Acromania (Ultimate Objects)
Team Epic (Inanimate Insanity)
Bright Lights (II2)

Episode eliminated

II: The Great Escape (244 votes)

II2: Everything's A-OJ (2045 votes)


6th (Inanimate Insanity), 14th (Inanimate Insanity II)


Paintbrush, TV (partly), Marshmallow (probably)


Baseball, Bow, Cherries, Marshmallow

Apple, labeled The Easily Forgotten, is a female recommended character by totaldrama23, who joined late in Inanimate Insanity after winning the paint gun contest in War De Guacamole and was placed on Team Epic. She returned for Inanimate Insanity II and was placed on Team Bright Lights.
Team Acromania

Apple's Team


Human Names

  • August Wakeman (Doomes.desean)
  • Abilene Thompson (NLG)
  • Heather Randolph (KittyFan2004)
  • Abby Leslie (AlexAnimations0421)
  • Aemilia Gaspar (Opinduver)
  • April Hansen (Tamagoyaki)
  • Adalet Karacam (Ze Tossere)
  • Alice Claire (FlorasAreReallyCool228)
  • Taylor Hiser (CaptainKnucklesAndFlapjackFan24)

Where Apple is from

  • Worcester, Massachusetts (KittyFan2004)
  • Oylimpia, Washington (NLG343)
  • Lincolnshire, Illinois (Opinduver)
  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Tamagoyaki)
  • East London, England (Ze Tossere)
  • Hazleton, Pennsylvania (MrFlamerBoy)


  • May 4, 1989 (FlorasAreReallyCool228)
  • January 23, 2000 (LegoAdam324)
  • September 24, 1995 (NLG343)
  • July 20, 1994 (Opinduver)
  • March 18, 2000 (KittyFan2004)
  • September 7, 1994 (Tamagoyaki)
  • June 28, 1993 (Ze Tossere)
  • August 5, 2001 (Minikeona4322)
  • May 22, 2006 (CaptainKnucklesAndFlapjackFan24)
  • July 3, 1993 (TheGamerAlex2004)
  • April 5, 2005 (BattleForBFDIFan4)

Ethnic Background

  • Turkish, Irish, and French (Ze Tossere)
  • African-American (KittyFan2004)
  • Australian and Canadian (FlorasAreReallyCool228)


  • Apple appeared in various other object shows like Object Universe.
  • Apple has the 3rd most eliminated votes ever with 2045 votes.
    • The 2nd is Cheesy, with 2605 votes.
    • And now the 1st is Soap with 2663 votes.
  • She was also a contestant in Object Universe.
  • She is the highest ranking Team Epic member in II if you don't count rejoins.
  • She started a rivalry with Marshmallow ever since she debuted in II. She got angry at her and Paintbrush for pretending to be Santa Claus in episode 9.
    • However, she then became friends with Marshmallow in II 2 episode 2.