatin's Box: They did WHAT?!
Gelatin: What is going on?!
AB: Change on plans.
AB: The people in the TLC escaped.
AB: They need to be caught.
Everyone: *gasps*
Match: You mean that disgusting Donut escaped?!
AB: The team that captures the most people win.
Flag: Ribbon you're kinda getting bossy...
Burger: *runs after them*
Ribbon: I just wanna win okay?!
Book: What's our plan Veterans?
Ruby: *to Golf Ball* Our invisibility is wearing off!
Golf Ball: OH NO NO!
Tennis Ball: Uh oh...

  • invisibilities wear off*

Gelatin: Anyone gonna get them?
Match: *slaps Tennis Ball* OUTTA MY WAY!
Bubble: That was a contestant Match!
Needle: Huh?
Needle: *pops Bubble*
Gelatin: *grabs Pin*
Needle: NO PIN!
Needle: *lunges at gelatin*
Needle: Pin's not getting captured yet!
Needle: *pulls*
iPad: *kicks Needle and puts Pin in a net*

  • net is broken*

Fries: Pin!
Fries: You're safe!
iPad: *grabs Fries*
AB: This isn't going well.
Gelatin's Box: Is it just me, or are the eliminated contestants too weird?
Pencil: PAYBACK TIME DONUT! *grabs Donut and puts him in net*
AB: Hurry up contestants.
iPad: *grabs a lot of the eliminated contestants and puts them in net*

  • nets break*

AB: Now.
AB: We are temporarily breaking up the teams.
Everyone: *gasps*
AB: There are 18 of you.
Pencil: That's too much...
AB: The last one to return an eliminated contestant is eliminated.
Firey: Stop changing the rules!
AB: No.
AB: It's the only way to get them captured.
Gelatin's Box: This is an instant elimination challenge.
AB: Yes.
Gelatin: Who can I catch? Hmmm...
AB: Should the remaining 3 escapees have a chance to join the game by viewer voting?
Gelatin's Box: Sure.
AB: The 3 escapees uncaptured get a chance to join the game.
AB: Only 1 will join. The rest, back to the TLC.

  • Pencil captures Donut*

Bubble: You got him!
Pencil: *activates platform and Donut is flinged to the TLC*
AB: 16 spots left.
AB: One of you 17 will be eliminated.
iPad: *grabs Pin and Fries and throws them into the TLC*
Gelatin: *freezes Golf Ball and Flower and throws them into the TLC*
AB: One contestant can take credit for one of those 2.
AB: Gelatin and iPad choose who to save.
Gelatin: I choose Ribbon.
iPad: I choose Burger. He's my friend.
Burger: Sweet!
Ribbon: Yeah!
AB: 13 spots left.
Bubble: *captures Woody and throws him in the TLC*
AB: 12 spots left.
Gelatin's Box: Bubble is safe.
Medal: *sees Match nearby and hides behind tree*
Book: *captures Medal*
Medal: Dang.
Book: *throws Medal in the TLC*
AB: 11 spots.
Match: Did I just see that stupid Medal?
Firey: It's Teardrop! I can't touch her!
Match: *grabs Ice Cube and throws her in the TLC*
Book: Icy! No!
Icy: Wha?
Match: Ha!
AB: 10 spots.
Pen: Eraser, any plans?
Eraser: Um...put on ninja suits. *puts on a suit*
Pen: *puts on suit*
Eraser: *has a deep voice* Action...on.
Volleyball: *grabs yellow face and flings him to TLC*
Yellow Face: I WANT AN AD!
AB: Only 9 spots left.
Ribbon: *kicks Teardrop into the TLC*
Teardrop: Oh great! DON'T BE A NAILY EVERYONE!
AB: Ribbon you were already safe.
Ribbon: Oops...
AB: Choose someone to save.
Ribbon: I choose to save Coiny.
Coiny: *smiles*
Spongy: Woah...
Firey: *flings Puffball to TLC*
Puffball: *floats and goes to the ocean* HA! NICE TRY FIREY!
AB: 8 spots. You missed Firey.
Pancake: *flings Ruby to the TLC*
AB: 7 spots.
Leafy: *throws in Rocky*
Rocky: *barfs*
Blocky: Hey Eraser and Pen. Nice suits.
AB: 6 spots.
Eraser: Thanks.
Bomby: OH NO! *throws Blocky in*
AB: 5.
Gelatin's Box: Who's left?
Rocket: *mmph*
Flag: *kicks GB and TB into the TLC*

  • after more stuff*

Flag: I choose Rocket to be safe.
AB: Only Thermometer, ICS, and Firey.
Gelatin's Box: Hold it, hold it. This challenge also has a twist in store.
Everyone: *gasps*
Leafy: What's that?
Gelatin's Box: You see, Thermometer, ICS, and Firey have to compete in a tie-breaker sport to determine their fate.
Gelatin's Box: And they will have to swim.
AB: The 6 contestants that escaped will be in voting, but that is later.
Firey: Not swimming!
Gelatin's Box: I have to make you metal then. *makes Firey eat yoyle pie and he turns metal*
Firey: Ummph.
Gelatin's Box: Whoever is the last to complete the swimming course will be instantly eliminated.
AB: *shoots thermometer with starter's pistol* GO!
Thermometer: Ow.
Thermometer: YOU ALL ARE DONE FOR!
Thermometer: *trashes everything like Squidward in artist unknown*
Ice Cream Sandwich: I just hope I don't melt... ERRR! *catches up to Firey and Thermometer into the deep end*
Firey: Slow..too slow.
Ice Cream Sandwich: *reaches deep end*
Gelatin's Box: You have to swim back.
Thermometer: *shoots bazookas everywhere*
Ice Cream Sandwich: Ugh... *swims fast and avoids bazookas*
Thermometer: *sets gym on fire*
Thermometer: RAH!
Ice Cream Sandwich: *goes underwater and looks up* I'm almost there! *swims*
Firey: I'm in my element!
Ice Cream Sandwich: *makes it*
Gelatin's Box: Congrats ICS, you are safe.
ICS: Yeah!
AB: Good job ICS. *gets shot by bazooka*
Gelatin's Box: Wow, glad he is gone.
Thermometer: *throws grenade at GB which explodes on impact*
ICS: Come on Thermometer!
Ribbon: We can't lose another member!
Gelatin: So can't we...
Firey: Almost there...
Thermometer: *grabs rocket and lights him* RAHHHH!
iPad: Ugh...

  • gym explodes*
  • everyone flies out*

Leafy: WAGGH.
Leafy: *uses parachute*

  • they land on ground*

Coiny: Who won?
Burger: IDK, let's recover the hosts and dead people first.
Book: *uses HPRC*

  • they are recovered*

Gelatin's Box: Well, Firey and Thermometer tied.
AB: Let's check the slow-motion replay video.

  • video plays*

Firey: *is an inch ahead of thermometer*
Gelatin's Box: And the person eliminated is....
Match: Better be Thermometer.
AB: That's right.
Ribbon: What?
AB: Thermometer is eliminated.
AB: So Firey wins, but where is Thermometer? Whatever.
Thermometer: *lands in TLC*
AB: The 6 contestants to vote for are...
Gelatin's Box: Pen.
Pen: If you vote for me, I'll give you 100 dollars.
AB: Eraser.
Eraser: *tries to press debut button* Hey, this debut button isn't working...
Gelatin's Box: Spongy.
Spongy: Hello! Vote for me! I can contribute to the series!
Gelatin's Box: Puffball.
Puffball: Vote for me. I am unable to be captured everywhere. But if I don't... *barfs rainbows*
Gelatin's Box: ...and Snowball.
Snowball: You should vote for me because I said to!
AB: Wait a second.
Gelatin's Box: Huh? What?
AB: We have another contestant uncaptured.
Gelatin's Box: Who?
AB: Needle.
Gelatin's Box: And Needle.
Needle: Vote for me, and I'll give you a slap-free card. You can call me Needy once without being slapped.
Gelatin's Box: Also, for the contestants, because someone was already eliminated instantly, nobody is getting eliminated next episode!
Everyone: YAY!
AB: So vote for Pen, Eraser, Spongy, Puffball, Snowball, or Needle.
Gelatin's Box: Voting ends Thursday, February 29 at 6/5 PM Central Time.

  • exclusive clip*
  • TLC burns*

Somebody: Pyromaniac!
Pin: Huh?! Who said that?!

  • everyone in the TLC burns*
  • episode ends*

Sorry, but I cannot accept anymore votes. I thought I could make episode 4 more packed with action if the TLC people up for debuting would compete for a spot in the game next episode, which will come out Saturday, March 2nd.

S01E04 - Warriors of Goiky

iPad: Hey Burger, how would it feel if we both won Dream Island?
Burger: That would be AWESOME!
iPad: Yeah, I just hope us buds win Dream Island together.
Burger: Yeah because we are best friends!
Book: Dream Island...oh no! Not a disease!
Volleyball: Hey guys can I join your alliance?
iPad: Sure!
Leafy: It's not a disease.
Book: Uh...
Volleyball: Yay!
Match: I always thought Leafy was, like, a disease. *throws Leafy in the Incinerator*
Burger: I'm sorry I just have to do this.. *pokes volleyball with needle, who deflates*

  • theme plays*

Match: OMG, Volleyball is a klutz.
iPad: Hey! Lay off our alliance member!
Burger: Sorry bro.
Bubble: *to Match* Let's make an alloiance!
Match: Sure! But we are already in an alliance with Pence-Pence...
Bubble: Oh yeah.
Pencil: Yeah! Our alliance is destroyed if we make a new one...
Match: And they better no Veterans girls must team up against the guy Newbies alliance.
AB (Announcer Box): All of you be quiet and come to the debuter ceremony.
Everyone: Aww...
Gelatin's Box: I need you guys to pick a side.

  • all are teleported to bleachers*

AB: Pick who you want to win.
Gelatin: I pick Pen, he's a cool guy.
AB: Each set of bleachers has a character picture on it.
Leafy: Yeah, Pen!
iPad: Okay alliance, who are we gonna root for?
Burger: Hmmm....
Match: Hey, bozo-boys! Wanna go get a piece of us girls!
iPad: And have you thought of something else for your stick?
Burger: Owned!
Ribbon: I'll root for Puffball.
Match: Hey!
Match: I am totally, like, rooting for Needle.
Pencil: If she is rooting for Needle, I am too.
Burger: That's right twinnies.
iPad: Pen seems like a cool guy. Wanna root for him?
Burger: Sure. Not for Needle though, the loser twins are rooting for her.
Bubble: Uh-oh.
Match: You guys are like, losers.
Flag: I'll root for Puffball.
Burger: No we are not!
Pencil: You are no match for us girls!
AB: We got a total of not enough votes.
AB: So we must settle this with a contest.

