Basketball:I have fixed robot flower

Tennis Ball:Yayyyy


intro plays

By the bathrooms

Firey: the tress have got to plant back

Firey: i will ask four to recover geletin

Firey: four please bring back geletin

Four: cake at stake time

C.A.S intro plays

all dead memebers of T.I.C are recovered

If your safe you get a deep fried breath

If you got the most votes good look finding oxegon

Barf bag is the first one breathing (1,698)

Bomby is the next one safe (2,548)

Naily and geltin are also safe (2,887) (4,467)

Donut is the last one safe (5,006)

Spongy is eliminated with a new record amount of votes (22,578)

Spongy Uh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

gets sucked up by four

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