TV: They've come from Season 1. They've come from Season 2. They've come by recommendations.

TV: And now, they will battle it out, in an exciting battle for Dream Island! This is BFDI Heroes vs Villains!

TV: 12 heroes and 12 villains will enter the battle today with the same goal, to overcome the rest of the contestants, and win Dream Island!

TV: Only 24 of 62 contestants were able to get in, some fan favourites, some favouring what they like to do. Either way, it'll be a season full of drama and deception.

TV: They are currently awaiting their first challenge, but until then, they're in the back, talking to eachother. Let's take a closer look.

TV: Also, they don't know about the other group of contestants, so it'll be a huge surprise to all of them.

  • At the hero contestants*

Match: Yeah, Pencil! I can't believe we're here!

Pencil: yah!

Bubble: And boist of ail, no Flower!

Ice Cube: Wow!

Pencil: I'm also happy that Donut's not here.

Match: Yeah, he was, like, a huge jerk to both of us!

Pencil: I'm just annoyed that Leafy's here.

Leafy: Hey Firey. I can't believe we're here!

Firey: Yeah! I love how both of us are here as well, together.

Leafy: Only problem is, I'm probably gonna get eliminated first :/

Firey: Yeah, that is true, but let's have fun doing it!

Leafy: Yeah! And the best part is, there's new contestants!

Gelatin: Hi Leafy! Firey! How's it going?

Leafy: Great! Thanks, Gelatin! It's great we're all here!

Ruby: Hello there!

Firey: Hey Ruby! You're here too! Great! :D

Ruby: Yeah, I guess it's great. I just can't wait to see the reaction of my friends.

Gelatin: Who are your friends?

Ruby: Well, let's see... Diamond, Opal, Topaz, Pearl, Amethyst, Chrome, Sunstone...

  • Villain location*

Flower: Is this like a villain-only season? Awesome!

Pin: Yeah! It's just villains... and Needle.

Firey Jr: Why am I with villains? D:

Marker: Because you called me a idiot in BFB 10...

Firey Jr:Thats not fair!I apologize you!

Nonexisty: Yeah, but at least we're together in this season.

Evil Leafy: Well, at least I have a brain.

Nonexisty: Of course I have a brain! How do you think I can count to three? One, Two... uhhh... Six... Seventeen...

Evil Leafy: You re weird!

Marker:Weird like me?

Flower: Or me?

Coiny: Or ME!? >:(

Nonexisty: Uhhh... uhhh...

  • Hero location*

Ruby: ...Obsidian, Moonstone, Serpentine, Emerald, Amber, Tanzanite and Zircon!

Leafy: Wow. 208 friends. That's a lot :)

Gelatin: You... were listening the entire time?

Firey: How!?

Leafy: Oh, you know :)

TB: Oh great, you're here.

Nickel: So there are a bunch of good people here, and then there's Leafy.

Rocky: Bleh! *barfs on Leafy*

Leafy: Go away!

Firey: Yeah, go away guys!

Nickel: No! You betrayed us Leafy. You shouldn't be here!

Leafy: Leave me alone!! *Runs away*

Gelatin: Looks like Leafy has a few haters.

Firey: You have no idea :(

  • Leafy runs into Bubble and pops her*

Pencil: See? Evil!

Ice Cube: >:(

Match: OMG, like, you just, like, killed her!

  • Bubble is recreated*

Bubble: Goiys, oim sure it was a mistake.

Leafy: Honestly, it was!

Pencil: Leave us alone, Leafy, you backstabber!

Teardrop: >:(

Bubble: Goiys, why are you being so moin to Loify?

Pencil: She betrayed us and took away Dream Island from us!

Bubble: It wois her!? D:

Ice Cube: She's become Evil!

  • Villains*

Nonexisty:Humm....Im a anti-villain not a villain!

Teardrop: ..............

Firey Jr: Uhhh... Marker? I apologize you,im still in villains location!

David: Awww...seriously?


Marker: I dont care,Firey Jr!

Leafy (Heroes): Why did I get put with this group? It's so unfair!

Firey Jr (Villains): 12 contestants is defidently not enough.

Leafy (Heroes): There should be double of that... 24! Yeah!

Firey Jr (Villains): That way, I could get away...

Leafy (Heroes): ...from these haters.

Leafy (Heroes) and Firey Jr (Villains): I wish that there were other contestants!

*To be continued*

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