  • theme starts*

AB: We already played that.
Puffball: Because Gelatin's Box made a plan to set it up.
Snowball: Yeah, get to the point!
AB: So Spongy, Puffball, Eraser, Snowball, Pen, and Needy are now going to compete for a spot.
Needle: *slaps AB* Don't call me Needy!
Coiny: What was that Needy?
Needle: *slaps Coiny* Don't call me Needy!
Match: We would not, like, want Spongy to win. Go Needle!
AB: Are you ready to hear the contest?
Gelatin's Box: The contest is a hunting contest.
Gelatin's Box: You guys are temporary animal hunters.
Snowball: This will be easy!
Gelatin's Box: Whoever hunts and brings back the most animals will join the game.
Pencil: You know what? I'm going to Pen's side.
Match: Huh?
AB: Oh, and there are booby traps. If you get caught in a booby trap, you are out of the contest.
Eraser: Uh oh...
Puffball: I can't do this without any limbs!
Gelatin's Box: Are you ready...get set...go!
Pen: What was that Puffball?
Eraser: Pen should we go together?
Pen: Yeah.
AB: Booby traps activated.
Spongy: Woah...woah...woah... *gets hit*
Gelatin's Box: Spongy is out.
Puffball: *gets hit and barfs rainbows*
AB: Aren't booby traps fun?
AB: Puffball is out as well.
Gelatin's Box: Ha ha, looks like they are having fun. *laughs*
Needle: Oooh a duck!
Duck: *eats Needle*
AB: So is Needle.
Eraser: Where is Snowball?
Coiny: Wow, they're dropping like flies.
Snowball: I'm right here.
Eraser: Wanna come with us? We're all buddies, even though Blocky is not with us...
Snowball: OK.
Eraser: *sees a deer and grabs it and puts it in hunting cart*
Pen: Cool!
Eraser: *sees a rabbit* Oh, come to Papa little rabbit! *grabs rabbit and puts him in hunting cart*
Eraser: *gets shot by a bullet*
Gelatin's Box: Eraser is also out.
Pen: Oh geez.
Match: OMG, I don't want either Pen or Snowball to win.
Pen and Snowball: *run*
Pen: I can see the edge of the forest, it's only 20 or so yards away...

  • a wolf howl is heard in the forest*

Snowball: Uh-oh.
Pen: *runs faster*

  • wolf comes out and it shoots Snowball with a laser*

Wolf: *howls*
Pen: *sprints really fast*
Pen: Almost there...
Pen: *steps on ant* AHHHHH!!!
Pen: Oh it's just an ant.
Pen: *gets out of forest*
Gelatin's Box: Ants were your idea?
AB: Pen let's see your game.
Pen: *pulls ant off his foot* Does this count?
AB: Yes. Yes it does.
Gelatin's Box: And Pen joins the game!
AB: You get 3 rewards for winning.
AB: One is being in the game.
Pen: What are the other tw-
Gelatin's Box: Next, you get a Revenge Token.
AB: Shush.
AB: And finally...
AB: You get to pick which team you're on.
Pencil: Choose our team!
Gelatin: Let him decide.
Pen: Hmm...I'll be with the Old Islanders, because I am one of them after all.
AB: So Pen is on the Old Islanders.
Gelatin's Box: Ok, you are now in the Old Islanders.
Match: Oh great, like, no way!
iPad: Alliance, we need to make a plan.
AB: Yes way. It happened.
Match: *grunts under her breath*
Gelatin's Box: Speaking of yes way, it's time for the next challenge!
Leafy: Sweet lollipops! Let's get started!
iPad: Alliance, any plans? We gotta take down Match, Pencil, and Bubble. Every single one of them.
iPad: Alliance, you guys with me?
Burger: We need something distracting.
iPad: What?
Burger: Hmm....I know!
Burger: I'll use my magic computer!
iPad: What?
iPad: K.
Burger: *uses magic computer*
Burger: *pulls nyan cat out of magic computer*
Ribbon: Guys, we need to-
Burger: I made a few adjustments. Girls love Nyan Cat.
iPad: Cool!
Burger: Also it's part zombie.
Volleyball: WHAT?!
Burger: Yeah we should probably run now.
iPad: Okay, it is on. Nobody trusts Match or Pencil. They need to go.
AB: So then I guess the challenge is to not turn into a Nyan Cat.
Gelatin's Box: No, that's not the challenge.
Gelatin's Box: The challenge is a battle duel.
Book: Anyone know the definition of battle?
AB: *puts nyan cat in later challenges box*
Leafy: You do?
Book: *opens herself every page* I don't have the word "battle". Sorry.
Pen: I know what it is!
Pen: It's a fight!
Book: Really? I am going to insert it to my great dictionary as soon as I have time!
Pencil: Just scan it now please.
Rocket: MMMPHH!!!!!!!
iPad: Should we remove the tape?
Burger: He's had that duct tape for weeks now.
Burger: Sure...
Ribbon: *removes Rocket's duct tape* There.
Ribbon: Wait, how did I do it with my legs?
Rocket: Omigodthankyousomuchdidyouseethatmoviebythewayitsawesome
Flag: What movie?
Burger: Now I remember why I put that duct tape on in the first place?
Flag: Because his fast-speech. That's my guess.
Leafy: Yup.
Leafy: I can't understand him!
Match: Because Rocket is so, like, annoying. *throws Rocket in the Incinerator*
Bubble: Where'd you get that?
Match: And because Coiny is a lazybum... *throws Coiny in the Incinerator*
iPad: What the?
iPad: Okay, she has got to go.
Bubble: iPad in the incinerator!
Match: *throws iPad in the Incinerator*
iPad: *screams*
Gelatin's Box: We might need to recover them. *uses HPRC*
Pencil: Hey! That was a waste of deaths!
Burger and Volleyball: *twitching with open mouths*
iPad: We're safe, I guess.
Gelatin's Box: Each team must battle as a team, in suits.
AB: The first battle is between...
Gelatin's Box: Burger and Match.
AB: That's right.
Burger: I am going to light you up!
Match: I am gonna, like, kick your butt.
AB: Fight!
Burger: *charges forward*
Match: *attempts a power* GO DOWN YOU HIDEOUS FAST FOOD MEAL!
Burger: *blows up*
Bubble: Match, you're like a soul roiper!
Match: Did I win?
Gelatin's Box: Yes, since Burger blew up, you win.
Match: Yes!
Bubble: Match has special powers!
iPad: Okay, I just hope the Old Islanders lose.
Ichigo: That's right.
Gelatin's Box: Who are you?
Ichigo: I am Ichigo Kurosaki, soul reaper.
Ichigo: *is flinged to the TLC*

  • back at the forest*

Eraser: *wakes up* Huh?
Snowball: We're not in the TLC!
Puffball: Well, we need to get a tent and find out shelter.
Needle: Yeah!
Snowball: Where's Spongy?
Eraser: I have no idea.
AB: Spongy is in the TLC.
Snowball and Needle: AH HE FOUND US!
Gelatin's Box: And you guys are going back too.
AB: Yes.

  • Puffball, Snowball, Eraser, and Needle are flinged to the TLC*
  • back at the grounds*

AB: We have flung a lot of people to the TLC.
iPad: I gotta recover Burger! *recovers Burger with HPRC*
Burger: Thanks iPad.
iPad: No problem, bud.
Gelatin's Box: Next match-up is Book vs. Rocket.
Book: Easy. Rocket can't do it without limbs.
Rocket: *fires up*
Rocket: *shoots himself at Book*
Book: *dies*
Gelatin's Box: Rocket wins.
AB: Yes he does. Yes he does.
AB: Ice Cream Sandwich vs. Gelatin.
AB: Battle of the desserts.
Gelatin: Ok, time to go down. *freezes ICS*
Match: Hey, bozo! Is that really all you've, like, got?
Bubble: Do we win?
ICS: *is frozen solid*
Gelatin's Box: Yes.
Bubble: We win!
Bubble: YAY!
Gelatin's Box: Next match-up is Leafy vs. Pancake.
Leafy: Uh oh Pancake has a case of nails.
Pancake: Wannabe! *gets a bazooka and fires bullets at Leafy*
Leafy: *dodges bullets* WOAH oh woah woah woah!
Pancake: *shoots an undodgeable laser*
Leafy: Shieldy! I choose you!

  • Shieldy jumps in front of Leafy and deflects laser*

Pancake: *dodges*
Pancake: Only I can dodge that!
Pancake: *shoots Shieldy and then shoots Leafy*
Leafy: *dodges*
Pancake: *hits Leafy with a nail*
Gelatin's Box: Pancake wins.
Leafy: *Dodges nail*
AB: Are you sure?
Pancake: *breaks Leafy in half*
Gelatin's Box: Yes sure.
Leafy: HA! That was my decoy, Leaf-e!
Leafy: *throws knives*
Pancake: *dodges*
Pancake: *deflects knives*
Leafy: *throws more knives*

  • Shieldy jumps in front of Leafy*

Pancake: *dodges again*
Pancake: *grabs Shieldy*
Shieldy: Huh?
AB: This battle is taking too long.
Baguette: Je suis bonne.
Pancake: *tops syrup on Leafy and hits her hard with a hammer*
Leafy: Hey that wasn't nice!
Pancake: You're not being nice right now!
Gelatin's Box: Get out. *flings Baguette and Shieldy to the TLC*
Leafy: *pulls out hammer* It's my turn.
Pancake: It's a fight, green thing.
Leafy: *flings hammer*
Pancake: *catches hammer and hits Leafy*
Leafy: Hmm...
Leafy: *throws hammer again, but not at Pancake*
Pancake: *blows a bomb at Leafy*
Leafy: Aw...I missed.
Leafy: Or did I?

  • giant wall falls on Pancake*

Pancake: *gets away from wall*
Leafy: *attacks Pancake*
Pancake: IT'S NOT OVER! *goes insane and tackles Leafy and shoots her with a gun*
Leafy: Augh...
Pancake: I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN! *hits Leafy hard with a gun and shoots her multiple times*
Leafy: *pulls out map* Blue Skidoo we can too! *teleports*
Leafy: *teleports back and punches Pancake hard*
Leafy: *keeps teleporting and punching*
Pancake: *chops Leafy with a sword*
Leafy: *grabs sword from pancake*
Pancake: *grabs sword*
Leafy: *puts on ninja suit*
Leafy: *pulls out sword*
Pancake: *grabs a knife*
Leafy: *cuts Pancake into bite-sized pieces*
Gelatin's Box: Leafy wins.
AB: Are you sure?
Gelatin's Box: Yes.
AB: Okay. What an intense battle...
Pancake: Ugh...*passes out*
Gelatin's Box: It's Pen vs. iPad.
iPad: *grabs armor and sword*
Pen: I'll do different.
iPad: I'll break your ink.
Pen: *grabs sunglasses, leather jacket, and twin guns*
iPad: Wow, really?
Everybody except iPad and Match: He looks so cool...
Match: No.
Match: He's so ugly!
Pen: Hey!
Match: It's true, bozo.
Pen: You're agreeing with your rival!
Pen: iPad.
iPad: *punches Pen*
Pen: Ow.
iPad: *chops Pen in half*
Pen: *goes crazy with guns shooting everywhere*
Pen: My ink!
iPad: *dodges*
Pen: Augh...
AB: iPad wins.
iPad: Yay!
iPad: High-five Burger!
Burger: *high-fives iPad*
AB: We have 1 more battle.
Gelatin's Box: Ribbon vs. Coiny.
AB: This is for all the jellybeans in this pot.
Coiny: Mmm..jellybeans...
Ribbon: Let me take one.
Ribbon: No fair, let's fight...
Gelatin's Box: What's the score?
AB: 2-2.
AB: This is the final battle.
Gelatin's Box: So this is the tie-breaker.
Ribbon: *grows arms and grabs a blade*
Coiny: I just know I'll win!
Coiny: Where'd those arms come from?
Ribbon: I may have saved you from elimination last episode, but you're going down!
Ribbon: *hits Coiny with blade*
Coiny: Oof!
Ribbon: *charges*
Coiny: Bow rip-off! *latches onto ribbon and bites hard*
Ribbon: *pushes Coiny off and gets a gun and also goes insane*
Gelatin's Box: How do these contestants go insane right away?
Coiny: *hanging on by a hand*
Coiny: Augh...
Match: Coiny is a lazybum! Coiny is a lazybum!
Coiny: *grip starts to slip*
Pencil and Match: Coiny is a lazybum!
Coiny: No...
Ribbon: *slashes Coiny*
Coiny: *starts falling*
Ribbon: Coiny is a lazybum!

