Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two, also known as The Power of Two, BFDI: TPOT or simply TPOT is the 5th season of the [for Dream Island (series)|Battle for Dream Island series]. It is hosted by [[1]] and was announced in "[Escape from Four|The Escape from Four]". The Power of Two consists of 40 contestants from the original [for BFDI|Battle for BFDI] (plus one [character|recommended character] contestant), while the other 14 contestants continue fighting in [for BFB|Battle for BFB]. The prize is [Power|Limitless Power].

The first episode, [1|TPOT 1], is currently in production and will be released some time in the future.


After the events in The Escape Of Four, 40 BFB cotestants to leave and joining TPOT. With the host,Two,batting for a limitess power. and a recommanded character will debut in after BFB.

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