This Hurt and Heal is created by nadiya2000. This season has 57 contestants from BFDI/II(2) competing my Hurt and Heal including 12 extra characters from Hudson Soft. So They are 69 contestants. You may only comment once 1 hour. Once a character hits 0, they are gone. Invite some people to join my own Hurt and Heal. I'm waiting for you.

Each characters starts off with 3 points. The limit of points is 12, I readed 333 comment below.

M = Male, F = Female

Contestant Name Gender Points
Pin F 5
Baseball M 7
Bomby M 3
Fan M 5
Teardrop F 6
Needle F 4
Paper M 7
Bow F 8th (OUT, NLG343)
Tennis Ball M 9th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Test Tube F 10th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Nickel M 11th (OUT, Super Hurt)
OJ M 12th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Balloon M 13th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Cherries M 14th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Coiny M 15th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Fries M 16th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Pickle M 17th (OUT, NoNameUltimate)
Leafy F 18th (OUT, PikminComet)
Knife M 19th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Blocky M 20th (OUT, NoNameUltimate)
Tissues M 21st (OUT, Super Hurt)
Paintbrush ? 22nd (OUT, Super Hurt)
Snowball M 23rd (OUT, NoNameUltimate)
Yellow Face M 24th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Pen M 25th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Yin-Yang M 26th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Dough M 27th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Spongy M 28th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Flower F 29th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Eraser M 30th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Woody M 31st (OUT, Super Hurt)
Book F 32nd (OUT, Satanchu)
Rocky M 33rd (OUT, Super Hurt)
Pencil F 34th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Bubble F 35th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Gelatin M 36th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Donut M 37th (OUT, Super Hurt)
Box M 38th (OUT, Yoyle Jefferson)
Cheesy M 39th (OUT, Satanchu)
Marshmallow F 40th (OUT, SquashyGraperBFDI)
Firey M 41st (OUT, Satanchu)
Pepper F 42nd (OUT, SquashyGraperBFDI)
Apple F 43rd (OUT, SquashyGraperBFDI)
Lightbulb F 44th (OUT, Teal3400)
Bomb M 45th (OUT, KirbyRider)
Puffball F 46th (OUT, Yoyle Jefferson)
David M 47th (OUT, Nadiya2000)
Dora F 47th (OUT, Nadiya2000)
Golf Ball F 49th (OUT, NoNameUltimate)
Soap F 50th (OUT, SquashyGraperBFDI)
Salt F 51st (OUT, KirbyRider)
Match F 52nd (OUT, Yoyle Jefferson)
Suitcase F 53rd (OUT, SquashyGraperBFDI)
Taco F 54th (OUT, Nathanael29)
Microphone F 55th (OUT, Nathanael29)
Trophy M 56th (OUT, Nathanael29)
Ruby F 57th (OUT, Teal3400)
Kurobom M 58th (OUT, Nathanael29)
Manjimaru M 59th (OUT, KirbyRider)
Kabuki M 60th (OUT, Realcodyjnutt)
Manto M 61st (OUT, KirbyRider)
Kotetsu M 62nd (OUT, Nathanael29)
Kinu F 63rd (OUT, KirbyRider)
Shirobom M 64th (OUT, Nathanael29)
Yuna F 65th (OUT, NoNameUltimate)
Milon M 66th (OUT,Yoyle Jefferson)
Master Higgins M 67th (OUT, Nathanael29)
Miss Honey F 68th (OUT, EraserBFDI)
Bonk (PC Genjin) M 69th (OUT, Nathanael29)
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