  • sun is shown glaring while in slowmotion everybody is yelling at Coiny*

Coiny: Nooooo....
Coiny: NOOOO
Coiny: NO!
Coiny: *power flames around him*
Ribbon: *hits Coiny with a blade and he breaks into pieces*
Everybody: :O
Match: A ha ha! Coiny's, like, such a loser!
Coiny: *his power swallows sword*
Bubble: Why is he on fire?
Book: Because I made Firey light him.
Gelatin: You didn't.
Coiny: *finishes power burst, power blows everywhere*
Ribbon: *jumps and dodges*

  • power blows all away*
  • except Ribbon*

Gelatin's Box: Looks like Coiny self-destructed.
Super Coiny: Ready to do this for real?
AB: Wait he's gold and strong now.
Ribbon: *goes insane* READY TO GO HOME, MANIAC?!
Ribbon: *changes form*
Super Coiny: Hmmph. Come at me.

  • Ribbon changes into Spirit Woman*

Spirit Woman: Bring it on, loser! I am WAY stronger!
Spirit Woman: Time to fight! BRING IT ON!
Super Coiny: Let's finish this Ribbon!
Spirit Woman: *kicks Super Coiny and blasts off the field*
Super Coiny: *charges up*
Spirit Woman: *appears behind Super Coiny and throws gold at him and kicks him*
Super Coiny: *charges up more*
Spirit Woman: *unleashes lightning bolt and bolt strikes Coiny*
Coiny: *charging up* Almost....there....
Spirit Woman: *destroys charge up of Coiny*
Spirit Woman: *casts a no more charge up spell on Coiny and unleashes a tornado at Coiny*
Coiny: *rewinds charge up to finished*
Spirit Woman: *gets a blade and hits Coiny and attacks him and blasts Coiny*
Coiny: *unleashes power*

  • Super Coiny is now turning back to Normal Coiny*
  • beam continues being fired*

Spirit Woman: *dodges beam*

  • lightning beam hits Coiny*

Book: Wow, what is up with those transformations?
Coiny: I don't know. *in midair still firing beam which is almost done being fired* It was the moment.
Spirit Woman: *activates final smash and grabs Coiny and hits him several times with a sword and slays him at the final hit*
AB: If you touch the ground you lose Coiny.
Spirit Woman: *makes Coiny touch the ground*
AB: Coiny touched the ground....
AB: .....after Spirit Woman, I guess.
Spirit Woman: No. My hand was close, but I did not touch it.
Gelatin's Box: We must solve this.
AB: Slow-mo cam.

  • Spirit Woman makes Coiny touch the ground, her hand is close to the ground and knees but they do not touch it*
  • her face is on the ground though*

AB: Even the slow-mo cam can't see who won. We must settle this with a tiebreaker.
Gelatin's Box: SUDDEN-DEATH! GO!
Spirit Woman: *blasts Coiny with beam*
AB: Everybody up.

  • people get up*
  • Old Islanders enter a robot, New Islanders enter the other*

AB: Fight!
Book: So what's our plan?
Spirit Woman: Okay Newbies, Spirit Woman is here to knock out those crusty Veterans!
Spirit Woman: *makes robot fire a beam*
Coiny: Hmmph. I did good. I am not a lazybum!
Gelatin: Incoming! *robot gets blasted*
Leafy: Wait what happened last time we got in a robot?
Shadow: *kidnaps Coiny again*
Old Islanders: F***. *censor comes up*
Match: Once again, Coiny, like, deserves to be captured by Shadow.
Firey: Agreed.
Sonic: Well, well, well, we got this hideous gold thing!

  • robot kicks Shadow and they get Coiny*

Book: The blast is gonna cause an explosion!
Old Islanders Robot: 3...2...1...*explodes*

  • Old Islanders land on Announcer*

Leafy: *pulls out parachute*
Leafy: Ahhh!
Spirit Woman: Ha ha, I inserted an invisible bomb.

  • everybody else lands flat on their face*

Gelatin's Box: Ribbon's form makes the Newbies win!
Spirit Woman: Yes! *transforms back into Ribbon*
Ribbon: Thank me Newbies!
Leafy: Wow I forgot that was Ribbon.
iPad: Thank you...
AB: Vote an Old Islander to leave.
Gelatin's Box: Voting ends Thursday, March 14th at 5/4 PM Central Time.

  • exclusive clip*
  • New Islanders are in a house*

Ribbon: I gotta say, for the record, I'm glad I got us the jellybeans.
Ribbon: *eats one and winks at the screen*

  • camera zooms in on Ribbon and episode ends*

Voting has ended.

S01E05 - Not a True Irish Show

Gelatin: Hey Pen, wanna form an alliance?
Pen: Sure!
Gelatin: Can't you believe we were up for elimination?
Pen: It is quite weird.
Match: I guess we have someone to, like, blame.
Gelatin: You?
Coiny: You mean, LIKE, you?
Match: I blame Coiny!
Coiny: *pointing at Match*
Match: For being such a lazybum!
Coiny: Hey I did all I could.
Gelatin: Match, be nicer to Coiny.
Pen: Yeah what Gelatin said!
Pen: *to Gelatin* Do you wanna let Coiny in our alliance?
Gelatin: Sure.
Pen: Coiny, wanna join our alliance?
Match: Ugh, shut up bozo-boys. I hope you are all eliminated, because you are all dumb.
Coiny: Well what's the point in an alliance if we don't get to vote.
Pen: If we make it to the merge we can help each other!
Gelatin: Coiny, wanna join?
Coiny: Sure.
Match: Whatever! Pence-Pence, have any ideas to take them down?
Pencil: Who?
AB (Announcer Box): Cake at Stake time.

  • theme plays*

AB: So last time you guys lost.
Pencil: No! That's no fair!
Ribbon: Thanks to me.
Gelatin's Box: Yes, Ribbon, thanks to you.
AB: Somebody cheated in the voting though.
Old Islanders: :O
Gelatin's Box: A wikia contributer voted for Book too many times.
AB: Same IP.
Book: What?! That's impossible!
Gelatin's Box: Yeah, we IP checked, so we are only accepting one vote from the IP.
Gelatin's Box: So it cuts down to 6 votes in total. Book and Pen, you have Win and Revenge Tokens. Do you want to use them?
Book: No thanks.
Pen: Um no, there's nothing really bad that I've done to get votes.
Gelatin's Box: Moving on. All the Newbies are safe, and they get easter eggs! *throws easter eggs*
AB: Explosive.
Pencil: Explosive?!
Gelatin's Box: Indeed.
ICS: *catches it* YEAH!
iPad: *catches* Yes! Burger?
Burger: *catches* YEAH!
iPad: High-five!
Burger: *high-fives*
Volleyball: I got it! I got it! *gets hit by explosive easter egg causing small explosion*
Gelatin's Box: Moving on. Pen, not using your Revenge Token was a good call, because you got 0 votes, since you just debuted.
Pen: *smiles*
Book: Uh, Bomby-
Gelatin's Box: Shush. Firey and Bomby are both safe with 0 votes, so is my owner Gelatin.
AB: Guess who else is safe?
AB: Coiny somehow got 0 votes.
Gelatin's Box: So did Leafy.
Match: No fair! Coiny made us lose!

  • egg explodes in Coiny's face*

Leafy: Ooh! Easter Egg! *catches*
Gelatin's Box: Bubble is also safe at 0 votes.
Gelatin's Box: So is Pencil.
Bubble: YOYLECAKE! *gets popped by egg*
Gelatin's Box: I should have seen that coming. Ha ha.
AB: Match and Book, you are the final 2.
Book: What?! I'm in the bottom 2? That's IMPOSSIBLE!
Match: OMG, like, no way! Why me?!
Gelatin's Box: The last person safe with 1 vote is...
Match: I was safe last time, you idiot!
Gelatin: Let me tell you, you are going to be eliminated!
Gelatin's Box: Are you sure?
AB: Match you said that Coiny lost you the challenge....
Gelatin's Box: Which he did not, because he actually volunteered to fight.
AB: ....he also lost you your shot at Dream Island. With 5 votes, you are eliminated.
Match: WHAT?! NO WAY!
Gelatin's Box: Yes way.
Coiny: Well I did volunteer.
Match: Shut up! You were so- *gets flinged*
Bubble: But that's not fair! Match actually woin her fight!
Bubble: Coiny lost his.
AB: Deal with it.
iPad: Yay! Match is finally gone!

  • Match lands in TLC and screams insanely after lid closes*

Pencil: Bubble, what are we gonna do?! Our alliance is too small!
Bubble: We have to let someboidy in!
Pencil: But who?
Book: Can I join?
Pencil: Sure!
Book: Yay! So what's our plan?
AB: Oh I'm getting tears in my eyes from this emotional moment.
AB: Not really, because I can't cry.
Gelatin's Box: Don't let out acid, or you will kill the contestants.
Tune: *listening to headphones in background*
Sock: Tune, stop listening! GOSH!
AB: We don't want to kill the contestants...heeheehee.
Gelatin's Box: This is the recommended character for this episode, Sock.
Leafy: Oh a sock!
Sock: I'm outta here. See you awesome nerds.
Gelatin's Box: Okay?
Ribbon: Newbies, any plans?
iPad: I'm not-
Ice Cream Sandwich: Yes...
AB: Woah slow down contestants.
AB: You haven't even heard the challenge yet.
Gelatin's Box: We are starting the challenge.
Rocket: Sowhatisit?
Gelatin's Box: A three-parter challenge.
Ribbon: Are you saying this episode is three parts long?
Gelatin's Box: No. I mean three mini-challenges.
AB: Three mini mini mini challenges.
AB: Mini.
Gelatin's Box: The first part is the Irish jig dance off. The team with the best dance wins.
iPad: A dance-off?! How about something good?!
Pen: Break-dancing?
AB: No just Irish dancing that you've never heard of.
Ribbon: Listen, iPad! If you wanna win, you need to help us come up with a dance, okay?!
Burger: Watch this dance move. *moves leg slightly* Eh, eh?
iPad: Cool!
Volleyball: Yar bro, that's off the hook!
iPad: So let's all dance together!
Burger: Oh this next one is extreme. *pats chest lightly*
iPad: Wow, cool!
Volleyball: EXTREME!!!
iPad: EXTREME PUNCH-OUT! *tries to do a punch dance but ends up punching himself*
Volleyball: Bro you okay?
AB: No time left for planning.
Gelatin's Box: START!
Leafy: But we just star-
Burger: *taps foot slowly*
iPad: *follows*
Gelatin: Any dance moves guys? Pen, Coiny?
Pencil: Not quite.
Book: Anyone know any Irish dances? My dictionary doesn't have it!
Pancake: *glares at Leafy* I hate her.
Pen and Coiny: Uhh...*start breakdancing*
Gelatin: *breakdances with them* How about alliance dance?
iPad: Burger, Volleyball! Let's do an alliance dance! You guys can join us too if you want.
Pencil: Book, Bubble, alliance dance?
Ribbon: What's up with alliance dances?
Book: Sure!
Bubble: I have one!
Gelatin's Box: I wanna remind that you all must dance as a team.
Bubble: Oh...
Bubble: Team dance idea!

