You don't how to write,Do you!

"BFB: Yoyle City Reconstruction, you havent start it? You don't not how to write, do you!" - Golf Ball
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BFB: Yoyle City Reconstruction is a game for IOS and Android, and is available for Samsung. It was created by Cary Huang and Satomi Hinatsu, and was published by EA and the Korean-Based video game company DEVSISTERS.


After Remote launches a large explosion during the events of BFB 7, all of the objects were eredicated from existence. All, that is, except for Firey. There is no way that the contestants can be revived, except when a special place is built. It’s up to Firey to retain Yoyle City to it’s highest peak.


Character Unlocks

  • 8-Ball - Unlock The-8-Exception Billard Hall.
  • Announcer - Unlock The Announcer’s Mansion.
  • Firey - Unlocked at the beginning
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