Welcome here! I don't think you remember, but I actually made a show called BFDI Voting: Likes and Dislikes. Well, that show cancelled, 'cuz that was lame, and I used more voters, but this time, I'll use the contestants' votes and YOUR COMMENTS! Enough of this introduction, let's get started!


Challenge Chosing

  • Dungeon Escaping
  • Musical Chairs (chosen)
  • Apple Eating
  • Crying Contest
  • Relay Race

Challenge 1

The challenge is to walk in circles next to some chairs when the music is played. When the music stopped, the contestants have to sit to the chairs. Every course, 1 chair will be deleted. The one, who sits to the last standing chair wins immunity, and the rest of the contestants will be up for elimination.


Winner: Clock

Losers: The rest of the contestants (63 of them, it'll take soooooo long to write it down)


Vote in the comments below, chose one character to vote with a like and one to vote with a dislike. Likes will deduct dislikes. Voting ends: 18/03/2018

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