  • song plays*

Firey: And that is?
DJ: Turn the beat around, love to hear percussion!
AB: Too late to strategize.
Gelatin: *changes radio* That song is old.
Burger: *bobs head back and forth gently*
DJ: Why does it feel so good, but hurts so bad? My mind keeps saying run as fast as you can.
Book: Let's dance!
Volleyball: *dances*
DJ: Troublemaker! Maybe I'm insane...
Old Islanders: *do insanely awesome dances*
Ribbon: Man, they are gonna beat us! We need to think of a dance!
Flag: I don't know any moves...
Ribbon: Do you wanna win or not?
Flag: You're getting too bossy, Ribbon.
ICS: *does a really tricked out dance* Everybody: :O That is awesome!
Ribbon: Good move!
Coiny: Better move. *beatboxes*
Gelatin: *also beatboxes*
Pen: *beatboxes*
Pencil: *beatboxes*
Leafy: *beatboxes*
Bubble: *beatboxes*
Book: *beatboxes*
Firey: *beatboxes*
Box: *beatboxes*
Pancake: Wow do they even know what dancing is?
Leafy: Oh it's that pancake thing.
DJ: But since u been gone! I can breath for the first time, I'm so moving on, yeah yeah!
Book: Why do the songs keep changing?
Leafy: Let's do this move fast!
Gelatin's Box: Because we like changing songs.
AB: So totally far out.
DJ: Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away.
Leafy: Not the Sesame Street song!
Book: No way! CHANGE! *switches song*
DJ: I love you, you love me. We're a happy family.
Leafy: I think I'm gonna be sick. *pukes*
Gelatin: *gets covered with puke* Ew, gross!
DJ: Well if you don't like my music you can all die.
Everyone: *gasps*
Firey: What song is that?
Book: We liked the first few songs.
Firey: *gets shot by laser*
iPad: Stupid stupid DJ! *breaks it*
Leafy: *recovers Firey with HPRC* Firey you okay?
Firey: Yeah...wait who's under me.
Leafy: Oh that's just Bomby...
Leafy: Oh crud.
Bomby: OH NO!
AB: *watches intently*

  • Eliminating BFDI plays*

Pencil: Do I recognize this? Eh, whatever. *dances*
iPad: HECK YEAH! *dances* Guys! Let's dance!

  • in the TLC*

Golf Ball: And we have another visitor.
Snowball: WHO IS THAT?!
Everyone: WHAT?!
Match: Not Ruby though.

  • outside*

AB: It looks like the Old Islanders win for some reason.
AB: Let's take a break to watch videos.
iPad: Whatever, I'm getting si- *vomits*
Yellow Face: Need a funny video? Then watch these!
Yellow Face: You can upload your own video when you feel like it! Go to!

  • commercial changes*

Blocky: Hey guys! For a break, get the HPRC. Use Spirit Woman and Super Coiny while they are fighting, and Coiny will make a power beam and hit the HPRC. Then, recreate it and kill a contestant. Suspend it over a volcano, and recover the contestant and they will fall into magma!
Narrator: This program was brought to Blocky's funny

  • commercial break ends*

iPad: I'm embarrassed.
Ribbon: Ew... so much barfing!
AB: Contest 2.
Gelatin's Box: You guys need to hunt for as many gold as you can in 10 minutes.
iPad: Easy, I like hunting for gold.
Burger: 2 paths.
Burger: Let's go to the left one.
iPad: Okay.
Gelatin: I guess that means we get right.
Bubble: A doior!

  • Old Islanders go through it but they are in a suspicious forest*

Book: Huh?

  • sees a pot of gold*

Pencil: I see gold! Let's get it!

  • Old Islanders run to gold pot but are stopped by Evil Leafy*

Evil Leafy: *appears*
Old Islanders: *scream*
Leafy: Egads! Moral ejustment!

  • Old Islanders get chased by Evil Leafy*

Book: Oh no! Not her again!

  • New Islanders are in a gold kingdom*

???: Halt! What are you guys here for?!
Ribbon: We want some gold, for a challenge.
??? 2: Gold? *laughs*
Rocket: Giveusthegoldnow.
Gold Princess: What are you saying?
??? 3: I dunno guys he looks convincing.
???: Um, we will give you gold if you manage to shoot lots of darts at this target. *grabs a target*
Cup: Lemme go!
iPad: I should go.
Ribbon: Don't screw up, or else we will be ruined!
iPad: Okay, Ribbon! Stop being bossy! *gets a dart gun and shoots it at target*
Cup: Ow.
iPad: Wow, is this some sort of loser? Whatever. *shoots 20 darts*
Gold Princess: Why can't we turn in the gold right away?

  • back at the forest*

Firey: We can escape through this door!
Book: Quick guys!
Firey: *jumps in door*
Everyone else: *jumps in*

  • Evil Leafy is trapped*

Coiny: What's with the nightmarish underwater ripoff?
Pencil: What's that?
Firey: Uh oh, this appears to be the evil Youtube version of Bikini Bottom!
Bubble: That sounds loime.
Gelatin: We gotta get our gold before we lose.
Spingebill: Heeheehee...
Book: Who the heck are you?
Spingebill: Book, hello, how do you how do you how?
Book: We want gold, we're the Veterans of BFDI.
Spingebill: Heh...*eats Book's soul*
Pencil: What was that?!
Gelatin: *freezes Spingebill and makes him shatter and gets Book's soul back*
Squidword: Free souls!
Gelatin: *freezes Squidword*
Poitrick: Hullo.
Gelatin: *freezes Poitrick*
Mr. Kraps: *takes syringe and eats it*
Leafy: Hey you stop that!
Gelatin: Oh great... *presses destroy evil people button on device*
Soindy: HELP ME! *grabs Mr. Kraps' hand as they die*
Mrs. Puke: *drives into wall*
Book: *spots a pot of gold* Could this be?

  • back at the Gold Kingdom*

iPad: Am I finished?
AB: Boop. Times up.

  • New Islanders get their gold and are teleported*
  • Old Islanders haven't got their gold at all*

iPad: We have gold. *turns in gold*
Leafy: We need just two more doubloons to beat them.
Gelatin's Box: *stares at the gold* I see... New Islanders win part 2.
Ribbon: Finally, don't ever slack off again.
Flag: Whatever.
Coiny and Firey: *still shuddering from the dark bikini bottom world*
Bubble: You two are so much alike.
Gelatin: We didn't get much gold...
Coiny and Firey: HEY!
Pen: Hey we had the creepiest task though.
Gelatin's Box: You guys lost.
Old Islanders: WHAT?!
Gelatin's Box: But this isn't over yet.
Leafy: We will win!
Gelatin: Huh?
Gelatin's Box: We have one more part of the challenge. It's a hunt for a St. Patrick's Day hat.
Book: What? How about something original?
Leafy: Found it! *pulls out St. Patrick's Day hat*
Gelatin's Box: That's a replica.
Gelatin's Box: We've hidden the REAL hat somewhere in the canal.
Leafy: Darn it.
Pencil: Aw, no fair!
AB: In that canal is dark Bikini Bottom.
AB: They are real this time, and they are immune to being destroyed so easily.
Gelatin's Box: And be careful for it, avoid it as much as you can.
Coiny and Firey: NO DON'T SEND US THERE!
AB: Too late. Go.
iPad: You've gotta be kidding me! How are you adding dark Bikini Bottom to the Goiky Canal?
Pen: *drags Coiny*
AB: Magic.
Gelatin: Hop in the raft.
AB: If somebody falls in Dark Bikini Bottom they are eliminated.
AB: Well as long as they die.
Book: Is it just me or do Coiny and Firey have Bikini Bottom phobia?
AB: But you probably will die if you fall in there.
Gelatin's Box: So be careful.
AB: If you die you are out of the challenge.
Gelatin's Box: Whoever gets the hat wins the challenge for their team.
Gelatin's Box: GO!
Book: Row, row, row your boat, gently down the street!
Pen: *picks up Old Islanders and puts them in raft*
Pencil: *smiles at Pen* Good raft idea.
Pen: Thanks.

  • in the TLC*

Match: *watching* I'll kill him.
Teardrop: Can someone calm her down?
Medal: Who do you wanna kill?
Match: Pen! He better stay away from Pencil!
Donut: They do have quite an attraction to each other.
Flower: Wow overprotective much?! *snicker*
Match: SHUT UP! *kicks Donut and eats part of him*
Donut: Ow.
Golf Ball: We better turn off the TV.
Puffball: *barfs rainbows on Match*
Match: *slaps Puffball*
Puffball: Hey!

  • back at the Goiky Canal*

Leafy: Justin Bieber and spaghetti cat!
Leafy: Flying through the air in a helium balloon!
iPad: Let's go. *builds a boat* Hop in!
Ribbon: Do NOT make it sink, and don't screw us up, or we are gonna lose.
Burger: *gets in*
Dark Bikini Bottom: *looks at Firey and Coiny*
Coiny and Firey: It's watching us....
Gelatin: There isn't enough room up here! *pushes Firey, Book, Bubble, and Pencil in the water* Hmmm, that's better.
Firey: WAHHHHH!!!!
Bubble: Oh noio!
Pencil: Bubble, look out!
Book: *swims back* Never do that again!

  • Bubble and Pencil get eaten by Dark Bikini Bottom*

Bubble: Wait isn't water your poison Firey?
Bubble: AUAHU!
Gelatin's Box: Bubble, Firey, and Pencil are out of the challenge.
Spingebill: Soul.
Spingebill: *eats Firey's soul*
Ribbon: *falls asleep*
iPad: Ribbon, wake up!
Ribbon: Wha? *gets eaten by Dark Bikini Bottom and boat breaks*

  • ICS, Flag, and Rocket also fall in*

iPad: Yikes!
iPad: Guess it's just us now...
Squidword: *Eats ICS*
Rocket: Omigodomigodomigod!
Mr. Kraps: You can have this one Soindy.
Gelatin: Ugh, not this.
Pen: Gelatin swim away from those monsters!
Soindy: HAA-YA! *captures Pen and Gelatin*
Coiny: *kicks Soindy* MY FRIENDS' SOULS ARE NOT FOR EATING!!!!
Soindy: OW! *turns into dust for an odd reason*
Gelatin: Ugh, we better get back.
Bomby: *falls off raft* OH NO!
Pen: Yes and wuickly.
Bomby: *explodes*
Coiny: Wuickly?

  • Old Islanders and New Islanders fall on shore and hat falls and iPad grabs it weakly*

Poitrick: NO THIS IS POITRICK!!!! *grabs Pen and eats his soul*
Leafy: *snatches it from iPad* MINE!
iPad: *hits Leafy and holds hat up*
Leafy: *tackles iPad*
Leafy: C'mon team!
iPad: *kicks Leafy and holds hat*
New Islanders and Old Islanders: *fight for hat*
Coiny: *swims up fast* THE HAT! *tackles iPad*

  • hat breaks in half*

AB: The hat broke in half.
Everyone: What the?!
Gelatin's Box: Which means nobody wins!
AB: Tiebreaker time?
AB: Double elimination!
Everyone: What?!
AB: One for each team.
Gelatin's Box: But we are giving immunity to two people.
Book: Me?
AB: *is recovering people*
AB: Let's see who got those.
Gelatin: Who gets immunity exactly?
AB: Me and Gelatin's Box get to choose one person each.
AB: We choose by this next tiebreaker?
Gelatin's Box: Okay.
Gelatin's Box: Wait, I am giving immunity.
Gelatin's Box: Because my owner is so wonderful, I'll give him immunity.
Gelatin: But that's no fair...
Gelatin's Box: Well who cares anyways? You made me. Everyone else will compete for one more spot for immunity.
AB: Guess what the challenge is?
Coiny: Don't tell me-
Gelatin's Box: A shamrock maker contest.
Coiny: Phew.
Gelatin's Box: You can use anything to make a custom shamrock. You can use any items.
AB: But...
Gelatin's Box: Make one. You guys will work individually.
AB: But you're making them in Dark Bikini Bottom.
Gelatin's Box: No they're not.
AB: I know. I was just trying to scare Coiny and Firey.
Gelatin's Box: They are making it in my clubhouse. *teleports contestants to clubhouse*
AB: The twins.
AB: Twin scaredycats.
Gelatin: *sees pictures of himself* Wow, you sure love me.
Gelatin's Box: Well, why would I not?
Pencil: Wow. Scaredycats.
Leafy: *makes clover*
iPad: *makes a black shamrock with sprinkles*
Leafy: One shamrock doughnut please.
DD worker: Okay.
Ribbon: *gets strawberry filling and paints shamrock*
Pancake: Hmmm...*mind brights up*
iPad: *puts a mask on the shamrock and a Win Token replica*
Book: Hmmm...*makes a shamrock replica of her body*
AB: Boop. Time's up.
Gelatin's Box: Let's judge. First up is Ribbon.
Ribbon: It's strawberry-filled shamrock.
AB: Is it tasty?
Gelatin's Box: I give it an 8/10.
AB: I give it a 2/10.
Gelatin's Box: Your total score is 10/20.
Ribbon: No fair! I worked hard to win immunity!
AB: Too bad you might lose.
Ribbon: Aw!
AB: Only 3 more people left.
Gelatin's Box: Up next is Burger.
Burger: *puts in shamrock shake*
Gelatin's Box: This is not a shamrock. 3/10, because I like shamrock shakes.
AB: 1/10.
Burger: Strict!
Gelatin's Box: Up next is Book.
Book: Here's a replica of myself...made out of fresh shamrock.
AB: Only Book and Leafy left.
iPad: And me!
Gelatin's Box: Hmmm...6/10.
AB: 3/10
Book: What?! That's nonsense!
Ribbon: Yes! I'm still in the lead!
Coiny: I wanna go.
Gelatin's Box: If you did not make a shamrock, you are automatically up for elimination.
Pencil: What?!
AB: Only 6 people made one.
Gelatin's Box: Be patient Coiny, Leafy is next.
Leafy: Here is my shamrock.
Gelatin's Box: A donut? That's a 2/10, no food permitted in making.
AB: *tastes it* YUM 10/10
Ribbon: NO!
AB: Ribbon is up for elimination.
Gelatin's Box: Up next is Coiny.
Coiny: OK.
Coiny: *gives the dirty puked-on shamrock to the speaker boxes*
AB: Looks good.
Gelatin's Box: That's gross. But 5/10.
AB: *tastes it and pukes* Ew. 6/10 though.
Gelatin's Box: Leafy is still in the lead for immunity. iPad is next.
Bubble: Overrated!
iPad: Here's my shamrock. It's black, it has a mask, and it has a Win Token replica and replicas of you guys! Plus, there's a banner with "Announcer and Gelatin's Box Rule!".
AB: Bribery?
Gelatin's Box: Um...I give it a 9/10, because it looks cool.
AB: 3/10
AB: So iPad and Leafy are tied.
iPad: What?!
Gelatin's Box: That means both are safe, surprisingly.
AB: So 3 people got immunity.
Ribbon: No fair! Why are you making an extra player get immunity?!
AB: You can not vote for Gelatin, Leafy, or iPad.
Gelatin's Box: Vote for two people to leave: one Old Islander, one New Islander. You can not vote for Leafy, Gelatin or iPad.
Gelatin's Box: Voting also ends Friday, March 22nd, at 5/4 PM Central Time.

  • exclusive clip*
  • Bikini Bottom watches Coiny and Firey*

AB: Two contestants, gone two to come back.
Gelatin's Box: And...
AB: Or debuters.
Dark Bikini Bottom: Hey Coiny and Firey...
Gelatin: *slays Dark Bikini Bottom*
AB: More creepy stuff, the direction this show is headed.
Gelatin: Phew, that was close.
Gelatin's Box: Maybe we need a contract. *grabs paper*

  • episode ends*

Voting has ended.

S01E06 - Space-o-Freak

No viewer voting this episode.

Ribbon: Newbies, don't you know how useless you guys were last challenge?! We lost! THANKS TO YOU GUYS!
iPad: Ribbon, stop being uptight and be nicer.
Burger: We're doing the best we can.
Flag: Ugh, don't you know you are getting on our nerves?
Ribbon As team leader, I have the right! Good-bye! *walks off*
iPad: Uh...okay?
Volleyball: Since when is Ribbon team leader?
Gelatin: Hey guys!
Pencil: Tell me when you were so random.
Leafy: What?
Pencil: Hey Leafy, wanna join our alliance?
Book: We have room for one more member!
Leafy: Sure.
Book: Yeah! Hands in, alliance!

  • Leafy, Pencil, Book, and Bubble put their hands in*

Ribbon: Stop being dumb-old hurt faces.
Coiny: Ribbon is like, so bossy.
Ribbon: I'm only trying to win for my team.
Coiny: I'm glad I'm not with her team.
Book: I know.
iPad: I just hope she's eliminated.
Ribbon: Seems like you don't wanna win! SLACKER!

  • contestants are abducted by a UFO*

iPad: What's happening?!
Volleyball: I'm scared!

  • contestants are out of the UFO*

iPad: Hey guys, we're in SPACE!
AB: Stop complaining.
Gelatin's Box: We are gonna do Cake at Stake.
Blue Speaker: Hi!
Ribbon: Stranger?
AB: Cake at Stake.
AB: We lost the theme song, because of budget cuts.
Everyone: WHAT?!
AB: So Pencil sing for us please.
Pencil: CAKE...AT...STAKE! Who will...go...home? It is Cake at Stake, find out who will go home!
AB: Thank you Pencil. We still have the song though :P .
Pencil: Uh, okay. Nevermind.
Gelatin's Box: So, let's get this straight, I forgot to mention, there's a twist!
Blue Speaker: Something nobody expected!
Firey: Get on with it!
Gelatin's Box: Get out, menace. *pushes*
Gelatin's Box: Okay. We have an ice cream cake, so we can prevent further space cake explosions.
Leafy: But how does that-
Gelatin's Box: So, let me tell you the realize both Gelatin and Leafy have immunity, right?
Leafy: YES!
Gelatin's Box: And iPad is the only one in New Islanders with immunity.
Gelatin's Box: But there's a twist the viewers did not know...THIS WAS GOING TO BE A SINGLE ELIMINATION! Tricked you, you would regret voting two people off.
iPad: But how does that make sense?!
Coiny: HA! We fooled them!
Gelatin's Box: Why not?
Firey: You were fooled too Coiny.
Coiny: WAS NOT! *slaps Firey*
Gelatin's Box: But the New Islanders are up for elimination now, all the Old Islanders are safe.
Firey: *slaps Coiny*
Firey: YES!
Spingebill: Group hug!
Coiny: GHOSTBUSTERS! *sucks Spingebill in device*
Coiny: *blows up device* Never...again.
Gelatin's Box: Ha. There we go. New Islanders, one of you, other than iPad, will be eliminated.
Burger: I hope it's not me!
AB: It's not.
Gelatin's Box: iPad is safe, since he was immune.
iPad: *gets cake*
Gelatin's Box: Correcto-mundo, Captain Obvious. Burger is safe.
Burger: YES! I'm safe!
Gelatin's Box: Also safe with 0 votes is Pancake and Rocket.
Pancake: Phew.
Rocket: OMG!

  • they get cake*

Gelatin's Box: Ice Cream Sandwich also got 0 votes.
ICS: Yeah!
Gelatin's Box: Now it's down to Ribbon and Volleyball.
Flag: Ribbon, just shut up!
Volleyball: Oh no.
Gelatin's Box: Volleyball, I'm sorry,
Volleyball: D:
Gelatin's Box: with 2 votes.
Ribbon: WHAT?!
Gelatin's Box: Good-bye Ribbon, with 5 votes.
Burger: YES!
Ribbon: I can't go now! I need to help us win! Without me, these people are USELESS FOOLS!

  • Ribbon gets flung back to Earth and into the TLC*

AB: Now that that is taken care of.
AB: Challenge time.
Gelatin's Box: It's a scavenger hunt.
iPad: Why are we doing a hunt in space? It's confusing...this is what you sent us here for, huh?
AB: In this challenge, you need to get 8 objects from Inanimate Insanity and be the first back to base.
AB: First team to have all of their team members and objects win.
Gelatin's Box: There are 5 locations to find your souvenirs.
AB: Both teams get a surprise.
AB: I'll explain that later.
Blue Speaker: The Milky Way Galaxy, The Orion Nebula, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars!
Gelatin's Box: And it is replaced with Asteroid Bump.
iPad: Wha?
Gelatin: Hey alliance, any-
Gelatin's Box: GO!
Coiny: 5 objects from II.
Gelatin: So where should we go first?
iPad: Newbies, why don't we take the Milky Way Galaxy first?
Burger: Hmmm.
Burger: Okay.
iPad: I see a clue... *reads it* Your souvenir is hidden here. It is captured by an alien. Creepy much? Whatever.
Flag: I'm scared of aliens...
ICS: Nonsense!
ICS: Aliens are our friends!
Pencil: Hey alliance, where should we go? Book? Bubble? Leafy?
Book: about Saturn?
Leafy: Hmm... yeah!
Gelatin: Oh, I guess we get Saturn then.

  • Old Islanders go to Saturn*

Salt: *watching Old Islanders from behind tree* Hope they don't find us...
Pepper: Ha ha, if they find us I will just hit them.
Pencil: Guys, our souvenir is...behind that tree.
Salt: Uh oh...
Salt: Oh no.
Book: *goes in tree* Found ya! I'm Book. You?
Leafy: We need to get 8 of those type of people!
Gelatin: Anymore souvenir locates?
Gelatin: Alliance?
Coiny: Hmm... we found 2.
Gelatin: Where?
Firey: Right. *grabs Salt and Pepper*
Pepper: Thanks a lot, Salt! Why did you make us hide here for months?!
Pen: Ha!

  • Milky Way Galaxy*

iPad: Any souvenirs?
Pickle: I'm all alone...maybe I can try hiding.
Burger: Hmm..
OJ: Where can we go?
Taco: SOURCREAM!!!!!
Pickle: How did you guys get here?
Burger: There's 3!
OJ: I tracked you down.
iPad: There they are!
Flag: What are they talking about?
ICS: Meow.
iPad: Let me get them. *grabs Pickle, Taco, and OJ*
OJ: Oh, great, who knew being in space for months would be boring?
Pickle: I didn't.
Lightbulb: *plays with paddleball*
iPad: Another one...*gets Lightbulb*

  • back at Saturn*

Knife: *falls off tree* Oof.
Gelatin: What's up with trees in space?
Book: I don't know.
Knife: *runs*
Pepper: Knife is really better look out.
Bomby: OH NO!
Bomb: What?
Bomby: AHH!
Gelatin: *grabs Bomb* There.

  • back at the Milky Way Galaxy*

Nickel: *hiding in Jupiter*
Apple: Marshmallow, why are you always so dumb?!
Marshmallow: Shut up Apple!
Marshmallow: You- *gets grabbed by Leafy*
iPad: Huh?! What are they doing here?!
Firey: *grabs Apple*
Marshmallow: Wow...
Book: Alliance, alliance! Let's go to the Asteroid Way!
Marshmallow: *drinks soda*

  • at Jupiter*

iPad: I can't find the souvenir...
Pancake: I might try locating it.
Nickel: I hope I don't get captured...

  • Pancake grabs Nickel*

Pancake: Ouch, did I lose my temper? Sorry.
Rocket: OMGsomean.
Pancake: Sorry guys.
iPad: We better find more souvenirs.

  • back at the Milky Way Galaxy*

Gelatin: Guys, where are Pencil, Bubble, Leafy, and Book?

  • at the Asteroid Bump*

Firey: Uh....
Pencil: Hmmm...
Pencil: Bubble, any souvenir locates?
Bubble: Um there.
Leafy: Is that Bow?
Book: Bow, look out! An asteroid!
Bow: Huh? *gets hit*
Book: She died.
Pencil: I think our team is looking for us...

  • back at the Milky Way Galaxy*

Gelatin: Where are they?
Coiny: Uh...
Coiny: Who?
Gelatin: Pencil, Book, Bubble, and Leafy?
Leafy: Corpse.
Book: We're back! Our souvenir died.
Leafy: *dumps out Bow's ashes*
Pencil: Hey guys! Hey Pen.
Pen: Hey.
Pencil: What were you guys doing?
Gelatin: Um, not much. Let's go to another location.
Coiny: Okay.
Book: Where should we go?
AB: Not enough action.
AB: *sets off meteor traps*
Everyone: *screams*
Firey: Ah. That's SO scary.
Gelatin: Alliance, give me the "STOP METEOR SHOWERS" remote!
iPad: What the heck is happening?!
Burger: Meteors.
AB: Time to release the hungry martians.
Flag: Agh...I knew space would be bad! QUICK! TO THE ORION NEBULA!
Gippy: FOOD!
Blippy: YAY!
Burger: *whistles*
iPad: Guys! To the Orion Nebula! AND QUICKLY!
Slappy: Ninety-two.
Gelatin's Box: Attention contestants, all locations have Hungry Martians now.
AB: Everybody has their objects.
AB: Run to the finish to see who will win.
Gelatin: *sees a martian* RUN!
Pepper: AHHH!
Gelatin: Quick! All of us!
Pickle: Agh!
Finish Line: Hello.
Leafy: It's so close.
OJ: Wha-wha?
iPad: Guys, have we captured any?
Finish Line: *runs away from contestants* HEEHEEEHEEEHEE
iPad: Aw, come on!
ICS: Slow down!
AB: Hmm more stuff needs to happen.
Gelatin's Box: Hee hee. *activates a planet plate accident*
AB: Let's bring in a friend of ours.
AB: As well.
Gelatin's Box: *unactivates* Okay.
Blue Speaker: HI!!!!!!
Thermometer: Hey guys!
AB: *throws a rock at Thermometer*
iPad: Thermometer! Buddy! I thought you were eliminated..
Thermometer: YOU WILL ALL BE DESTROYED!!!! *shoots rocket launchers*
Flag: Guys, rocket launchers!
iPad: Rocket, don't be a cannibal!
AB: If you get destroyed you will have to be recovered by a team member.
AB: That slows your team down.
AB: Tsunami.

  • tsunami appears*

Gelatin's Box: Good plan, man.
AB: Thanks.
Pencil: AHHH! *jumps*
Firey: *grabs sack of eliminated contestants*
Firey: *sprints*
Finish Line: You can't catch me! HEEHEEEHEEEHEEE
Finish Line: *gets hit by meteor*
iPad: *kicks Firey and grabs contestants*
iPad: What the?
Gelatin: Does that mean nobody wins?
AB: Right.
Gelatin's Box: Well...not really.
AB: You win something, but you lose something.
AB: I would like each team to bring in their objects.
New Islanders and Old Islanders: *collect their captured souvenirs*
Pepper: Ow! I feel hurt...
AB: Each team gets to choose one....
Pencil: *is dizzy and pukes*
Gelatin's Box: We need to clean that up.
Old Islanders: *mouths start dropping*
Gelatin's Box: ...join!
Everybody: :O
iPad: Why a debut already?! Again! This is only episode 6! It's early again!
AB: Deal with it.
iPad: No thanks.
AB: You make me sad.
iPad: Shut up.
AB: *cries acid*
iPad: I'm immune to acid, you know that?
iPad: I'm the only iPad that's like that.
AB: Let's see who will join the New Islanders first.
iPad: Hmmm...who do we have?
AB: You have 8 people.
Lightbulb: Not me!
iPad: We choose Lightbulb.
AB: Yes you don't have Lightbulb.
iPad: Brrr.
AB: Or do you.
Book: Awkward.
AB: Lightbulb was captured by the other team.
Gelatin: Yep. Here she is.
Bubble: Pencil I have an idea.
Pencil: What?
Bubble: *whispers to Pencil* Why don't we get Lightbulb to make iPad angry?
Pencil: Okay.
Bubble: Lightbulb.
AB: Lightbulb it is.
Lightbulb: Thanks people.
Book: Hi! I'm Book.
OJ: What an awkward introduction.
Pickle: Where do we go?
Gelatin's Box: You guys will stay in space...with the martians.
Burger: How about...Paintbrush?
Pickle: Uh oh!
Beppy: YAY!

  • word echoes in Pickle's mind* Paintbrush...Paintbrush...Paintbrush.

Gelatin's Box: So Old Islanders get Lightbulb, New Islanders get Paintbrush.
Paintbrush: Thanks for choosing me, but don't ask my gender.
Volleyball: What is your gender?
Paintbrush: DON'T...EVER.
Burger: Shush.
Burger: Guys I need to talk to you.
iPad: Yes bud?
Burger: Over the years Paintbrush has acquired a new....ability.
Burger: This is very recent.
iPad: Huh?
Burger: Actually, all the II contestants have.
Flag: And us?
Burger: The radiation from the planet over the months as transformed them a little.
Burger: I have a book here of them but Lightbulb's page is ripped out...
Burger: Let's read the Paintbrush section.
iPad: Okay.
iPad: Where is it?
Burger: *reading* Since the radiation of the planets happened, Paintbrush has acquired a taste for souls. Paintbrush is a soul eater. If you ask Paintbrush what gender Paintbrush is Paintbrush will eat your soul.
Volleyball: O_O
Paintbrush: *eats Volleyball's soul* That will teach you not to ask!
Volleyball: *limp body is on ground*
Burger: O_O
iPad: How can it float?
Gelatin's Box: Who wants to go back to Earth?
iPad: Where's the Hand-powered Recovery Center?
AB: Up yours.
iPad: Where?
AB: In your butt.
iPad: Ew! *recovers Volleyball*
Paintbrush: Don't ask again.
Burger: You better not.
Burger: If you do again, it says here Paintbrush will possess you.
Gelatin's Box: Who wants to go back to Earth?
iPad: Me.
Pencil: I do.
Book: Me too.
Gelatin: Yeah.
Rocket: Woof.
Gelatin's Box: But this spaceship runs on blue Speaker Boxes.
Blue Speaker: OH NO! NOT ME! DON'T- *gets pushed in fuel of ship*
Gelatin's Box: Now that that menace is gone, we can go home.
AB: OK viewers.
Gelatin's Box: They are NOT voting.
iPad: What?
AB: That's right.
Gelatin's Box: But one team will have immunity.
Leafy: Then who is?
Gelatin's Box: These guys.
Lightbulb: Me and Paintbrush?
Gelatin's Box: No.
AB: Both of you might have lost.
Gelatin's Box: But we will give immunity to one team.
Gelatin's Box: But get on the spaceship first.
AB: Yes hurry up.

  • everyone gets on spaceship*
  • spaceship goes to Earth*

Gelatin: Ugh...finally we're back.
Pencil: Never do those tasks again!
Gelatin's Box: We wanted to.
AB: Yeah.
Gelatin's Box: You might be wondering who is voting.
Flag: Just tell us.
Gelatin's Box: Fine. *whispers* Announcer, present the voters.
AB: *presents voters*
iPad: What the?
AB: The team immune is the team of voters.
Gelatin: What are you trying to say?
AB: You might be both up for elimination.
Spingebill: Time to vote?
Gelatin's Box: Yeah. Them.
Dark Bikini Bottom: I don't think we can vote yet.
Gelatin's Box: Yeah.
Squidword: I thought us people were voting.
AB: You are. Just not yet.
Gelatin's Box: We are giving immunity to one team.
Leafy: Is it this team?
Burger: No.
Gelatin's Box: No. I am giving immunity to the Newbies.
Gelatin's Box: For no reason, sorry.
Leafy: Oh no.
Gelatin's Box: Just shut up!
AB: Camps are rigged.
Firey: LEAFY!!!!!!
Leafy: What?
Gelatin's Box: Announcer, let me take a coffee.
Firey: Go away.
Firey: I don't know you.
Bubble: Firey, don't you remember Loify?

  • spaceship is opened and Blue Speaker's shattered body is thrown into shore*

Pencil: Hey Pen, would it be weird if our shattered body was thrown into shore?
Pen: Yeah.
Pencil: The thing is, what if it happened to anyone here, like Blue Speaker?
AB: Vote quickly Dark Bikini Bottomites.
Dark Bikini Bottom: I thought you said we were voting next episode.

  • at a Cafe*

Gelatin's Box:

  • back at Goiky*

AB: No now.
Dark Bikini Bottom: Aw come on!
AB: 8 of you come and vote.
iPad: Why this episode? Ribbon was eliminated earlier.
AB: Too bad 8 of you.
Spingebill: I vote for Bomby.
Dark Bikini Bottom: Even though Firey and Coiny are afraid of me, I vote Bomby. What a useless fool.
Soindy: I vote for...Firey!
Squidword: I would vote for Spingebill, but I decided on Firey.
Poitrick: I vote Firey too.
Mr. Kraps: Hmmm....Bomby.
Mrs. Puke: Bomby.
Planksplon: Hmmm...
Planksplon: I pick Bomby.
Bomby: WHAT?!
AB: Any last words Bomby?
AB: Not that you said much.
Bomby: OH- *gets flinged*
AB: One more contestant is eliminated.
AB: Quickly the next episode preview!
Gelatin's Box: Next episode comes tomorrow due to Spring break.
Green Speaker: Next time on BFDI VvN...
Leafy: Toilet plunger!
Pencil: We need a plan, guys!
AB: Toilet plunger gun. *shoots Leafy with toilet plunger gun*
iPad: No way that's gonna happen!
AB: Time for the next challenge.
Pencil: Why are you holding my hand, Pen?
Pen: Uh...what?
Book: Awkward.
iPad: I feel dizzy...*pukes*
Squidword: We will never be dead...
Gelatin's Box: On BFDI...Veterans vs. Newbies.
AB: Dark Bikini Bottom will have another big role!
Dark Bikini Bottom: I don't wanna hurt you guys...NOT!

  • preview and episode ends*

S01E07 - Kart Racing Makes You Tired

Pencil: I have built our official new alliance discussion club!
Book: What about the old one? Where is it?
Pencil: Someone bombed it.
Pancake: WAT?! WHO?
Book: I don't know. Some sort of crazy person I guess. Leafy, Bubble, Lightbulb? Wanna go inside with us? *Leafy, Bubble, Lightbulb, Pancake, Book, and Pencil go in the house*
Leafy: Hey I'm trying to sleep.
Pancake: Why are you laying down on a bed?
Leafy: It's 3 AM.
Pancake: Weren't we outside? It was so dark!
*sun rises*
Leafy: Ah great.
Gelatin's Box: Attention contestants, meet me at the breakfast buffet.
Gelatin: Ugh, that was the worst sleep ever.
Coiny: Yawn....I had the BEST sleep last night.
Pen: Yeah it was for me as well.
Coiny: Maybe you guys shouldn't have stayed up until 1 AM watching Youtube.
Gelatin: I had a bad dream where we were eaten by Evil Leafy, and we were in a game where we were killed and no more Recovery Centers where there. But, let's get breakfast.
Leafy: Pancake kept me up...all night...

  • contestants are at breakfast table*

Leafy: Pancake why did you keep talking to me last night?
Pancake: I don't know.
Leafy: Well at least the hotel beds are comfortable.
Gelatin: Hey Announcer, are there any pancakes?
Pancake: PANCAKES?! *eats lots of them*
AB: You're not supposed to tell the viewers you sleep in hotel rooms. They might get jealous. And yes, there is a pancake. *points at Pancake*
Gelatin's Box: Ugh, talk about cannablism.
*in the TLC*
Golf Ball: Ew!
Ribbon: I know, right? They are serving us worms for breakfast!
Match: Yuck! I don't, like, want this.
Snowball: Hey they're pretty good.
Match: Shut up Snowball, you're useless.
Ruby: *pukes all over Match*
Match: Ruby, please wipe that off.
Ruby: *pukes on Match again* Uh oh...
Match: I need to clean you, like, up...
Ruby: *runs to the other side of the TLC*
Match: *wipes Ruby* Much better.
*back at the buffet*
Gelatin: So alliance, any strategies?
Coiny: Well we can't vote.
iPad: It doesn't matter, the breakfast is good!
Flag: iPad, can you have my egg?
iPad: No thanks. I'll throw it away.
AB: So as you all know, Inanimate Insanity 2 came out.
Paintbrush: So?
Gelatin's Box: Lightbulb and Paintbrush are in, so they have to leave every 1st for the next episode.
Lightbulb: Every 2nd.
Paintbrush: Why are they announcing it to everyone here, Lightbulb? And besides, are you in Pencil's alliance?
Lightbulb: Maybe. o_O
Pencil: Wait, Lightbulb?! Oh great, are alliance is separated every 1st of the month...
Coiny: Well then.
Pencil: Shut up Coiny, you're so lazy.
AB: Do you want to know the challenge?
Gelatin's Box: Hold on.
Gelatin's Box: Old Islanders got a double-team member loss penalty as a result of no immunity.
All Old Islanders except Book: So we lose another member?!
Book: Blame Gelatin's speaker! He wanted to give the Newbies immunity!
Leafy: Yeah, Gelatin, your speaker isn't very, helpful.
Gelatin: Sorry, guys...
Gelatin's Box: And the Dark Squad are voting again, but the decision is in Soindy's hands.
Soindy: So, I heard this so-called Leafy has a soul-sucking device, don't you think?
Mr. Kraps: Yeah, maybe we should eliminate her the next time we vote, so she can be a part of our gang.
Dark Bikini Bottom: Soul suckers always join our group. But we've done nothing but suck souls since we got out of the Dark World...
Soindy: Maybe we can suck her soul and make Laptoppy angry! He's an annoying little twerp.
Mr. Kraps: Sounds like a plan.
Spingebill: Hee hee hee..
Gelatin's Box: Seems like their making their second decision.
Pencil: Our alliance is doomed...sigh...
Leafy: Oh no.
Soindy: Yep! Us Dark Squad have made our decision!
Soindy: *kills Laptoppy* Sorry about that.
Squidword: Why would we want to eliminate Leafy though?
Soindy: Remember? She has a soul-sucking device.
Dark Bikini Bottom: True, but we should eliminate someone based on skill.
Potrick: True.
Potrick: So who else is there?
Soindy: Just let me make the decision, idiots!
Firey and Coiny: *hiding* Don't bring me to the dark world you live in...
Soindy: Scaredycats.
Mr. Kraps: Guys, who should we choose? Hurry up!
Soindy: This is hard to think...
Poitrick: How about Firey.
Soindy: Yeah. He won first season, so why should he stay?
Mrs. Puke: I agree! He could be a threat!
Spingebill: Yes...yes...
Soindy: We vote Firey.
AB: Firey is eliminated. But don't worry, you get to live with the Dark Bikini Bottomites instead of going to the TLC.
Firey: NO!!!!!
Gelatin's Box: JK. You're going to the TLC, but don't burn it.
Firey: Phew.

  • Firey is flinged*
  • lid closes*

Pencil: Phew, that was close...
AB: Old Islanders stop losing for crying out loud.
Gelatin's Box: Sorry...I feel guilty.
Gelatin's Box: Huh? How are you back?
Gelatin's Box: Anyways guys, the next challenge is a Grand Prix.
iPad: You mean Mario Kart?! Seriously?!
Gelatin's Box: Shush!
AB: Yeah get karts and race and avoid hazards and rub my feet that I don't have.
iPad: What?!
Volleyball: Um...
Flag: Wait, you don't even have feet!
Gelatin's Box: Whoever gets first place wins for their team.
Pencil: Um, which kart should I use?
Coiny: Uh, can I use the toilet?
Coiny: Ahhhh...
Gelatin: Oh great, can't we build our own karts?
Gelatin's Box: No.
Pen: Uh, why not?
Gelatin's Box: We built karts for yourselves to race. Hop into the kart that has yourself.
*everyone hops in karts*
*in the bathroom*
Coiny: Sweet a dragster!
*back out*
iPad: Ready, Burger?
Burger: Yeah, I got a blue shell, it will knock anybody out.
AB: Where did you find that?
iPad: I got a Gold Mushroom. It will make me speed up super fast.
AB: How did you?
Volleyball: Fairly Odd Parents.
Burger: Shush.
iPad: Whatever. Let's start with the first course.
Gelatin: Wait! Where's Coiny?
Pencil: He said he was going to the bathroom...
*back in the bathroom*
Coiny: Uh...done. *tries to unlock door* Uh a little help here?
Gelatin's Box: Ugh! Let's not waste any time. The first course? Goiky Grounds. *contestants are teleported to course*
AB: If you fall or get hit by a devastating weapon, you are out.
Gelatin's Box: 3...2...1...GO!
Pencil: Get ready to race, Pencil. You can do this! *grabs an item box*
AB: Time to start.
AB: 3...2...1...
AB: Go again!
Book: No fair.
Pancake: Uh oh Book, watch out!
Book: Huh? *gets hit by a Goomba*
*in the bathroom*
Coiny: Do do do do do...
Gelatin: Torpedo, release!
ICS: Oh no, a torpedo!
Rocket: Whatarewegoingtodo?!
Gelatin: Hey Pen, do you know where Coiny is?
iPad: *uses Golden Mushroom* YEAH! THIS IS AWESOME! Go, iPad!
Pen: No.
*in the bathroom*
Coiny: Almost done.
*back at the course*
Gelatin: Yeah, well... LOOK OUT! *Pen and Gelatin get hit by red shells*
iPad: Yeah, Burger! That's how we rule!
Burger: YAY!
Pencil: I'm glad we avoided that, Lightbulb.
Lightbulb: Yeah that's great.
Pencil: Remember Lightbulb, our alliance rules.
Lightbulb: We will win!
Lightbulb: I have a PokeBall.
Pencil: Cool.
Lightbulb: Muk use acid!
Pencil: *grabs an item box* YOYLE BOMB!
iPad: *grabs a box* ELECTROCUTOR, RELEASE!
Lightbulb: Sweet!
Pencil: Yoyle bomb, release!
*Lightbulb gets electrocuted*
Volleyball: Oh yeah!
Lightbulb: What?
Pencil: Screw you, iPad! *throws bomb at him*
*iPad gets blown up*
Pancake: Yeah!
Flag: You're going against the team, you know.
ICS: Yeah you pancake!
Pancake: Don't talk to me. ROCKETS, RELEASE! *launches them at Flag and ICS*
ICS: *swerves*
Pancake: Come on Pencil! Get all of them out in no time!
ICS: *goes out of control*
Pencil: On it.
Burger: Where's iPad?
Volleyball: He's dead.
Burger: Oh.
Volleyball: THIS IS REVENGE! *grabs an item box* Thunder Cloud, release!
Leafy: *tries to ram into Volleyball*
*everybody except Volleyball and Burger shrink*
Volleyball: Take that, losers!
Pencil: DAMN IT!
Volleyball: Watch your language, little girl. *squishes Pencil*
Lightbulb: Pencil!
Pancake: Come on, Lightbulb! Let's avenge them!
ICS: *goes off a cliff*
Flag: ICS, wait!
ICS: *car is teetering*
Flag: Dang it.
Lightbulb: *throws a bomb at Rocket*
Pancake: Yeah!
Rocket: *blows up*
Pancake: *throws a missile at Flag*
Volleyball: Oh, great. Pancake really needs to go.
Pancake: IDIOT!
ICS: *car goes off the cliff*
Volleyball: Almost...there...*reaches finish line* YES! I WIN!
Gelatin's Box: So I guess they advance to the next race.
*in the bathroom*
Coiny: I'm locked in!
Gelatin's Box: Next course? Yoyle Summit.
Volleyball: Wait, that's in Yoyleland! Which is 2,763 miles away!
Gelatin's Box: Don't worry, we will just teleport you.
Leafy: Blue skidoo, we can too!
Leafy: *teleports to Yoyleland*
*back at the beginning*
Gelatin: Ugh.
Gelatin: Sucks to be us, right, Pen?
Pen: Yeah.
Gelatin: Should we get Coiny? He was in the bathroom for a long time now.
Coiny: *comes out*
Gelatin: Uh, there he is.
*in Yoyle Summit*
Gelatin's Box: 3...2...1...GO!*contestants start racing*
Leafy: *drives really fast*
Pancake: Okay Lightbulb, here's a plan. We- *gets hit by a torpedo*
Lightbulb: Oh no!
Volleyball: That's what you get, TRAITOR!
Volleyball: *grabs an item box* Shield, release!
Burger: Nice shield bro!
*back at the beginning*
Gelatin: Ugh, we need to get outta here.
Gelatin: What do you say, guys?
iPad: Wait, what?
Coiny: *drives off to Yoyle Summit* Wish me luck!
Gelatin: Coiny wai- never mind. Let's go get some lunch, Pen.
Pen: Okay.
Pencil: Hey, can we come with you guys?
Book: We have money worth for it.
Pen: Sure.
Gelatin: Of course you can.
*back at Yoyle Summit*
Gelatin's Box: Where were you, Coiny?
Coiny: In the bathroom.
Gelatin's Box: Ugh, you can skip the first course, but you're way behind.
Coiny: Okay.
Volleyball: What are you, Lightbulb?! Scared to hit me with this shield?!
Lightbulb: Um...
Lightbulb: *passes the finish line*
Volleyball: Wait, what?!
Volleyball: Dang it.
Gelatin's Box: So, the only contestants remaining are Leafy, Bubble, Coiny, Volleyball, and Burger.
Burger: We're outmatched!
Volleyball: That sucks, dude.
*in the TLC*
Match: Hee hee hee! My plan is working! Time to throw Volleyball and Burger off!
Ruby: Match, stop being evil!
Match: OMG, Ruby, you are, like, so kidding.
Ruby: I'm not! I just-
Match: Shush.
Yellow Face: Buy a revenge plan now, for $19.95!
Match: Seriously YF? Why do you make these anyways?
Yellow Face: Because I feel like it.
Ruby: Just leave him, Match.
*in Dark Bikini Bottom's Underground Factory*
Gelatin's Box: 3...2...1...GO!
Coiny: *goes really fast*
Volleyball: Okay Burger, we need a plan. *grabs item box* Shield, release!
Bubble: Come on, Loify! Do this for the alloiance!
Bubble: We need to take Burger and Volleyball out.
Leafy: *uses a bow and arrow to shoot at them*
Burger: *throws a ticking time bomb*
Volleyball: *dodges them and it deflects and hits Leafy*
Bubble: LOIFY!
Leafy: The ticking time bomb is ticking.
Leafy: *blows up*
*Bubble gets hit and pops*
Dark Bikini Bottom: *on Speaker* Welcome to the factory, if you are racing, enter a tunnel now or I will eat your soul.
Coiny: Oh no!
Lightbulb: *throws Coiny at finish line*
Volleyball: What the?
Burger: *drives into a tunnel*
Coiny: *lands in a tunnel*
Volleyball: *drives in tunnel Burger takes*
Lightbulb: *drives into a tunnel*
*in Goiky Grounds*
*Paintbrush is laying down*
Paintbrush: Did I forget about the race? NOOOO!!!!!!!
*back at the factory*
Coiny: Oh no stage hazards!
*giant explosions are set off*
Mini Dark Bikini Bottom: LAAAAAA!!!!!! *explodes*
Dark Bikini Bottom: *in lab* MWAHAHAHA! THANKS, SOINDY!
Soindy: Time to fire missiles! *lights missiles and they explode*
Spingebill: Yeah what the heck Soindy?
Soindy: Sorry... *lights them and launches them*
Dark Bikini Bottom: Much better.
Coiny: *kart rolls out from explosions*
Soindy: I think it's time for the fire crackers! *sets fire crackers on the factory*
Burger: Hey where's Ribbon and Paintbrush?
Volleyball: Well, Ribbon was eliminated.
*factory is close to collapsing*
Volleyball: Uh oh, the factory is gonna collapse!
Burger: Oh yeah.
Coiny: *drives out to finish line*
Volleyball: It's just us and Coiny! WE NEED TO WIN!
Gelatin's Box: Hate to break it to ya, but Coiny passed.
Lightbulb: Me.
Gelatin's Box: Wait! Lightbulb was out, she shouldn't be here!
Gelatin's Box: Now let's get out before the factory collapses! *everyone is teleported to Rainbow Road except Lightbulb*
Lightbulb: I was eliminated?
*factory collapses and Lightbulb dies*
*back at the lab*
Dark Bikini Bottom: YOU...DESTROYED MY FACTORY...
Soindy: We're so sorry, Dark Bikini Bottom.
Potrick: Yeah we can make it out with you.
AB: Final race time geez...
Soindy: What?!
*back at Rainbow Road*
AB: Coiny is outnumbered.
AB: He's probably going to lose and get eliminated...
Volleyball: These covers will make me unable to fall. Burger, activate them.
Gelatin's Box: Actually, he might lose for his team.
AB: Then never be able to rejoin because he is so unpopular.
Coiny: Leave me alone!
AB: No.
*in a restaurant*
Pencil: What are we ordering for again?
Gelatin: When do you ever remember your orders, Pence-Pence?
Pencil: *slaps Gelatin* Only Match can call me that, dumb-dumb...
Lemonade: Time to order drinks.
Pen: Um I'll have the...Lemonade.
Book: Hmm...I'll have a milkshake.
Lemonade: HOW RUDE!
Gelatin: That wasn't rude, it's a drink.
Lemonade: Don't drink me you freaky freak!
Milkshake: Just serve them drinks that are not us, Lemonade.
Pencil: Seriously, what is wrong with them?
Gelatin: Uh, can I have an orange juice?
OJ: What?! NO!
Leafy: Uh, the Kool-Aid.
Kool-Aid: CRAZY!
Soul: Okay, we'll get your drinks ready.
Bubble: I'll just have...a water?
Pencil: Wait, how did you get here, Bubble?
Bubble: I came.
Book: Just give us the drinks.
Leafy: Where are the entree waiters?
Soul: Wait, what milkshake flavor do you want, Book?
Book: Strawberry flavored.
Steak: Oh we're here Leafy.
OJ: Just order your entrees.
Leafy: *facepalm*
*back at Rainbow Road*
Volleyball: Get ready to get pumped up, Burger! Let's do this for iPad!
Burger: Yeah!
Coiny: I lost in Episode 4, I can't lose again!
Volleyball: And let's beat that pipsqueak over there.
AB: But you will lose again because you're horrible.
AB: Go!
Burger: *drives off*
Volleyball: Come on, Burger! *grabs item box*
Gelatin's Box: What does he have?
Volleyball: Green shells, release!
Burger: *grabs an item box* Blue shell! I'm saving this to the end!
Volleyball: Let's do this, bud!
Burger: Yeah!
Coiny: *dodges and launches a missile at burger*
Burger: Oh no!
Volleyball: Burger, look out!
Burger: *swerves out of control*
*Burger gets hit and dies*
*blue shell lands in Volleyball's hands*
Volleyball: *dodges* I DIDN'T DIE YET, PIPSQUEAK!
*blue shell lands on TLC*
Medal: NOOOO!!!
Match: Stop being a scaredycat, Bomby. *kicks Firey into Bomby and he explodes, killing both Firey and Bomby*
Ruby: Match, how could you?!
Match: Shush.
Ruby: Match!
Match: Be quiet, Ruby.
Ruby: You've been getting meaner lately...
Ruby: *cries*
Ice Cube: You evil Match!
Match: Look, I'm sorry Ruby.
Ice Cube: *comforts Ruby*
Ruby: Okay...
*TLC lands in a lake*
Coiny: Almost to the finish!
Match: Oh, like, it's in the lake! And we're out!
Coiny: But Volleyball is ahead with that blue shell Burger gave him!
Nickel: Sweet stuff!
Volleyball: *uses Invincible Star and crashes into Coiny*
*Volleyball and Coiny pass the finish line*
AB: One final quick race up that volcano.
AB: Go.
Volleyball: Okay...
Coiny: *drives*
*Volleyball speeds up*
Coiny: *is behind*
Volleyball: POWER UP! *collides into Coiny and they destroy the finish line*
Coiny Volleyball use your blue shell!
Gelatin's Box:
Coiny: I dare you!
*Coiny and Volleyball go over the finish line*
Volleyball: Sure! *launches blue shell at Coiny*
Coiny: Ha!
Volleyball: It went away!
Coiny: Blue shell hits whoever is in first place!
*blue shell crashes into lake*
Coiny: You know what that means?
Volleyball: It's in the lake, stupid!
*blue shell comes out of lake and hits Volleyball right into the volcano*
*Volleyball is still in his kart*
Volleyball: You do realize that was someone else disguised as me when I went away, do you?
Coiny: Huh?
*someone comes out*
Soindy: Hee hee hee... I wouldn't get too cocky, you know. I was sent by Dark Bikini Bottom to finish this off.

  • in the lab*

Dark Bikini Bottom: Come on, Soindy! Get them alive!
Mr. Kraps: Let them cry like babies!

  • back at the volcano*

Soindy: Dark Kick! *tries to kick one of them*
Volleyball: Coiny, look out!
*Coiny dodges and Soindy trips*
Volleyball: Phew.
*Soindy lands on ground*
Soindy: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coiny: What now?
Volleyball: Ignore her, she's annoying.
*Soindy turns into dust*
*in the lab*
Dark Bikini Bottom: No...not Soindy...
Mr. Kraps: Who can we send now?
Everyone else: I don't!
Mr. Kraps: We...failed?
Spingebill: It appears so...
Dark Bikini Bottom: *goes insane*
*insane in the membrane plays*
Gelatin's Box: So, nobody wins, huh?
Volleyball: Not my fault.
AB: All of you are eliminated.
Gelatin's Box: No, they're not.
Gelatin's Box: *whispers* Just give them immunity, and put everyone else that got out in the first two courses up for elimination.
AB: I know where you live.
AB: Everybody except for Lightbulb, Coiny, Volleyball, and Burger is up for elimination
Gelatin's Box: No, check to see who got out in the first two courses EXACTLY!
Gelatin's Box: Lightbulb is up for freakin elimination!
AB: Oh.
AB: Well apparently Lightbulb is up for elimination.
Lightbulb: I got out in the third course though!
Gelatin's Box: No you didn't!
Gelatin's Box: You got electrocuted in the first course!
Lightbulb: In the Dark Bikini Bottom Factory.
Gelatin's Box: No you didn't, in Goiky Grounds, you dumb-dumb!
Volleyball: Yeah, not a bright thing to say!
Lightbulb: Okay then.
iPad: She better get owned.
Volleyball: I know, right? Anyone who is in Pencil's alliance is an enemy of ours.
*back at the restaurant*
Pencil: Geez...they are taking a long time with our orders, I mean, we got the drinks...
*restaurant catches on fire*
*everyone dies*
*Book and Pen have ran out*
Book: I'm so glad we escaped.
Pen: Yeah.
AB: Vote on who you want off you lame viewers.
Pen: What the?
Gelatin's Box: Voting ends Friday, at 3:00 Midwestern Time. And Announcer, don't call them lame.
AB: Stop telling me what to do!
*exclusive clip*
Ruby: What do we do now?
Ribbon: Let's just build some shelter for us to stay in.
Tennis Ball: Any building materials, though?
Match: OMG, how great.
Nickel: Huge boulders!
*blue shell lands on eliminated contestants*
*episode ends*

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